Chapter 8

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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About the Good-for-Nothing Lord
“He became the current Lord two months ago…”

Uncle Urbain spoke slowly with a dark look on his face.
The current lord’s name is Baptiste Dalle.
It seems that he was a legitimate son of a Viscount family, and took over the estate in place of his father, who was weakened by illness.
The change of lords was too sudden.
There were rumors that the son may have harmed his father. That’s how much the former lord was loved by the people of the village.

In contrast, Baptiste, who had not studied hard enough, was not suited to be a lord.
He raised the land rents for his own greed, forcing people to pay, and if they couldn’t pay, he would kick them out of his territory.
Because of this, the village had become desolate.

“It would have still been fine if it only had been money…”
“What else did he do?”
“… That scum forcibly took young girls who lived in the village to his mansion.”

I can pretty much guess what Baptiste is doing with the young girls he kidnapped, but this makes my head hurt.
How much of a piece of trash is he?

“Among them was my daughter. That’s why I went to Baptiste’s residence with the others to rescue the kidnapped girls.”
“And then, what happened?”
“The nobles of this country are able to use magic. There was no chance for us, the commoners, who had no means to fight, could win.”

It’s a good thing they escaped with their lives.
My heart ached for Uncle Urbain, who smiled bitterly to himself.
I believe that it is the rule of the world that those with power should protect those without power. Hurting them is outrageous. It is an unforgivable act.

“When you first came in, my tavern looked all worn-out, right?”
“Eh? Yes, that’s right.”
“It’s because a guy whose daughter was kidnapped got drunk and went on a rampage. I know how he feels. I couldn’t stop him, and that’s why the walls got so many cracks.”

So he was venting his anger towards Baptiste here.

“It would be better for you to leave this village soon, Missy. You won’t be able to escape when his subordinates discover you.”
“I’m strong, you know?”
“Well, that might be true, but this is no decent village… I don’t want to see any more victims.”

Maybe he was comparing me to his daughter who was kidnapped as Uncle Urbain was still worried about me, a complete stranger.
Aunt Anna from the bakery was also a kind person.
I can’t let the evil that torments these people go unchecked.

“Uncle, you have been in Baptiste’s house before, right?”
“Ah? Yeah, I was.”
“Can you give me an illustration of the interior of the house, as best you can remember?”

I grabbed the hand of the dumbfounded uncle and smiled at him.

“Eh, no, that’s fine with me, but… Missy, you aren’t planning on going to his place, are you?”
“Of course not. I just want to know more about houses the nobles live in.”


I know it was a bad excuse, but I still can’t give up the information.

“… Alright. But don’t you dare do something dangerous, you understand?”
“Yes, of course.”

I’m not going to do anything dangerous.
It’s just squashing a few pests. It’s an easy job, so it shouldn’t be dangerous.

“Wait a moment.”

He went to the back and carefully drew the interior of Baptiste’s house on a piece of paper he had brought with him.
Uncle was very good at drawing, by the way.

“Eh, your drawing is too good?”
“Hm? Yeah, I lost my wife early. I raised my daughter all alone. I often drew for her to coax her, so I practiced a lot.”
“You are a good father.”
“… Not at all. I couldn’t even save her from the grasps of her kidnapper.”

It’s not your fault, Uncle. It’s Baptiste’s fault.
I don’t know if she’s okay, but if she is…
Anyway, I’ll do what I can.

“Here, it’s done.”
“Thank you very much. As thanks…”
“Ah? I don’t need it. Your help cleaning the tavern was enough. Rather, I should be the one thanking you.”
“It’s more than enough that you told me your story and gave me this.”

When I showed him the paper, he made a stunned expression.
Why is that?

“Missy, don’t you think you should be greedier?”
“I’m very greedy, actually.”
“Is that so?”

I’m going to exterminate Baptiste for the sake of self-gratification, after all.

“Well, thank you very much for this.”
“Thank you, too.”
“I will come at night the next time.”
“Haha, do come.”

Now then, let’s visit the pest’s mansion.

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