Chapter 4

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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A Grandpa Has Arrived
“I now know a little more about the difficulties of farmers…”

A little after my village was built, I almost cried when I realized that I had to take care of the fields and orchards all by myself.

Even though my own field was expanding, and it was hard work, I had to go around to several other fields as well.

It’s okay, though, because I’ll regain my strength after eating.

It will take me all day to visit all of them, though.

“However, even though I have enough vegetables and fruits, I’d like to eat some meat and fish soon…”

After finishing the weeding in the morning, I thought about the meat and fish I couldn’t get my hands on while making Udon noodles with the thin flour that has recently appeared in the cupboard.

“Since I have my cheating Master House, I hope it will come out soon.”

I was thinking of something extravagant, which was not good.

After the Udon and tempura were ready, I went out to the garden to eat outside for a change and was setting the table when it suddenly became dark.
Why did my sunny garden suddenly become dark?

It usually doesn’t get dark even when the sun gets hidden by the clouds. I looked at the sky in surprise, and there he was……

“D, d, d, dragonnnnn!!?”

A dragon as big as a skyscraper on its side was flying in the sky.


It was looking at something. It was looking in my direction.

“It’s okay. There is a barrier, so all I have to do is eat my meal while looking at this otherworldly scenery.”

I was quite scared, but I convinced myself and started eating the Udon before it got too soggy.

“I will help myself, then.”

The aroma of freshly made Udon noodles was wafting through my nose, and even though it was made by an amateur like myself, it was quite tasty and firm.

“Haah… having Udon after a long time just hits the spot.”

Next up was the vegetable tempura. I made a mix with eggplant, perilla, onions and carrots.
The fresh and flavorful vegetables were lightly battered and fried in olive oil.
I can do something as extravagant as deep-frying in olive oil because I know that no matter how much I use, it will never run out.

It was crispy, refreshing, and very tasty.
The slight aroma of olive oil escaped into my nose.

“The ponzu sauce with grated Daikon radish goes well with it~!!”

When I looked up, I saw the dragon staring at me.

It was drooling.


“… Can dragons eat Udon?”

No, of course not. It’s probably drooling because of me. That’s scary.

(Is that thing called “Udon”?)

Hm? Did someone just speak?

I looked around, but saw no one.

(It’s me. The one you called “Dragon”.)

I looked up and saw the dragon.

“Eh, dragons can talk!?”
(I have lived a long time, long enough to understand human languages, but at this moment, you are speaking our language.)

I remembered that I had the skill to translate languages. I forgot about it because I have never used it before.

(However, this thingy called “Udon” looks quite tasty.)
“Aren’t dragons carnivores!?”
(I can eat anything, but lately, meat has been making me sick to my stomach.)
“I, is that so?”

A dragon with upset stomach, huh…

(I’d like to ask you a favor, could you share that “Udon” of yours with me? I will thank you properly.)
“I’m fine with that, but since you are that big, it would be a problem in terms of quantity…”
(If it’s about body size, then I can Humanize. Rather than that, will you really share with me?)
“Sure. Ah, but please don’t attack me when you come inside the barrier, okay!?”
(I wouldn’t do something like that.)
“You can come in, then.”

Speaking of which, the dragon, who looked surprised for a moment, narrowed its eyes and said, “You have my gratitude,” and slowly descended a short distance away.

And as soon as it descended, it glowed and changed into a human form.

“It really became a human…”
“I really didn’t think you would let me inside the barrier.”

The one who came inside was a smiling, classy-looking elderly man with silver-grey hair. As I had imagined, he was quite handsome with a foreign-looking face.

“I will bring you a fresh serving of Udon, so please wait here for a minute.”
“Thank you.”

Smiling kindly, he sat down at the seat I pointed at and waited happily.

In a few minutes, I went out to the garden again, bringing fresh Udon, tempura, and green tea from inside the house with me.

“Have you ever used chopsticks before?”
“By ‘chopsticks,’ do you mean those two sticks you used to eat with?”
“That’s right. Well, it is difficult to use chopsticks if you are not used to them, so please use a fork if you like.”
“Mhm. Then, I will dig in.”

The old man picked up the fork and began to eat the Udon like pasta.

“Whoa!! I like this light taste!! I could eat infinite amount of this!!”
“I’m glad you like it. Ah, please try this tempura together with this sauce…”
“Hm!… My, my, this is also delicious!! Is this vegetable? I have never seen something like this before. The crispy chewiness, followed by a sweet, deep vegetable taste, and although a little too rich on its own, this light sauce, with sourness and a little spiciness increases the appetite… I simply can’t get enough!!”

I was happy because he ate it so deliciously.
It’s been a while since I’ve had a conversation with someone, so I had fun watching him eat.

My conversation partner was a dragon, though.

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