Chapter 37

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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As I headed towards the giant freighter in question, I heard two men talking from the deck.

“They told us not to go outside for a while.”
“Shut up! It’s up to me when I decide to go out.”

The man who told me the story at the bar yesterday and a man with short auburn hair were arguing.
I wonder who that man is.

“Jacob! You are being suspected of being a serial killer!”

I heard the name of the man I was looking for.
And if he’s suspected of being the serial killer, then he must be the captain of this ship, Jacob.

“Shut up! As far as I’m concerned, there’s no evidence to catch me!”

While I was thinking about it, Jacob pushed the man who was arguing with him and got off the ship.
Apparently, he’s on his way somewhere now.
In order to follow Jacob’s suspicious behavior, I cast a concealment spell on myself to avoid being spotted.
I then followed him as he walked with an arrogant attitude.

“… The guards won’t chase him, would they?”

The guards seem to be on the lookout for him, but they don’t seem to be after him.
They don’t have any proof, so they can’t be too suspicious.
Jacob headed outside the town. He walked into the forest, keeping an eye on his surroundings.
He was so cautious that he had to check his surroundings several times before he reached what seemed to be his destination, when the sun had completely set.

“This is…”

The place Jacob entered was an abandoned warehouse that must have been used in the past.
I checked inside through the open door.
It was Jacob and Uncle Galleo who stood in the hall with moonlight as the only source of light.

“What is going on…”

It was impossible to hear their conversation properly from here as I was too far away.
I had no choice but to carefully walk inside, trying not to make any noise on my way.

“Yo! How are you doing, old man Galleo?”

Jacob greeted him cheerfully.
When I shifted my gaze, I saw Uncle Galleo who was holding a small ax in his hand.
I was unsettled by his calm attitude.

“You know I’m not doing fine because of your selfishness.”

The voice that emanated from Uncle Galleo was full of anger and much lower than usual.

“Haha, I thought so!”

Jacob laughed out loud vulgarly.
Jacob’s voice was clearly unpleasant, and his irritability grew.
I was just thinking about shutting him up when I heard Uncle Galleo telling me to shut up.


“I will kill you, bastard!”

With that, Uncle Galleo swung his ax down at Jacob.
I had expected this from the moment I realized he had an ax, but I was too late to react.
Jacob dodged the ax in the nick of time, but fell to the floor in a pathetic yelp.

“Jacob, die!”

I was the one who blew away the swinging ax.

“Uncle Galleo, please stop it.”

They both opened their eyes wide at my sudden appearance.


It was Uncle Galleo who called out to me first.

“Uncle Galleo, do you understand what you are trying to do?”
“… I do. However, I can’t let this man live.”
“Because he’s the serial killer!”

Pointing at Jacob crawling on the ground while talking with a grieving voice, Uncle Galleo looked like he’s about to start crying.
When I took my gaze off him and looked down at the person he called a serial killer, I heard a pathetic “Hii…!” escape from his mouth.

“Y, you are wrong! I didn’t do it! I’m telling you the truth!”

Jacob shook his head and repeated his denial.
He was so desperate to make his case that I could only sigh at his pathetic appearance.

“You still dare to lie after messing up my stall like that!”
“I, I’m telling the truth! It wasn’t me! Please believe me!”
“Why did you try to instigate Uncle Galleo like that then?”

He acted suspiciously, asking Uncle Galleo if he was well when he knew he clearly wasn’t, and laughing vulgarly when Uncle Galleo told him that he wasn’t.

“T, that’s… because I was ordered to.”
“Ordered? By who?”
“B, by the sailors on my ship! They ordered me to bring old man Galleo here!”
“Why are you, the Captain of the ship, following the orders of the sailors? There’s a limit to your nonsense.”

I glared at him, thinking he was trying to get away by saying something incoherent, but he cried out, “It’s the truth!”
Uncle Galleo and I looked at each other and tilted our heads.

“T, the series of murders were done by the sailors of my ship!”

Both Uncle Galleo and I froze at the shocking revelation.

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