Chapter 13

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Punishment (2)
“Well then. Please kindly make your move.”

Instigating them, the butler came running towards me.
I dodged the fist that swung down and punched him in the jaw from below. His large body was easily blown to the ceiling and returned to the floor with a dull crash.
When I was still a Duke’s daughter, I had been trained in martial arts.
I am confident that I will not be defeated by someone who is just strong in brawls.

“You are joking!”

The remaining four minions released fireballs at once, but of course they were extinguished in an instant.
Baptiste’s magic was pretty shoddy, but theirs was even worse. I guess they haven’t learned as much as they should.

“You really think you can beat me with that kind of magic? I will crush you.”

If you can only beat up commoners who have no power to defend themselves, how can you beat me who comes from a magic powerhouse?
I smiled at them and fired a fireball back at them as an example. They put up a crude magic barrier to try to prevent it, but of course the fireball got easily through.
The minions who had been charred black seemed to be still alive by their shouting, so I decided to leave them alone.

“Baptise, you are all alone now, aren’t you?”

When I turned around and called out to Baptiste, he was sitting on the bed, his face pale and body weak.

“W, who are you!”
“Just a lone traveler.”
“B, bullshit! I, I am a Viscount, you know! A noble! Do you think you can get away with this!?”

I got irritated by those words.
He’s but a pest that doesn’t know who is bullshitting who.

“You are the one who won’t get away with this, Mr. Pest.”

I think it’s better to let him cool down.
I released an ice spell and froze the room around the bed where he was sitting. I looked at the white landscape and gave a small laugh.
Now the room that was so hot and stuffy was cooler.

“W, what the hell is this…”
“I thought I would cool down that head of yours that is boiling with anger.”


Bullshit this, bullshit that, Is that all he can say?
Let’s shut his noisy mouth soon.

He quickly charged at Baptiste, who was about to unleash his fire magic again, grabbed him by the collar and threw him towards his minions.
The pest made a croaking sound like a squashed frog.
When I got closer and put my foot on his bulging belly, he let out an even filthier squeal.

“You good-for-nothing pest. I will never forgive you.”
“W, what did I do to deserve this!”

What did you do?
Are you not self-aware of what you did?
This is why I hate wrong-doers without a guilty conscience.

“’Didn’t you levy unreasonable taxes, take away women who didn’t want to be here, and make many of your people suffer?”
“So what!”

So what?
There’s a limit to bullshit one can spout.
I grabbed him by the collar, lifted him up, and hit him on the other cheek that I didn’t punch yet, until it got swollen.

“I, it hurts!”
“The people in the village are in more pain and suffering!”

Don’t be silly.
Baptiste fell limp to the floor as I punched him again while saying such.
It seems that he has no energy left to fight. I let go of his chest and looked down at him as he rolled on the floor in pain.

“A noble is an individual who protects his people. If you can’t do that, you have no right to be a noble.”

To prevent him from escaping, I tied up Baptiste and his men and put them to sleep with a powerful hypnotic spell.
I’m sure they won’t wake up until morning.
Truth to be told, I would love to kill him myself, but I can’t do that.
Let’s hand them over to the government.

“Looks like I’m done here.”

When I turned around, I saw Annette who was shocked and dumbfounded.
Ah~ I think I’d better explain the situation to her.

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