Chapter 68

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“We should go out soon. Although I’m reluctant, we promised ‘that’ we would gather information…”

That is Jed, right?
You don’t have to hate him so much, but if you don’t know who he is, it’s understandable to be wary.

“Right. We shouldn’t bother Jed with everything, let’s go.”

When we left the inn after putting on disguise, the central square was more crowded than before, probably because it was lunchtime.
Most of the incidents occur in the back alleys. It’s a good idea to start investigating the stores around there.

“Come to think of it, why did you come to the Principality?”

It would have been better to head to the Fall Empire rather than the Principality of Agreable, where the reign is not stable.
I think the reason that it is easier to head to the Principality is high, though.

“I thought of asking Lady Margaery for help.”

Margaery de Blanche.
She is the Noble Consort of Agreable. As the Crown Prince’s fiancée, she was someone I had interacted with since I was a child.
She has a kind and gentle personality, and whenever I met her, she took good care of me. However, she sometimes looked at me as if she was lonely. Perhaps she was comparing me to her own first child, who had died shortly after birth.

“I thought she would definitely help you, Miss Elle.”
“It wasn’t possible, right?”
“Yeah. It would be different if I still was a maid of the Duke’s daughter, but I could never see her as a commoner.”

Giselle worked hard for me even after she was kicked out because of me. I wondered if there was anything I could do for her, too.

“I was faintly hoping that if I stayed in Arburn, I might be able to meet Lady Margaery when she was going around for an inspection, but…”
“So that’s why you were here all this time.”
“Yes. But according to the information I’ve gotten recently, Lady Margaery has been in poor health and hasn’t left the mansion properly for the past two months.”

Is Lady Margaery not feeling well?
She looked fine when I met her six months ago.
I wanted to think that she was joking, but Giselle, who was very good at gathering information, told me. I’m sure she’s got her information right.


“It’s a shame I can’t visit her.”

If I were a daughter of Duke, I would have been able to visit her mansion, but now I can’t.
I can send a letter, but I can’t have her send a reply to Duke Olivier’s mansion in the Ansanse Kingdom.

“I think you should go see her.”
“You know…”
“No other country has been informed of your exile.”

Giselle whispered in my ear.
It is true that in the eyes of other countries, I am still daughter of Duke Olivier. If I dress up like a noble and head out, there’s a good chance they’ll invite me in. However…

“My whereabouts will be exposed.”
“That’s true. And it’s only a rumor, but it seems that the Crown Prince is trying to keep Lady Margaery from seeing anyone, so I doubt you will be able to see her anyway.”

“This is strange.”

Originally, Lady Margaery was a young lady of a Ducal household of the Fall Empire and the fiancée of the current Emperor. There were rumors that the two of them were in love with each other. They were on the verge of marriage when the independence riot broke out, and they were separated.
After the independence of the Principality, Lady Margaery was forced to marry the current Crown Prince, and their relationship has grown cold.
I don’t think the Crown Prince would do anything to tie her down, but it’s strange that he won’t let her see anyone.

“If it was an epidemic, they wouldn’t let anyone see her.”
“Even if it was, not seeing anyone for two months is…”
“Yes. Maybe there’s another reason.”

I’m not the only one with a premonition of an incident. Giselle also looked grim.

“Shall we look into it?”
“After we are done with this.”
“Right. Let’s solve the current case as soon as possible to get away from that suspicious person.”
“Suspicious person…”

I felt a little bad for Jed.

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