Chapter 23

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The dawn breaks and the day begins.

(U~ Morning, huh…… I have to get up.)

When I open my eyes, Al was hugging me with a smile as usual.
I was startled at first, but I got already used to it.

“…… Morning, Al.”

“Morning Feli. Let’s wash your face.”

“Yeah…… Huh? This place is……”

When I get up in order to wash my face, I notice that we are in a different place from yesterday and look at Al.

“It involves a long story, so let’s wash the face first, okay?”


After I wash my face with water magic, I sit across Al and he starts speaking.

“There’s something I have to apologize to Feli for first.”

“Wh~at is it?”

“I have told Evan and others about our circumstances without consulting you. I didn’t tell them about Feli being a reincarnated person though.”

I was startled at the contents Al said apologetically, but I didn’t think he would do that without a reason, so I asked.

“!?…… Is that so…… may I hear the reason?”

“Of course I will tell you. Feli, even though you won’t make it public, you have a blood of Ambler Empire’s noble flowing through your veins…… that is a fact that can’t be changed, your power is also far from a child’s.”


“As for me, I’m Kokuryuu who holds great power…… people who want to obtain my power like the Empire aren’t few.”

“…… Mm.”

As Al’s story progresses, I gradually feel more down.

“If such us are going to live in the Dianes Republic without letting anyone know, if our identities or the power we hold gets exposed, there’s a possibility that a conflict would arise regardless of our intention. We need people that will cooperate with us at that time.”

“Which are those people?”

“Yesterday, I looked a bit at their nature and judged that there wouldn’t be a problem talking to them. They have not given me an answer yet, but if they refuse, we won’t be able to stay in the Dianes…… I’m sorry.”

Al has apologized, but I couldn’t get angry nor condemn him.

“Don’t apologize…… it’s as Al said. It’s something Chase and others said as well, they said that my power is special, so I have to be conscious of danger…… I still don’t know the common sense of this world, The Mind’s Eye too, if I were not warned by you, I would be using it on everyone.”

I used The Mind’s Eye when I first met Al, but I couldn’t see his status.
I asked about it after we left the mansion, he told me he noticed that I tried to see his status and blocked me.
That time, he also told me that seeing the opponent’s status without acknowledgment is against the rules, those who don’t want to be seen will attack, so I was told to use the skill only when I deem the situation necessary.

“That can’t be helped, Feli…… I also don’t know much of human common sense, we just have to learn together.”

“Yes…… in that case, a cooperator is necessary as Al said…… we will be obtrusive if we stay like this.”

“Well at worst, even if we can’t stay in the human country, I will find a place where we can live, so there’s no problem.”

I was happy to hear Al say that, but I was also simultaneously uneasy.

(Al is surely being with me just out of sympathy…… he might have people waiting for him…… I can’t rely on him forever…… I have to do my best, so I can live even when alone)

Looking at me who suddenly fell silent, Al asked worriedly.

“Feli, what’s wrong? Why are you making a face like that?”

“Eh? …… It’s nothing! I just imagined something and became sad.”

“Don’t worry. Let’s do our best together.”

“…… Yeah.”

At that time, footsteps approached, and Blake made an appearance.
When we stand up to greet Blake, he returns the greeting.

“Good morning. Blake-san.”

“Morning, Blake.”

“Yeah, morning. The breakfast is ready, so I have come to call you.”

It appears he came to call us for breakfast.
I who heard that got happy and pulled on Al’s hand.

“Meal! Let’s go!”

“Feli, you don’t have to rush so much.”

When brought by Blake, I smelled a delicious scent, my stomach rumbled, I got laughed at by Al, and Blake’s shoulders were slightly shaking as well.


“Pu…… Fe, Feli…… you fell asleep during the dinner yesterday, you must be really hungry, huh…… fufu.”

I have puffed my cheeks and pouted at Al who was laughing at me, but Al warmly looked at my face which turned red.

“Mu~ how cruel of you to laugh at me, Al! It smells goodmon!”

“Fufu…… sorry, sorry, it certainly smells good. It’s fine to eat lots today.”

When he said so while patting my head, I puffed my cheeks again.
Then I saw Evan and others, so I greeted them.

