Chapter 9

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I left the tavern and made my way to Baptiste’s mansion before dark.

“So this is Baptiste’s mansion, huh.”

It was a magnificent mansion in its own right.
However, the atmosphere from inside was somewhat unpleasant.
I rang the doorbell and a man who seemed to be the butler came from inside.

“What do you want?”

The moment he saw my appearance, he took on a cocky attitude.
It was no wonder because I was dressed up so modestly.
But this guy doesn’t seem to be a real butler. You can tell that much by the way he moves his body and his posture. In other words, he’s a fake butler.

“E, excuse me… would you be willing to hire me?”
“Actually, I have lost my parents just a few days ago, and I lost my house because of that too, and I found myself in trouble because I don’t have any money… I happened to overhear that Lord Baptiste’s place was recruiting servants, so… umm, won’t you give me a try?”

I think it was a good performance. It was very different from when I was negotiating for a discount.
By the way, my plan was quite simple.
First, get hired as a servant.
Two, exterminate pests as soon as I can.
Three, free the captive girls.
If I can get inside, the rest will be taken care of. In other words, this is the devil’s gate.

“Wait a moment.”

I thought he would refuse me, but he told me to wait.
I was going to act all clingy. What a killjoy.
After about five minutes of waiting, the butler came back.

“Come in. You will get interviewed.”
“Y, yes! Thank you very much!”

When I smiled at him, he replied with a snort.
Such a bad attitude. I wonder if he takes after his lord.
When I entered the house, I found that it had the same internal structure as what Uncle Urbain had drawn for me at the tavern.


When I was ushered into what looked like a reception room, I saw a sickeningly fat man with greasy sweat on his forehead and breathing hard.
This man must be Baptiste.
I judged that it is him simply by his looks.

“You are, haah, haah… the girl who wants to work at my mansion?”

“Yes, my name is Elle.”


How disgusting. I want to punch him right this instant.

“Yep, yep, nice. Very cute… haah… haah…”

I want you to stop gasping for air every time you look at me. I’m sure the other girls have experienced this too.

“I’ve decided! I will employ you! Fufu, I will treat you very kindly, haah, haah…”

I’ve decided, too.
I’ll take care of you so much that you will never be able to do anything stupid again.

“Thank you so much.”

I smiled and the pest who was in a good mood. I almost snickered at how simple he was.

“Then, shall we let you get to work immediately?”
“Please by all means.”

The butler from earlier took me to a simple servant’s quarters.

“Make use of this place for today. Your work clothes are in the closet. Hurry up and get dressed.”

He walked out of the room while slamming the door hard.
He really had a bad attitude.

“Infiltration was successful, next step is pest control.”

Just wait.
I’m going to put an end to your wickedness today.

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