Chapter 10

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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“Isn’t this way too short?”

I’ve never heard of a maid’s uniform that’s above the knees in length.
That perverted pest…
Well, it’s okay. It’s only for now anyway.
When I walked out of the room, I saw an unfamiliar woman about my age standing there. I could tell she was a maid because she was wearing the same clothes as me.
From the way she was standing, she didn’t seem to be an educated maid. She was probably one of the girls who were kidnapped from the village.

“I… erm, I was told to be your educator…”

The woman who approached me with a frightened look was apparently my educator.
It’s good that they just don’t throw me in a situation where I don’t know what to do, but then I wish they would be honest in everything else they do.

“My name is Annette…”
“I am Elle. I’m pleased to have made your acquaintance.”
“Y, yes. L, likewise.”

When I held out my hand, she shook it cautiously.
At that moment, I froze. I could see the whip marks on her wrists through her long sleeves. And it wasn’t just one or two. There were many. They were long as earthworms, and from how swollen they looked, some must have been inflicted just recently.

“This… what happened to you?”
“… Umm, nothing… nothing happened.”

She was about to say something but stopped, probably because of the butler who was approaching from behind me.

“What are you doing, get to work quickly!”
“Y, yes! I’m sorry, sir!”

My heart hurt when I saw Annette frantically bowing her head over and over again.
I have to free her go as soon as possible.

“Annette, it’s your service day today.”
“… Understood.”
“Service day?”
“Ask Annette.”

He told us again to get on with the work and walked away. When I looked at Annette’s face after glaring at his back, I could see that her face had paled to a pitiful degree.
I can make out what the service day was just by looking at her.
How much of a jerk can he really be?

“Annette, please give me your hands.”

When I held her hands and cast a healing spell, all the wounds that were visible through the gap of her clothes disappeared.
I can only heal wounds on the body, though. I can’t heal the wounds that were inflicted on her mentally.

“It’s a secret that I healed it for you, okay?”


Annette’s eyes opened wide in disbelief. I laughed as I held up my index finger in front of my mouth.
I’m not going to let that butler freak know that I can use magic.

“Thank you so much…!”

I shook my head as Annette clutched my hands and thanked me, almost crying.

“It’s me who should be thanking you for telling me so much.”

According to Annette, our work was rather ordinary: cleaning, doing the laundry, and meal preparation.
Except for the evening service, of course.
Since it was close to evening, my work was finished rather quickly. I ate a meal in my room, and all that was left was to sleep. But I couldn’t help but be concerned about Annette.

“Let’s go see for a little.”

I unfolded the paper Uncle Urbain had given me at the tavern and checked where Baptiste’s bedroom is.
As I left my room and arrived in front of Baptiste’s room, I heard an unpleasant noise. I opened the door a little and peeked inside to see an unbelievable sight.
Annette, who was stark naked, was getting whipped.
I thought I had healed all her wounds. But now I see that her body was covered with countless scars.
I wondered how long she had been whipped for already.
I regret not coming here earlier.

“You really are a worthless piece of garbage…”

I bit the inside of my mouth until I could taste blood.
Something like this didn’t hurt. Because Annette was feeling much more pain all this time.

“Let’s crush you right away.”

When I opened the door with great force, both Baptiste and Annette looked at me in surprise.

“Good evening, Mr. Pest.”

Well then, let’s start the extermination.

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