“Good morning.”


Evan and others looked at us and greeted us.


“””Good morning.”””

Somehow, everyone was making an exhausted face, so I found it strange, but I faced Angela to apologize for yesterday.

“Angela-san, I’m sorry for falling asleep in the middle of the meal yesterday.”

When I lower my head, Angela stopped me in a hurry.

“Don’t mind it! It can’t be helped since you were tired. You must be hungry today, right? Eat lots, okay?”

“Yes, thank you very much.”

Because I have apologized to Angela, I turned around and saw Al smiling, so remembering our conversation from before I became angry again, and Austin who approached asked.

“What’s wrong? Why are you puffing your cheeks so much?”

“You don’t have to worry about it, Austin. She’s in a bad temper because I have laughed at Feli’s stomach singing a while ago.”

“Is that so! Felice, food will taste bad if you eat while angry, you know? Look, let’s get better and eat! Okay?”

“…… Yesss.”

I decided to do as Austin said and eat.
I was a little embarrassed because everyone was smiling at me when I sat next to Al.


After we had finished eating the delicious breakfast, Evan brought up that matter.

“”Thank you for the meal.””

“May I for a bit? …… Fearfal, about yesterday’s matter, I personally would be very happy if the two of you stayed in my country. But, it’s not something I can decide by myself.”


I felt slightly down after hearing Evan’s words.

(It’s no good after all…… I have to think where to go next.)

“Therefore, I think of consulting with someone I can trust. During that time, could you stay in the country and wait?”


Different from me who was surprised by his next words, Al narrowed his eyes and stared at Evan.

“That I don’t mind, Evan. However…… yesterday, do you remember what I said?”

“Naturally…… That’s why I don’t plan on speaking to those who would want to restrict you two, I will do my best to avoid that.”

After looking at Evan silently for a while, Al lowered his head.


“You have my gratitude, Evan.”

Following after Al, I lowered my head too.

“Raise your heads. Fearfal, I would like to confirm one thing though. How did the Empire capture you? If they have enough power to capture Kokuryuu, we will have to watch for abnormalities.”

Al awkwardly answered Evan’s question.

“Ahh~ That you see…… do I have to tell you?.”

“Please speak.”

“That day you see, I met an old friend, so I played a prank on him instead of greeting him. And then, he sealed my power, told me ‘it will be unsealed when you meet certain requirements, so do your best!’ and left. He didn’t tell me what the requirements are, so I got tired, fell asleep, and got caught. I guess they thought I was Onyx Dragon.”


For many reasons, Austin and others, including Evan couldn’t talk.
I asked Al a question that was on my mind.

“Then, is Al’s power currently sealed? Or perhaps are Kokuryuu and Black Dragons different?”

“That you see, my power returned when Feli destroyed the chains and the slave collar…… I wonder why. Kokuryuu and Black Dragons are…… let’s see…… their status is different, or there’s a difference in power or ability. For example, as Feli knows, I can take a human form or change into various animals, many races can do that too, but dragons can’t.”

“Hee~ is that so? It’s great your power returned, Al.”

“Thank you, Feli.”

When Al pats my head, Angela who was silent until now opened her mouth.

“I thought so too yesterday as well, but you look like a parent and a child like that. It’s as Fearfal-sama was used to it or…… do you perhaps have children?”

(!?…… That’s right…… since he’s so accustomed to cuddling with children, does he has a family, after all?)

While thinking such, Al denied Angela’s words.

“I don’t have children, you know? I’m not married in the first place.”

When Al said so, Austin raised his voice in surprise.

“Haa!? Since you are Kokuryuu, you lived for a long time, right? You didn’t have even one?”

“I didn’t…… the life span of Ryuu’s is long, so the instinct to leave offsprings is scarce. That’s why when we find a mate, we can only think of that mate for our entire lives.”

“How do you find them?”

“I have not found one yet…… from what I heard from other Ryuu, you normally don’t have any interest in others, but when it comes to your mate, you find them so important that you won’t be able to separate, and those who make the mate hurt or cry won’t be forgiven no matter what.”

“Then, won’t that be really bad if you find a mate then?”

