Chapter 38

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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“T, the series of murders were done by the sailors of my ship!”

Jacob said with fear on his face. Uncle Galleo and I froze for a moment and then looked at each other bitterly.

“What do you mean?”
“T, the names of the murderers are Fabrice and Oud, and also Doni and Colombe!”
“Do you have proof that these four did it?”
“That… I don’t, but they are probably here! They said that old man Galleo is their prey this time!”

I looked at Uncle Galleo and he replied, “Doni and Colombe are the names of the guys who often run amok in town.” I suddenly thought of the two guys who had been running amok in front of the cafeteria.
No way, right….
I stared at Jacob again, and he fell flat and begged for forgiveness.

“Forgive me please. I, I witnessed them killing the people and was forced by them to cooperate.”
“Why did you not turn them to the guards then?”

He looked away as if it was difficult to speak.
I don’t know when Jacob witnessed the crime.
But if he hadn’t been so protective of the murderers, there might have been fewer victims.

“I, I didn’t want people to know that the criminals came from my ship.”

I see. So this guy was concerned about his reputation.
I can’t forgive the men who killed those people, but I can’t forgive Jacob either. As I slowly approached him, I heard a rustling noise behind me.
When I turned around, there were four people there: the two guys I had seen in front of the diner and the two guys who had talked to me at the bar.

“Jacob, we have kept you waiting.”
“Ah? Who are you?”

One of the two guys who were rioting in front of the cafeteria pointed at me and asked.

“Wouldn’t your two friends recognize me?”
“Ah, you are the one from the tavern.”
“Aren’t you the alcoholic auntie?”

Who’s your auntie? I have changed my appearance so I look older than normal, but being told that so boldly makes me feel irritated.
The four of them looked at each other, confused that I was here.
The one who interrupted them was Uncle Galleo.

“A, are you the ones who messed up my stall!”
“Ah? So what?”
“It was quite the work, right?”
“S, stop acting so dumb!”

Apparently, Jacob was right, these men were the culprits. The men looking at Uncle Galleo with a smirk on their faces made me angry from the depths of my heart.
I can’t forgive them.
I grabbed Uncle Galleo by the shoulders and stepped forward because the men looked as if they were about to hit him anytime soon.

“Uncle Galleo, can you look after Jacob so he doesn’t escape?”
“I will crush those scum myself.”

Uncle Galleo nodded and stepped back as if frightened by my spirit.
I cast a binding spell on Jacob, who was still lying flat on the floor, and then approached the four scum.

“W, what do you…”
“I’m the one who is going to punish you guys.”

The scum got irritated when I nonchalantly shrugged my shoulders and approached them.
I avoided the ax of the most arrogant one and made him eat my magic-enchanted fist. I heard them shout “Doni!” when the man crashed against the wall. So that fellow was Doni. It doesn’t matter, though.

“Don’t get too cocky!”


The next person who came charging at me was the man who was with Doni in front of the cafeteria. It was probably Colombe.

“Taking us li… guha…!”

I threw a stone pellet I made with earth magic at Colombe’s stomach, and he fell to his knees.
I’m sure it hurts a lot. But there’s no need to go easy on these scums.

“Why do you kill people?”

When I threw a few more pellets at them as a threat, they gave up and started talking about the incident.

“It was just a distraction! They were getting on our nerves! That’s all!”
“How did you choose the victims?”
“By a whim! We killed those who caught our eyes!”

You made those people suffer because of such reasons…
For some reason, the men who seemed to be called Fabrice or Oud started laughing hysterically, while I was burning with anger.

“I suddenly realized something when I killed the first woman! I love to see the expressions humans make when they feel despair! Seeing their despairing faces makes me feel alive!”

You love seeing the despairing expressions of people?
You feel alive when killing them?
I can’t understand a single thing this man is saying.
I don’t even want to understand.

“Why did you cut their heads off…?”
“Ah? Oh, that? It was funny, right! I returned them out of my own will! Seeing the parents hold the head of the dead kid was like witnessing a masterpiece we created ourselves!”

The scum started laughing out loud.
Absolutely unforgivable.

“You are a fool, too! You with your useless sense of justice! If you didn’t get involved, you wouldn’t have died!”

I used his wind magic to blow away the short man who was trying to cut me with a knife to the spot where Doni had collapsed. I then did the same to the two remaining men in front of me as well.
I pinned down the four struggling men who crashed against the wall with icicles to stop them from moving.

“D, don’t come any closer!”

I looked down at the scum, who looked frightened because of the magic I just used to attack them.
They would escape if I removed the icicles, so I bound their hands and legs with earth magic as well.
The scum continued to cry and scream filth in pain. When I pulled up one of them by the forelocks, he spoke with tears in his eyes, “P, pweashe… forgib me..”


I turned my devilishly twisted smile towards them.
I will not let you die easily. I will make you suffer for the rest of your lives.
I cast a certain spell on the four pieces of trash.

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