Chapter 3

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I Tried House Summoning Again
The sight of the spider thing convinced me that I was in another world after all.

That spider-like creature must have been a monster.

Moreover, it was a crazy fella that used fire magic inside a forest. What if a fire broke out?

“It’s a good thing I summoned a house early.”

If I had wandered off into the forest, I would have become monster food by now. And I’m not a fan of insects, so I would become food for monsters, which are my least favorite kind of monsters. Absolutely disgusting.

“But you know, if there are monsters like that hanging around, it means I’m never getting out of here…”

I’m stuck.
I came to another world, got rejuvenated, and tried to start a new life, but I didn’t expect to be trapped in a monster-infested forest.

“Haah. I wanted a husband and children in this life…”

I guess I’ll just have to live here alone and lonely.
If I could at least level up, I’d be able to expand my land and have more range to move around.

When I thought about the future, my excitement started getting lower.

I was thinking about all these things with a gloomy mind, and before I knew it, the sun was setting. I had no appetite, so I decided to take a shower and go to sleep.

After getting out of the shower and into my sleeping bag, I was so tired that I quickly drifted off into a dream.

When I came to, it was morning, and I looked outside and saw several dead monsters lying around the barrier.

“Geh, I’ve seen some terrible things early in the morning…”

The devastation lowered my spirits again. But I didn’t eat at night, and I was hungry…

“Let’s boil some potatoes at least…”

I opened the refrigerator and was about to take out the potatoes when my hand stopped.

Because there was something sitting in the refrigerator that was not there yesterday.

“T, this is… mayonnaise!?”

Why!? How come!? Since there was additional condiment, does that mean that my level has risen!?

“I, I have to look at my status!!”

Interactive status window

Name: Kanade Fujii
Age: 15
Level: 2↑up
HP: 100/100
MP: 1,000,000/1,000,000
Health Status: Favorable
Magic: No talent. Unusable, even after leveling up.
House Summoning, Language Translation, Reading and Writing

No way!? My level really did increase by one!!
Huh? Don’t tell me it’s something simple like going up one level a day or something?

I’ll have to check the status again tomorrow.


My wishful thinking turned into certainty as the next day arrived.
As the days went by, the level went up.

By the way, on the third day, there was ketchup.

Then, as the days went by, one day there was a tube of wasabi. Another day there were upgraded dishes and more vegetables from the garden.


And so… quickly it has been about three months since then.
Here is my current status.

Interactive status window

Name: Kanade Fujii
Age: 15
Level: 90↑up
HP: 86/100
MP: 1,000,000/1,000,000
Health Status: Favorable
Magic: No talent. Unusable, even after leveling up.
House Summoning, Language Translation, Reading and Writing

The house I live in now was in an incredible state.

The land has expanded to the size of three houses, the fields have grown eggplants, cucumbers, tomatoes, corn, Chinese cabbage, lettuce, radishes, carrots, edamame, etc., and the orchard was now lush with apples, oranges, grapes, pears, lemons, and other fruit.

The house has changed to look like a large house built by professional house builders, and the inside of the house has also changed to something more splendid.
The condiments have also been expanded to include ponzu, okonomi-style sauce, Worcestershire sauce, yakiniku sauce, and more.

And what has changed the most was that a library has been built.

This was really useful.

There were books about the world, books on how to make potions, cookbooks, and books on many more interesting topics.

Among them, there was a book about this forest, so I read it.

This forest was called the “Demon Forest” and is said to be a forest where strong monsters gather.
The deeper you go, the more powerful the monsters become.

How strong are the monsters? Around the entrance of the forest, a party of B-rank adventurers can win. A little further in, the difficulty changes to a level where it is impossible to advance without a party of A-rank adventurers. If you go even deeper, only a party of S-ranked adventurers could make it through.

And the innermost place where I live seems to be a level that no human being can reach.

By the way, it seems that adventurers are the standard adventurers from your usual fantasy, and there are also ranks.

S-rank: Adventurer of the highest rank. A legend.
A-rank: First class. A subject of admiration.
B-rank: A standout.
C-rank: Full-fledged adventurer.
D-rank: Almost full-fledged adventurer.
E-rank: Dies because of cockiness.
F-rank: Dies because of working too hard.
G-rank: Newcomer.

It seems to be like that when put in simple terms.

And so, the important thing to remember is that this was the “innermost” part of the forest.

My goal was to expand my land and get out of this forest, but it could take decades at this rate.

After thinking about it, I decided to do “House Summoning” right next to my current one.

“By building more houses, I can expand my land!”

Thus, I tried summoning another house because of such simple thought process, but this time, there was a choice to make.

[Summon another House] [Build a Village]

“…… N? Village?”

If I want to expand my land, I definitely need to choose “Build a Village”. I’m the only one who lives here, though.

[Clearing land to build a village]

As I thought, the land was cleared while it shone brightly like the first time, and the finished project looked like a farm in Hokkaido.

“Uhh? Is this okay? Won’t this destroy the environment? Won’t the monsters be furious?”

[Summoning houses]

Then, a number of default-looking huts were built, together with fields and orchards.

Whoah~… it really looks like a village now.

“Wow… is my entire village a cheat now? No one else lives here, though.”

However, I had not noticed at this time yet.
I had to take care of all fields in this village all by myself.

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