Chapter 12

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Punishment (1)
“L, Little Elle?”

It was the pest who called out to me.
I didn’t want to hear his voice if I could help it.

“Did you perhaps come to serve me as well? That makes me so happy… haah… haah…”

The pest slowly approached me while pulling the whip that he used to beat Annette with.
I punched him as hard as I could with my fist, which I had cast a body-strengthening spell on.
At the same time as the whip fell to the floor, Baptiste hit the headboard and fell onto the bed.
I shifted my gaze from the pest, who was writhing in pain and ran to Annette.

“I’m sorry it took me so long to come.”
“E, Elle…? Why?”
“We will talk later. Get away from here for now.”

I cast a healing spell and forced a light pink dress onto her over her head.
Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a fireball flying towards us.
It was an elementary fire magic spell that Baptiste had unleashed.
Still, it was a lousy spell.
I used water magic to extinguish the fireball that was slowly coming towards us, and Baptiste turned red in anger.

“W, what are you doing!”
“It’s I who would like to ask you what you are doing here, Mr. Pest.”

I stood protectively before Annette, who was getting dressed again and glared at Baptiste.

“S, stop kidding me! Know your place, you stupid maid!”

I put away the fireball that was thrown our way once again.
It’s useless no matter how many times you try.

“Everyone! A rebel! There’s a rebel here!”


Baptiste shouted loudly as if he sensed that he was no match for me.
Soon after, five men entered the room. There was also the butler among them.
They were probably the pest’s men.

“You are taking me lightly…”

I’m not afraid at all even if the small fries stare at me.
From the looks of it, Baptiste and his minions don’t have much magical power.
I think the monsters I fought in the forest were stronger than these guys.

“E, Elle, please escape!”

Annette’s face paled, probably frightened by being surrounded by the men.

“Escape? Not possible.”

Because in order to escape from here, we will have to break through the minions that are stationed in front of the door anyway.
Either way, I will have to crush them all.

“Please stay over here, Annette.”

After using magic to deploy a defensive barrier around her, I confronted the pest.

“Now, please. Come at me.”

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