Chapter 22

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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After confirming that Felice completely fell asleep, Fearfal turned his eyes towards them.
His eyes didn’t have the warmth they had when looking at Felice, there was not a single emotion in them.
They, who experienced that gaze tensed up.

“Kusu…… I will not eat you even if you get so tense.”

Austin asked while being cautious.

“You, what are you…… is that girl really your little sister?”

Hearing Austin’s question, the atmosphere around Fearfal began to change, and his facial expression disappeared.

“What are you going to do if she’s not? This doesn’t have anything to do with you, right?”

“That does not matter! I won’t allow you if you intend to do anything to that child!”

“Won’t allow me? You are saying something ridiculous…… this is mine. You are in no position to order me around.”

“Then we will separate you by force!”

Taking Austin’s words as a signal, Lewis, Meison, and Blake entered an offensive posture.

“Kukha~hahaha…… don’t make me laugh! Do you think bugs like you can oppose me! It won’t become even a fight! The moment you strike…… you will die.”

Fearfal’s eyes ominously shone, his pupils turned vertical like a beast’s, and a flame-like, black aura enveloped his entire body.
Robert who saw Fearfal’s aura shivered, Angela protected Evan, and Austin, Lewis, Meison, and Blake stepped forward.
Even though overwhelmed by Fearfal’s aura, Austin shouted without taking a step back.

“Don’t take us too lightly! We are an S rank party! Do you think you can kill us so easily!”

“I don’t understand…… humans are arrogant beings who look down on another, they torment them, and think only about themselves, right? Elves, Dwarves, and Beastmen are not that much different. Why are you fussing about someone you have just met? If we fight, your Lord will die too…… I will turn a blind eye if you withdraw now, you know?”

Evan answered Fearfal’s question before Austin could.

“I’m thankful for your proposal, but we will decline. I can’t trust your words. Besides, if there’s a possibility of saving a child, we will definitely not abandon her.”

Nodding to Evan’s words, Fearfal looked at Austin and others who shrugged their shoulders.

“Good grief, you won’t withdraw no matter what, huh…… then you should die.”

Saying such, Fearfal started raising his magical power.
Witnessing such enormous magical power, they have felt their deaths coming, but no one was trying to escape, on the contrary, they all were glaring at Fearfal.
Fearfal who saw that smiled and he dispersed his magical power.

“Sorry, sorry…… I just wanted to test you a bit. Don’t worry, I won’t kill you guys. Because our circumstances are special, we can’t speak just to anyone.”


Hearing Fearfal’s words, Austin and others relaxed and sat down.

“What’s up guys, where did your vigor disappear to?”

“Shut up! As if we could be fine after experiencing such bloodthirst! Just what are you, seriously!”

Fearfal answered Austin’s question with indifference.

“I’m just a Kokuryuu.”

“””……… Haa!?”””

Evan, Austin, and Lewis raised their voices in shock, others opened their eyes wide and stiffened.

“Huh? What’s wrong?”

Fearfal asked in wonder, but no one answered him.
Surprisingly, the one who recovered first was Robert.

“Everyone, let’s calm down first. I will prepare tea. We have to listen to Fearfal-sama’s circumstances, after all.”

They silently abided by Robert’s words and reseated themselves.
As for Fearfal, he was looking at Felice’s lovely sleeping face.
After drinking tea prepared by Robert and calming down, Fearfal cut to the chase.

“Before I explain our situation, won’t you properly speak about yourselves? I have told you before, but our situation is not something I can tell anyone.”

“Then, I will start…… I’m Evan Dianes, the current King of the Dianes Republic.”

“I’m Austin Dianes, I’m a royal prince, but I left the castle and became an adventurer. I’m S rank.”

“I’m Angela Dianes, Austin’s wife and a sister at a church, but I’m also a B rank adventurer.”

“I’m Lewis Foster, the eldest child of the Elven representative in the Dianes Republic, and an A rank adventurer.”

“I’m Blake Lopez, the younger brother of the Beastmen representative in the Dianes Republic, I’m an A rank adventurer.”

“I’m Meison Tyner, I’m the uncle of the Dwarf representative in the Dianes Republic, A rank adventurer, and a blacksmith.”

“I’m Robert, the president of Malaika Company」

Because the six spoke about themselves in turns, Fearfal decided to speak the truth about themselves too.

“I’m part of the Dragon Gods, Kokuryuu Fearfal. And this is…… Felice, the firstborn of the Ambler Empire’s Margrave Bailey.”


