Chapter 69

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“We couldn’t get any information about the suspicious person, huh.”

We went around the stores near the alleyway, but we couldn’t find out anything about the suspicious person.

“It’s possible that it was a child, right?”
“The crime is done in the middle of the night. That’s not possible.”

When I saw Giselle again, the words “Let’s play.” were written on the wall.
It could have been a child of two working parents, but I didn’t think they would go out in the middle of the night. Besides, there was no way a child could go out of the city alone. If it was once or twice, I could understand, but if they went out so many times, even the gatekeepers would get alerted.

“We have no clue about the culprit.”
“Even though we need to catch them quick.”

I won’t be able to stand it if I walked around Arburn and accidentally come across a bunch of dead insects.
I cannot go sightseeing with peace of mind like this, I complained to the faceless criminal.

“You are bad with bugs as always.”
“I think it’s because a certain someone kept chasing me around with them when I was young.”
“The reason you disliked bugs in the past was because of monsters, right?”
“You are the reason my phobia grew worse, Giselle! I won’t let you forget how you chased me around with a moth carcass!”

When I was a little girl, I was chased around by a monster that looked like a caterpillar.
That’s what ruined bugs for me. Giselle knew it too, but what was she thinking when harassing me like that? She was chasing me around with a dead moth.

“I only wanted you to overcome your fear.”
“You never told that.”

It was my little prank that had caused Giselle to chase me around with the moth in the first place. I deliberately hid the sweets that she had been saving so dearly. I gave it back to her before it spoiled, but she got back at me badly.
I didn’t expect her to chase me around with my weakness in her hand.

“You reap what you sow.”
“It was my fault for hiding your candy, but you didn’t have to chase me around with a moth in your hand and a big smile on your face.”
“Grudges for having your food stolen are scary, right?”

From the looks of it, she still seems to be holding a grudge.
I wonder if this is her harassment to make me involved in this insect incident.

“I know what you’re thinking, but it’s not true. It’s just a coincidence.”
“You know exactly what I’m thinking.”
“I think I know you better than anyone.”

She said while smiling.
She was by my side more than anyone.
No matter what I think, no matter how much I try to fix my expression, she’ll know what is on my mind. It doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable because of who she is, though.

“You are defenseless, so I want to solve the case as soon as possible to keep the bad bugs away.”
“Don’t treat people like bugs.”
“I couldn’t help but speak my mind.”


I smiled wryly because I couldn’t retort.

“I wonder why the patrol guards aren’t putting more effort into finding the culprit.”
“Isn’t it because the guards are the culprits?”
“Surely not.”

The air froze.
When I looked at Giselle, her usual smile cramped.
I’m sure we’re thinking the same thing right now.

“There’s no way the guards are the culprits…”
“Being a guard doesn’t necessarily mean being a virtuous person.”
“I don’t think it’s a good idea to doubt them without having any proof, though.”
“There’s no proof they are not the culprits either.”

Giselle’s opinion is reasonable.
And if things go on like this, we’re going to quarrel.

“I understand your view, but considering their work hours, I find it hard to believe that the guards are the culprits.”
“I don’t think it’s possible for someone on the midnight watch, but if it was someone from the morning or afternoon watch, it wouldn’t be a problem.”
“Even if that were the case, someone would notice that the culprit was among them, no?”

It’s a case that has the city in an uproar. If the patrol guards caught the culprit, they would be rewarded. There is a good chance that they would arrest the culprit as soon as they find out that there was a culprit among them.

“We can’t deny the possibility that the whole patrol guard team is behind this.”

Giselle spoke as if she was a detective. I think her imagination is too strong.
I think Giselle likes mystery novels, doesn’t she?
When I wanted to be an adventurer, she said she wanted to be a detective. As a result, she has become a skilled gatherer of information, though.

“You must be overthinking this…”
“You are naive. The possibility is there!”
“That is true, but.”
“Besides, since the start of this insect incident, back alley crimes have been on the decline. I think the guards are trying to make their jobs easier…”
“I get it, so please calm down. Anyhow, let’s discuss this again when Jed returns.”

It is true that the number of crimes that occur in the back alleys has decreased since the start of these incidents, as Giselle said.
I know this from our earlier information gathering.
I don’t know if the guards want to make their job easier or not, but it’s not entirely impossible. At the same time, though, the possibility that it was a resident of the alleyway came to mind.

“I would feel much comfortable if they caught the culprit.”
“Hopefully, we will catch them soon.”

I pulled on Giselle’s hand, who had a look of reluctance on her face, and headed to meet Jed.

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