Chapter 21

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Al ignored the four surprised people and warned the bandits.

“Hello, if you withdraw here, I won’t chase after you. I have no interest in you, after all. If you don’t withdraw…… I won’t show you mercy.”

The bandits stiffened, and their movements stopped when Al spoke to them with bloodthirst directed towards them, but a voice from behind resounded.

“What are you doing, you bastards! Don’t get scared on me! Kill that fellow!!”

“Chief! …… Let’s go!!”


Inspired by the chief, the bandits rush forward.

“Foolish…… you should go to sleep…… Deadly Poison.”

When Al invoked the magic, fifty bandits fell to the ground and stop moving.
Just a single one remained.

“Now then, you are the only one left…… what will you do?”

Only the bandit chief remained, but his face got pale in terror, he turned around and started running away.
Al didn’t do anything, but the other four did.



The man fell down while crying, an arrow piercing his chest.

“Oh dear…… you have quite a good aim, don’t you?”

When Al carefreely said his impression, a voice called out to him.

“I appreciate your assistance, but why did you let him go?”

When I looked towards the owner of the voice, that person had long ears.

(Is that perhaps an elf?)

Surprised by seeing an elf for the first time, I check out the other three. The bare-handed person is a demi-human, and that person with a small build is most likely a dwarf.
The person holding a sword is a human.

(Wow~ is that person a dwarf? That’s amazing, different races are fighting together.)

While feeling interested, Al answered the elf’s question.

“Why? I said so before, but I have no interest in them. You as well…… I have helped you because my little sister was worried.”

“Is that so……”

“Then, we will excuse ourselves.”

Saying that, Al began walking, but a voice stopped him.

“Wait a moment, please. My Lord says he wants to thank you. Please, enter the carriage by all means.”

It was a woman with blond hair and blue eyes with neat appearances.

(What a pretty person, she looks like an angel.)


“Oi, what are you thinking?”

The human man asked the woman.

“Lord’s instructions.”

“Haa~ seriously, can’t be helped then!”

The four people reluctantly agreed, but Al didn’t.

“Could I ask you not to selfishly proceed with the talks? We have no intention of getting involved with you guys.”

The woman spoke vehemently.

“However, the sun will set very soon. You aside, it would be better to let your little sister rest slowly, don’t you think? She saw such sight, after all.”


Al thought about the woman’s words.

“You are certainly right…… we will be intruding then.”

(Al, I’m fine, you know?)

(But you see, even if we refuse, because the direction we go is the same, it would be troublesome to follow them, so let’s use the chance.)


When we enter the carriage, a man was sitting inside.
Al lowered his head.

“You have my gratitude for your assistance. Have a good rest.”

“Thank you very much.”

Al sat close to the entrance and made me sit on his lap.
After a short while, the four boarded too, and the elf answered the question of the man sitting inside.

“Good job…… the disposal?”

“Everything’s finished.”

“I see…… let’s depart then.”

We departed, and the man spoke.

“I’m called Evan. The woman on my right is Angela, next to her is Austin, the elf on my left is Lewis, the dwarf is Meison, and the beastman is Blake.”

Everyone nodded when Evan introduced them.

“How do you do, I’m Fearfal. This is my little sister, Felice.”

When I nod, Evan inquiries from Al.

“Are you two traveling? What have you come to the Dianes for?”

“We don’t really have an objective. We just thought of staying there for a while until setting off again.”

This time, the elf Lewis asked.

“Are you an adventurer?”

“N? I’m not an adventurer. I’m currently unemployed.”

When Al answered, everyone got surprised.

(Al is a Kokuryuu after all, he doesn’t have a job.)

“You are unemployed even though you are so strong!? If I remember correctly, your baggage has been stolen, and you have no money, right?”

Because Austin leaned forward while speaking, Al answered while bending backward.

“T, that’s right. Well, I do plan on finding work after arriving in Dianes.”

“Naturally! You aside, wouldn’t your little sister be too pitiful!”


Angela began talking too.

“That’s right. Perhaps, you don’t even have a change of clothes?”

“Change of clothes? …… Ahh, that’s right! We also have to get the change of clothes…… haha.”

It appears that Al hasn’t thought of changing clothes while in the human form.

“No matter how clean you can keep her with magic, she’s a girl, after all.”

“I, I know.”

Al became overwhelmed after being criticized by Austin and Angela, so Evan gave him a helping hand.

“Hey now, let him off the hook with that. Sorry about that Fearfal, this couple is too strict when it comes to children.”

“Elder Brother!”


