Chapter 2

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The House is the Cheat
“Oh, it has a field and a fruit tree! That’s great!”

Before I went into to the hut, I decided to take a look at the field.
It looked like cabbage, onions, and potatoes were growing there. And also apples. It looks like I won’t have any trouble finding food for the time being.

“Great. The hut is next.”

It was a square hut made of wood. It had a large window door from which I could go directly into the field. It also has an a properly splendid main entrance.
Finally, I entered the hut.

The door opened into a small shoe storage area. Behind it was a wooden floored room about 12 tatami in size with a small kitchen and a door.
After taking off my shoes, I opened the door to find a toilet. There was also a shower in the same room. Unfortunately, there was no bathtub, but I was happy to see shampoo, conditioner, and body soap. I was relieved to see that there was also toilet paper.

Next, I moved to the kitchen.
There was a small sink and a cartridge stove. To my delight, sugar, salt, soy sauce, miso, and pepper were all in the kitchen as well!

Oh, a dish detergent and a sponge was also there.

“Thank you so much!!”

I understand it very well, but I want to thank the person(?) who gave me this skill.

Opening the door under the sink, I found bowls, colander, pots, frying pan, ladles, spatulas, and chopsticks. Next to it was a small refrigerator. It looked like an apartment for a single person. This type of refrigerator is supposed to have a freezer inside that becomes full of frost if it is left unattended.

When I opened it, I found it was exactly that type.

Inside were mineral water, bottled barley tea, eggs, milk, butter, tea leaves (green tea), and pickled Daikon radish.

“Why pickled Daikon radish?”

But well, to think I would even get drinks.

There was also an electric kettle and a rice cooker, though it was placed directly on the floor. Isn’t this rice next to the rice cooker!!

In the cupboard, there were bread plates, deep plates, rice bowls, bowls, chopsticks, spoons, forks, mugs, glasses, and teapots, one by one.

There was also a small closet with a broom, dustpan, dust cloth, bucket, washboard, and laundry detergent.

There were also bath towels, face towels, underwear, and a sleeping bag.

“Ahh~ I can really live here! This house is a cheat!!”

Suddenly, I noticed a book on top of the folding desk.

“The title is, ‘About House Summoning’? It’s an instruction manual!”

Lemme see, lemme see… For you, who has summoned a house for the first time.

Everything in the house (including the fields and orchards) will never run out, no matter how much is used, as long they are part of the house’s premises.

The food in this house has the effect of maintaining health, strength, and restoring magic.

Weeding and watering the fields once a day is sufficient.

There is a barrier around the land and only those you allow are allowed to enter.

As your level increases, the specifications of the house will change.
E.g.: expansion of land, expansion of fields, increased variety of food, beverages and condiments, etc.

“The hell, isn’t this Master House too much of a cheat?”

Now, I know more about the summoned house, but apparently I have no fighting-type abilities and no weapons. I want to raise my level, but I don’t know how to do it.

……… I’m getting nowhere even after thinking about it, so for now I will go to the field to harvest some crops to make a meal.

“I might as well do some weeding and water it.”


I took a bowl from the kitchen, went out the window door, and entered the field in front of me.

“What a big cabbage. I will take one for now.”

There we go!! And with that, I harvested the cabbage. After that, I dug up an onion and a pota… a bunch of potatoes!!

Once I was done removing the weeds, the next step was watering. There was a hose connected to the water supply outside, so I used it to water the field.
It was a small field, so it didn’t take long to finish.

I was so happy to feel a lightness in my body and a clear head after a long time.

Gee… I’m tearing up.

It was painful. It really was. I felt like everything I had as a woman was taken away from me. But I’m going to say goodbye to those feelings!!
I will live a new life from today. This time, I will have no regrets.

“Hahh~ My body feels light! Being healthy is the best! I feel like I can do anything now!!”

I raised my hands toward the blue sky and stretched.
It felt so good.

Good! I think I’ll make meat and carrot-free potato stew, and cabbage miso soup for lunch!


“Hmm, I don’t know what time it is, but considering the position of the sun, I guess it’s around noon… ah, these vegetables are super tasty!”

I thought to myself while eating meat and potatoes stew, miso soup with cabbage and egg, and freshly cooked rice.

Thanks to the cheat house, it looks like I won’t have to worry about getting sick, and I’ll be living the leisure life I’ve been longing for here for a while……… um?

There is something outside, what is it…

There was nice and breezy, so I was eating with the window open. I should have closed it.
I mean, in the forest… there were eyes staring at me from within the leaves!! Horrific-looking red eyes!! And the leaves were rustling and shaking!!

… The barrier will keep me safe, right!?


It came ooooout!!

A creepy, spider-like thing as big as a car just lept into my direction… aaaaaahh!!!!


Ah, it got repelled.


It was attacking the barrier, I feel disgusted! I’m not good with insects! Get the hell out of here already!!


The spider-like thing attacked the barrier with its legs more forcefully than before, and its legs broke off.


Its legs fell to the ground!! This is way too disgusting!!!


The spider-like thing seemed to have gotten furious, and this time, it let out a mouthful of fire of unbelievable power toward me. I had to avert my eyes because of the brightness.
However, the flames bounced off the barrier toward the spider-like thing, and with a sizzling sound, the spider’s figure was drowned out.
All that remained was the blackened, charred trees and ground.

“… Master House, you are the strongest.”

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