Chapter 11

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Worst Human (Andre’s point of view)
I, Andre de Olivier, am a horrible person.

I was not able to protect my beloved elder sister. No, it would be much better if I could not protect her.
I was complicit in getting rid of my sister.

My sister’s name is Gabrielle de Olivier.
She is kind, beautiful, wiser than anyone, the perfect elder sister.
Ever since I was little, she was the one who thought about me more than anyone else.
I respected and loved my elder sister, who scolded me for being selfish, spoiled me, and raised me to be a person worthy of being a legitimate son of a duke.
And yet, I did something like that to my beloved sister…

I, my father, and many other noblemen were seduced by the Viscount’s daughter’s charm and condemned my elder sister who had done nothing wrong.

(I don’t want to believe that a devil like you is my elder sister.)
(I wish it was you who died, not our mother.)
(We aren’t family anymore. Please disappear.)

These were the words I had thrown at my sister on the day of the abominable ball.
I know it’s unforgivable. I also know that it is not something that can be forgiven by apologizing. But I still want to say that I am sorry.

“Sister Elle.”

I remember the face of my elder sister who was betrayed and condemned by us that day very well.
In the middle of the condemnation, my sister looked as if everything had become unimportant, but in the end she showed a smile.
I wonder what she was thinking about at that moment.
Was she ridiculing us in disgust?
Or was she using a smile to conceal her sorrow?
No, it might have been a smile of joy at being freed from suffering.
Now, I don’t know anymore.

“You look terrible, Andre.”
“You too, Father…”

My father loved my sister as much as I did. But he was a part of the condemnation.
Now that the charm was broken, we were desperately trying to find my sister, but we haven’t even found a clue.
My sister is an excellent magician, but like me, she is not familiar with the outside world. There’s no way she can live properly if she’s thrown out there alone.
If we don’t hurry, it will be too late. No, it may already be late.


“Just what should I do…”
“We can only pray for Elle’s safety.”
“… As I thought, I will join the search party!”
“I told you that you can’t! Leave it be already!”

I can’t bear to just wait around.
I’m not sure what my good sister Elle would do if she were in my position. I’m sure she would selfishly run away from home to find me. That’s the kind of person Elle is.

“Andre, it will be all right. We will find her…”
“If… if Sister Elle died, I…”
“Don’t spout nonsense!”

My father was probably thinking the same thing and denying it over and over again.

“Sister Elle, please be safe…”

While her little brother was praying for her safety, Elle was…

“Did you really think you could win against me with that level of magic? I will crush you.”

She was in the midst of pest control with a pleasant smile on her face.

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