Apparently, Austin and Angela are married, and Evan is Austin’s older brother.
Al felt relieved after Evan stopped the two, but the beastman Blake who was quiet until now spoke.

“You two be relieved, this man cherishes his little sister. There’s no way this guy wouldn’t think about his little sister. He’s aware that he needs to get a change of clothes and other necessities…… isn’t that right, Fearfal?”

It felt like something pierced Al’s heart.
After getting stabbed by Blake, the dwarf Maison spoke.

“Correct, there’s no way he would bring hardships for the precious child, right? You should know that he can’t afford a change of clothes, food, and other things without money.”

Something struck Al’s heart again and again, making Al hang his head even further.
And then, the elf Lewis,

“Oh well, everyone said what needed to be said, so there’s nothing much I can say, but…… please find a job immediately.”


(They are all good people, aren’t they? They are worried about a child they don’t know…… now then, first of all.)

When I faced Al, extended my hand and patted his hung down head, Al tightly embraced me.

“U…… Feli! Felice, I’m so sorry! I forget things that are necessary for humans! Once we arrive at the town, I will properly work, so I don’t bring you any hardships, okay!”

“””””Necessary for humans?”””””

(Gyaa! What did Al just say!? Everyone is looking doubtful!)

(Al! You are currently human as well!)

(Ha! That was so!)

While panicking in our hearts, another voice called.

“The sun has set. Let’s camp here for the night.”

The five seemed to be waiting to hear something, but because it became night, they went to make preparations for the camp.
Feeling relieved, we went outside and that Ojisan from before approached while bowing his head.

“Thank you very much for before. I’m a merchant, Robert is my name.”

“I’m Fearfal, little sister is Felice.”

“Please come and see if when you need something. I will give you a service.”

“Thank you very much for that. We will definitely visit.”

Finished with the introductions, we helped with the camp preparations.
Although I say that, I would only get in the way, so I was obediently sitting down.
When Angela starts getting the meal ready, an appetizing scent drifts around.
In fact, in these three days, although the ingredients were plentiful, the food wasn’t prepared in any way, there was no flavoring, we just ate fruit and cooked meat, so I got tempted by the fragrance, and my legs took me to Angela.
Angela who noticed me spoke to me with a smile floating on her face.

“What’s wrong? Are you hungry? It will be done soon, so wait for a little more, okay?”

I nodded deeply, but I couldn’t leave from there.
Austin who saw that asked Al.

“Say Fearfal, is Felice perhaps mute?”

“Eh? That’s not………… ah! Feli, it’s okay to talk!”



Surprised that I let out a voice, everyone looked at me.
Then, Austin asked Al in a low voice.

“What’s going on…… Fearfal.”

“Eh? We didn’t know what kind of people were in the carriage that we approached, right? That’s why I told Feli not to speak. I totally forgot. But, Feli was able to keep the instructions all this time, what a good child, right!”

When Al said while laughing, Austin’s body shook.
Lewis approached and spoke to him.

“Calm down, Austin…… you are in front of a child.”

“I know.”

While looking at Al’s strange exchange, the meal got finished, so I decided to eat.
The meal was distributed to everyone, and we started eating.


“Say, that ‘itadakimasu,’ what is that?”

Because Austin asked in wonder, Al replied.

“They are words of thanks to the ingredients and the person who prepared them.”


When I eat a mouthful of vegetables, many flavors spread through my mouth, the seasoning was also delicious.

“Mugumugu…… gulp…… Al, it’s delicious, isn’t it?”

“It is. Thoroughly chew and eat slowly, okay?”


Angela who was eating next to us heard that,

“I’m glad it suits your tastes. Eat lots, okay?”

“Yes…… it’s my first time eating something so warm and tasty.”

When I answered with a smile, the atmosphere around froze, but I didn’t notice because I was absorbed in eating.
However, Al did.
That’s because six cold glares were aimed towards him.
Al explained while breaking in a cold sweat.

“D, don’t misunderstand, please! There are circumstances, okay!”

There wasn’t anyone who was convinced by that.

“I would like to hear about those circumstances in full detail.”

When Austin said in a low voice, everyone else nodded.

“Eeh~…… it’s unrelated to you gu…… I understand I will talk. But, only after Feli falls asleep, alright?”

Al thought he could somewhat escape, but he lost to their eyes and decided to talk.
As for me, because I was dozing off, I didn’t hear the contents of their discussion.
Al took the tableware from me, and lulled me to sleep while tapping on my back.
I wasn’t able to oppose that and soon fell asleep.

“Goodnight Feli, have a good dream.”

Saying such, Al kissed my forehead.

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