Evan asked while surprised.

“To think you were a Dragon God…… however, if Felice really is the daughter of Bailey House, why are you together?”


“Before I speak, let me ask you one question. Where are you guys returning from?”

“We have been in the Trust Kingdom, but the First Prince and several other people were abducted, so we were told to return. I proposed to help, but got refused.”

“Then that makes the discussion easier, we are related to that matter…… Felice is a child whose existence has been erased.”

“Erased existence? …… Surely not, a twin!? That country is still doing something like that!”

“That’s right, Felice has been kept in the dark basement since her birth, she has lived there without a name and decent food all this time. Felice didn’t meet her family even once, and the head maid who brought her food would hit her until she couldn’t move anymore. Recently, she has been experimented on with poison and drugs.”


They heard so much nobody could speak, but the talk wasn’t over yet.

“But, a turning point came to Feli. One low-class soldier was added to the food carrying duty, but that soldier was an operative from the Trust Kingdom who saw through Felice’s skill. The operative infiltrated the mansion to find his companions, but he came across Felice and requested her cooperation…… on the condition that he will help Feli escape.”

“So it was the Empire who abducted the First Prince.”

“Feli decided to cooperate. Because this was the last chance for Feli.”


“It has been decided that a newly developed monster summoning magic tool will be tested when the feudal lord returns…… while held by Feli. If she were to do that, Feli would die. Therefore, she cooperated to survive.”

“What happened after that?”

“Feli safely accomplished her duty. Even though it would be fine to escape right then, Feli returned to the basement to obtain information on the magic tool. While gathering information in the mansion, she met the captured me. In the end, she got hold of the magic tool and saved me. And then, we went to travel. Those guys think that Feli is dead.”

“The Empire had even such a thing…… Moreover, to even let his own daughter hold it!”

Evan tightly clenched his hands to suppress the swelling feeling inside him.
That was the same for everyone, but Austin asked a question.

“However, how did she save the Beastmen and you? Felice is a child, you know…… does she have such power?”

“With magic…… Felice learned magic by herself, and she also created original magic.”


While everyone was shocked, Lewis muttered in amazement.

“Original magic, huh…… just how a child did that?”

“There were many books in the basement Feli was kept in. Because Feli has a skill, she was able to read even without learning. But, she doesn’t know how things are outside, so she believes that everyone can do it too.”

“Such a thing……”

When Lewis’s words got clogged, Austin asked a question next.

“But, no matter how much she helped you, a Dragon God like yourself has no reason to be with that child, right?”

“Reason, huh…… I wonder if it’s because Feli cried in front of me?”


“Right…… I didn’t understand the reason behind Feli’s crying at that time, so I read her memories. From what I could see, Feli never cried before. And yet, after removing my shackles and collar, she burst into tears.”


“Feli was handcuffed, shackled, she wore a slave collar, and she was made to hold that magic tool. What do you think that father of hers said?”

“What did he say?”

“He said ‘With this, I can finally dispose of the pest’…… despite all that, Feli obtained the magic tool and came to me without crying. But, that must have been the limit.”

“The hell is that! That’s not something a father should say or do!”

Angela was silently weeping next to the enraged Austin.

“That’s too cruel…… even though he was blessed with a child, why……”

“Feli wasn’t a child for him…… Feli can think and act for herself, and she also has a talent for magic, so I sometimes forget, but she’s still only four years old…… I don’t want to see Feli crying like that again…… I wanted her to be happy. That’s why I named her ‘Felice’.”

“So it was Felice with the meaning of ‘happiness,’ huh.”

“That’s our circumstances. Say, Evan…… as the King of the Dianes Republic, could you accept us?”

Evan couldn’t answer Fearfal’s question immediately.
Evan as the king has the responsibility to protect the country and its people.
Not mentioning the Kokuryuu Fearfal, Felice who is the descendant of the Ambler Empire’s noble will become the seed of a dispute.
And yet, Evan was troubled because he couldn’t possibly cut off the two.
While the rest could only watch Evan ponder in silence, Fearfal opened his mouth.

“You don’t have to answer immediately. You may consult with someone after you return, I won’t do anything even if you reject us…… I promise that. However, if you try to use Feli or make her cry…… I don’t know what I will do. Please don’t forget that, Evan.”

Saying that, Fearfal stood up and walked away.

“Where are you going, Feafal.”

“I will rest a bit away. I will set up a barrier around here, so rest without worries…… goodnight.”

Even after Fearfal’s figure disappeared, no one was able to rest.

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