Chapter 1

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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My House is Too Cheat!
Author: トール
Kanade Fujii (41→15), was reborn in a forest infested with monsters after her death from illness.

This time, she wanted to get married and start a family! But she was too weak to leave the forest!

The weakest protagonist, who couldn’t use any magic, had only one skill, “House Summoning”. She thought it was just a skill to build a house, but it turned out to be the strongest skill ever!?

The weakest protagonist and her overly cheat Master House, picked up people abandoned in the forest using delicious food as bait, and before she knew it, they have built a village in this heartwarming home fantasy.
“—… That being the case, you will not be able to get pregnant after this treatment. There is the option of cryopreservation of the eggs, do you have any interest in that?”
“… No. I am not planning to get married in the near future, and I’m already over forty…”
“I see. Then, do you have any other concerns?”
“… Not really.”

Soon after I was diagnosed with breast cancer, the treatment options were explained to me.

I had never wanted to get married in the past and thought I would be single for the rest of my life when I was nearing my forties.

However, it was not until the nurse told me that I regretted my life a little.

A while after the treatment started, I stopped getting my period.

I had a bad hair habit, and all the hair I used to go to the hairdresser every three months fell out and disappeared.

The only thing I was proud of was my fair skin. So I tried my best to avoid exposure to ultraviolet rays as much as possible, but my skin turned dark and became rough.

My fingernails, which I had polished, became rattled and yellowed.

My figure, which I had maintained since my school days by stretching and jogging, was now a shadow of its former self due to the weight gain.

I no longer wanted any of the cosmetics, accessories, or clothes I had been so interested in before.

“Once you get over this difficult phase, the next anti-cancer drug will be a little easier!”

The easier anti-cancer drug that the doctor was talking about was the one that made me feel nauseous all the time.

“It won’t kill you, so don’t worry about it.”

So it’s fine just because it won’t kill me?

“Everything will return to normal when the treatment is over.”

I got fired from my job, okay? I was told that after the surgery, my breasts would lose their nipples and areola, and that the scars from the shingles that got worse during the cancer treatment would never go away.

It’s fine, since I’m already an old auntie now? I wonder about that. I may be an old auntie, but I still have a woman’s heart.

“The cancer was still there. It will be fine. We will use an anti-cancer drug that is much easier than the last one. Let’s do our best to cure it.”

There is no such thing as an easy anti-cancer drug.


[You are being transferred]

Give me a break.

It had been two years since I first started the treatment.
I was already a wreck, both in body and soul… I died of the disease six months later.



Or, at least, I thought I did.

“… What, this place……… why am I suddenly in a forest…?”





I remember my own end.
A medical bed was placed in the Japanese-style room of my parents’ house, and I tumbled down from it when I tried to rise, but unable to get up, I looked out the window at the garden and thought to myself.

The curtain is blocking the window. I can’t see outside.

Then, I suddenly found it hard to breathe, and just like that, I lost consciousness.

That probably was, the last moment of me, Kanade Fujii (41).

Despite that, when I opened my eyes, I was left alone in a forest!?

This pattern is like that. It’s the kind of reincarnation or transmigration that you see in web novels and the like.
I mean, I never had a lucid dream before. The scent and the feel was as real as it gets. And it was not a bright place, like a sacred forest from some religion, but this dense feeling it gave off was also realistic.

Even if there are no monsters or like, what if a bear or something comes out? I was scared.

“What do they do again at a time like this in web novels…? Ah, the standard routine is to check your status!”

I have been a hidden geek for many years, but I was embarrassed to say “Status” out loud. Generally, if you mumble something like “Status Open”, you will want to die of embarrassment, even if no one sees you.

As I was thinking these thoughts, I saw it right in front of me. Status.

Interactive status window

Name: Kanade Fujii
Age: 15
Level: 1
HP: 99/100
MP: 1,000,000/1,000,000
Health Status: Favorable
Magic: No talent. Unusable, even after leveling up.
House Summoning, Language Translation, Reading and Writing

I don’t know what the average is, so I can’t speak about it, but I have a feeling that the MP value is quite high. It seems like I can’t use any magic at all, though……
… Why!! What do you mean, “No talent”! It even politely added, “Unusable, even after leveling up”!? Who asked!?

“… Calm down, me. Be cool. There are some good things, too. I especially like the fact that I’m young and healthy. I love that I can see my hair in my field of view. Having hair again is the best. And it’s good that I have a skill.”

That skill is “House Summoning.”
Summoning is usually a magic(?) that allows you to call for monsters, demons, or other creatures, right?

… Well, whatever it is, it is good that I don’t have to worry about the house.

As I was thinking this, words suddenly appeared in front of my eyes again.

[Do you wish to summon the house?]

Here? In the woods? It’s not even an open area!

Having said that, it’s not a good idea to wander around in the forest by myself. That being the case, summon the house!!

[Clearing the land]


Just as I was surprised to see the word “Clearing”, there was suddenly a flash of light, and I closed my eyes because of the brightness.

Then, the light gradually faded, and I slowly opened my eyes.


The area where the trees had been growing earlier was empty, and a section of the land had been neatly cleared.

[Summoning a house]

The words came to mind again. And then, as before, it got bright, and then—…



A small hut, a field, and an apple tree appeared before me.

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