Chapter 39

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Whether they couldn’t withstand the magic I cast or the pain was too much, the scum lost consciousness.

To keep them from dying, I removed the stakes that had pierced their limbs and cast a recovery spell on them. I left them unconscious and headed for the remaining garbage.

Perhaps because of the shocking scene, both Uncle Galleo and Jacob look at me with fear.

“E, Elle, you…”
“Uncle Galleo, please keep this secret.”

It would be tricky if the whole town found out.
I put my finger in front of my lips and Uncle Galleo nodded slowly.
I took my gaze off him and looked at Jacob, “Hii…!” he shouted.

“Just so you know, I won’t forgive you either.”
“W, why, I did not kill anyone…”
“You did not stop them, though. You are an accomplice.”

Jacob cried from despair.
No matter how much he cries, I’m not going to show mercy.

“You should keep showing your face of despair too.”

I cast the same spell on Jacob that I cast on the scum.
He screamed and fainted, and Uncle Galleo looked at him with surprise.

“Elle, what did you do to this guy?”
“You will know soon.”

When I smiled at him, his face twitched.

After that, we immediately called the guards.
I told them that the reason for their unconscious state was that the scum had hit the wall. Uncle Galleo agreed with me, so the guards believed me.

And then, the next day.

“I couldn’t sleep at all…”

I got out of bed, rubbing my sleepy eyes, and saw the noise outside.
When I opened the window,

“They have caught the serial killer!”


I saw a man shouting and passing around the newspapers.
They had only been caught last night, so the town was in an uproar, while I was wondering where the information had leaked out, or if the guards themselves did it.

“I wonder if those scum are awake by now?”

If they were, they would be thrown into the depths of hell.
As I walked out of the inn, a man came running up to me.
It was Uncle Galleo.

“Oy, Elle! Come over here!”
“Listen to me, come with me!”

Uncle Galleo took me by the arm to the first cafeteria I visited.
I was taken to a seat at the end of the restaurant and ordered the fried white fish set meal. I had eaten it before and it was delicious.

“Let me tell you this first.”
“Go ahead?”
“Thank you for your help yesterday.”
“Please don’t mind it.”

If I had come here earlier, I might have been able to reduce the number of victims.
It was a good thing I was able to save him.

“Now to the main topic.”
“This morning, the guards came to me and asked me whether I have done anything to Jacob and others as they were acting strangely.”

Oh, it looks like the magic I cast was working. It’s been a while since I had used that one, so I’m glad it’s working.

“They told me that they were rampaging around the cell, shouting things like ‘The monster is coming! It’s going to eat me! Look, it’s right in front of me! Quickly kill it!’. Of course, there’s no way there would be a monster in the cell. It’s as if they were hallucinating.”

It’s a continuous scene of being eaten alive by monsters.
That’s exactly the kind of magic I cast on Jacob and the others.
They will continue seeing it for a lifetime unless the magic is canceled or the caster dies.
Eventually, they will have a mental breakdown.

“You did this, didn’t you Elle?”

He asked me fearfully, so I replied to him with my cheeks relaxed.

“That’s a secret.”

Those bastards will suffer for the rest of their lives without anyone understanding their problem.

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