Chapter 70

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Returning from out of the city, Jed was accompanied by a stranger.

“Who is that, I wonder?”
“Isn’t he the culprit?”

I don’t think someone who’s causing so much trouble in the city would be caught so easily.
When I approached him with Giselle, my body stopped before I could speak to him. Why was he carrying an insect cage?
The man that Jed had brought with him was carrying two insect cages. Of course, they were full of bugs.
The fact that I didn’t scream was probably due to my acquired lady-like skills.

“That’s a lot.”
“Don’t say it so calmly.”

If it had been just one or two insects in the cage, I could have called out to them immediately, but there were clearly more than ten in each.
Impossible, I can’t go near them.
If the contents of the cage were to pop out all of a sudden, I am confident that I would scream my lungs out. I know I shouldn’t be so confident about this, but I am.

“Giselle, go in my place.”
“I’d be happy to, if you allow me to be your maid again.”
“You don’t have a need to be my maid, right? I beg you, go!”

She let out a sigh when I begged her.
She made her way towards them with a ‘it cannot be helped’ face.

“You are so willful. You look like the Miss Elle of our childhood.”
“I beg you, don’t make me approach that.”
“Understood. I will make sure no big pests will approach you.”

I’d like to hear what Jed has to say, though.
By the time I was about to say that, Giselle had run off.
The fact that she sometimes stops listening to me has not changed since she was a little girl.
As I watched from afar, hoping there won’t be a fight, I saw Giselle smiling cheerfully. She was obviously pretending to be a quiet woman, which was indescribable.
I wondered who this person was that Jed had brought with him. From the looks of it, he seemed like a regular guy.
While I was thinking that, Giselle came back.

“How was it?”
“He apparently came across someone catching a lot of bugs, so he caught them.”
“That’s all?”
“He said they ran away when he tried to catch them, so I’m thinking it’s most likely that he is the culprit.”

It is possible to think that he ran away because he was being chased around by a big man while he was collecting insects. I’m sure that Jed’s personality was very approachable when he spoke to him, though. But the fact that he ran away proves that he had a guilty conscience.

“It seems that he was attacked as the culprit was fleeing.”
“Hey, I don’t suppose that’s why you were smiling at Jed?”

She smiled.
There’s no doubt. She laughed at Jed for getting attacked.
Was Giselle’s character always this bad?

“He had some injuries, so I healed him.”
“I can’t tell whether you are kind or malicious.”
“Even I can’t leave wounds unattended.”

She wanted a reward for being useful.
Giselle had a devilish smile on her face as she told me this.
I knew it, her character was getting worse.
When she was my maid, she was very cautious, but I think she’s become stronger.

“Anyhow, let’s bring him to the patrol guards first…”

I don’t know if he’s the one responsible for the bug incident, but if Jed was attacked, then he’s the one responsible for the injuries. It would be better to take him to the guards and have them arrest him.
It’s just when I told her that I don’t want to get too close to them, so I was going to follow them from a distance, a bitter smile floated on Giselle’s face.

“No, I think it would be for the best to release him for the time being.”
“What do you mean?”

Even though Giselle is wary of Jed, it is not a good idea to release someone who has just injured him.
When I told her this while glaring at her, she lowered her eyebrows apologetically.

“Pardon me. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable, but…”
“So there’s a reason for it.”
“I thought it would be better to let him free for a little longer and then seize him at the crime scene. If he has accomplices, we could catch them together.”

That’s definitely a good idea.
However, I don’t think he would commit the crime once he caught someone’s attention, and I don’t know if Jed, the victim in this case, would agree.

“I don’t know whether Jed would agree to this.”
“I will convince him.”

Gisele said confidently.
I had a feeling she would try to make Jed agree with physical conviction.

“Even if that man is the culprit, he won’t do it again for a while.”
“It will be fine once he realizes he has no need to be alarmed.”
“Where does this confidence of yours comes from?”
“It’s a sure thing that this kind of criminal will do it again!”

You’re probably guessing based on the behavior of the killer in the mystery novel anyway.
The reality is different from novels.

“Let him go only for a day. After that, we will drag him to the guards.”

If he escapes after injuring Jed, I will be too guilty to face Jed.
Giselle nodded her head in agreement with my conditions and ran to talk to Jed as soon as possible.
A bitter smile leaked on my face as I looked at the former maid who was totally acting like a detective.

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