“That is all right. When mates exchange pledges, the mate’s life will be shared with the Ryuu, so the mate won’t die unless the Ryuu dies.”

“Hee~ is that so?”

When Austin admires, Evan calls Austin over.

“Austin…… come here.”

“What’s the matter? Elder Brother.”

“No…… let’s prepare for the departure. You guys wait here.”

“We will do just that.”

After calling Austin, Evan and others went towards the carriage.

“But, Al’s lulling is really something, isn’t it? It always makes me fast asleep.”

“I just imitate what I saw when living in a human country before. But, I’m glad if Feli thinks so.”

In fact, Al was trying not to disturb my sleep by putting up a barrier, but this is something I find out only later.
At that time, Evan and others were having a discussion as well.

“So? What is it, Elder Brother.”

“You, what do you think of Fearfal’s story?”

“First of all, the story about the Empire having enough power to capture a Ryuu, I can’t judge that. But, we should examine the magic tool Felice has――”

“That too, but…… about the mate.”

Evan interrupted Austin’s words.

“Mate? What about that?”

Because Austin asked again not being able to understand, the others snapped at him.

“Have you not noticed? Recall Fearfal’s attitude towards Felice.”

“Haa?…… Certainly ……… Eh!?…… Surely not.”

“Do you get it? Well, I can’t make a conclusion, though.”

“She’s still just a child, you know!?”

“Ryuu are long-lived, so age might be unrelated to them…… he just has to wait for her to grow up…… however, the person in question is not aware of it himself, so we might be overthinking it too much.”

“You think so?”

Lewis entered the conversation of the brothers.

“Let’s put that matter on hold. Evan-sama, you have to decide their temporary place of stay first.”

“You are right…… Robert, do you perhaps have some good place?”

“There are few places near the church Angela-san is helping. It’s being repaired, so I think it will be possible to live in them soon. That place is slightly separated from the downtown, so I think it would be a good place for a temporary residence…… the two stand out too much too. Once the arrangements are finished, I will introduce them to a good place.”

“Fumu…… that’s fine.”

“Evan-sama, Meison, Blake, and I will tell rough situation to the representatives.”

“In that case, since we will arrive today, please come to my private room at 9 o’clock tomorrow.”

Evan instructed Lewis and others, but there was no reply.

“What’s wrong? Is that inconvenient for you?”

Austin sighed at Evan who was expecting a reply.

“Haa~…… it normally would, Elder Brother..”


“Elder Brother, have you forgotten that you kept silent from Prime Minister and others and went to the Trust Kingdom?”

“W, what are you talking about! I have properly informed them!”

“Every single time you say that…… you leave a letter behind saying ‘I will leave for a bit’ and that’s all! It’s only natural that you will be lectured once you return!”

“Besides, the documents must have piled up while Brother-in-law-sama was away.”

“A lecturing and all-nighter right after you return, huh…… please do your best, Evan-sama.”

“What, you are still young, you will be fine with just that much.”

“That’s right. You have an endurance of a beast, so it would be fine if we gather in the afternoon, if you don’t finish by then, evening should be fine.”

“You haven’t changed in that regard since the academy days, Evan-sama.”

Evan launched a counterattack at Austin and others who kept on talking without stopping.

“Saying all you want…… I hope you understand that you who have tagged along with me committed the same crime! Why would they get mad at just me!”

However, that counterattack ended in failure.

“The tone of your speech is wrong, Your Majesty. We are only adventurers on a request…… We have only accomplished His Majesty’s ‘request’ of ‘accompanying you’ to the ‘Trust Kingdom,’ Robert went to the Trust Kingdom because of work, and I’m sure Prime Minister-sama will understand that we were just forced to go by our Academy classmate…… how unfortunate for you, Elder Brother.”

Evan was vexingly glaring at Austin who was grinning at him, but seeing others nodding in agreement, he dropped his shoulders in dejection.

“Only at times like this…… you will say that you got employed…… and you still call yourselves S rank?”

While Evan was mumbling, a voice called to him.

“Say, can we go now? If we don’t depart soon, we will arrive late, you know?”

When Evan looks towards the owner of the voice, he saw Fearfal who was tired of waiting while holding Felice in his arms.

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