Chapter 21

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Savior (Gwenael’s Point of View)
We waited until Young Lady Gabrielle was out of sight before returning inside the mansion with my wife, Beatrice.

“Young Lady Elle… no, Young Lady Gabrielle is going to continue her journey, huh.”
“Yeah. She most likely wants to run away from Ansanse.”

My name is Gwenael Dahl.
A Viscount who serves as the Feudal Lord in the village of Portu on the edge of the Principality of Agreable.

Until a few days ago, my wife and I, as well as the old servants of the household, were locked in a dungeon by my foolish son, Baptiste.
Elle was the one who saved us.
Her real name is Gabrielle de Olivier.
She is the fiancée of His Royal Highness Cyril, the Crown Prince of the neighboring Ansanse Kingdom, and the only daughter of a Duke.

Two years ago, I was attending a large party in Arburn, the official capital of the Principality of Agreable, since I am a viscount.
The person who appeared with the Crown Prince of the neighboring country was a perfect lady that everyone admired.
That person was Lady Gabrielle.
As a minor nobleman, I was unable to greet her. I could only watch her from afar.

When I was in the dungeon, I didn’t notice that it was Young Lady Gabrielle because it was dark. I thought she was just a suspicious woman.
So the moment I saw her face in the light, I was extremely surprised.
Why would Gabrielle, the daughter of a Duke from the Ansanse Kingdom, be in a village on the edge of the Principality of Agreable?
That’s what I thought, but there was no place to ask.

After a private discussion with her, Young Lady Gabrielle pushed my back to return to my position as the Feudal Lord.
I sent a letter to my son who was studying in the Ansanse Kingdom to find out what had happened to her.
When I read his reply letter, I knew the reason why she had come here.

“For such a kindhearted person like her to be chased out of the country because of false accusations…”

Beatrice, who was sitting next to me, let out such a remark and I nodded.
It seems that Young Lady Gabrielle was exiled for a crime she did not commit.
I’m not sure why that happened.
My son doesn’t know either. But it is a fact that she was falsely accused and drove out of the country.
As soon as Beatrice and I learned about Young Lady Gabrielle’s situation, we became angry with the Ansanse Kingdom.

“Tris, don’t say anything when those Ansanse guys come.”
“I know. I will pretend I don’t know anything.”

According to the information my son has obtained, a search party for Young Lady Gabrielle has been sent out from the Ansanse Kingdom.
The village of Portu is the closest village to the border. I’m a noble, and I’m sure that someone from the search party will come to my house to ask about her.
Of course, I have no intention of telling them anything about Young Lady Gabrielle.

“My Lord.”
“What is it?”
“An envoy from the Ansanse Kingdom is here.”

So they came.
I made the correct decision to give Young Lady Gabrielle a horse.
I gave her the horse not only to thank her, but also to get her out of here as quickly as possible.

“Let them here.”

There’s not much I can do as a lowly noble, but I can at least distract the search party.

“May I inquire what business you have here?”

The people from the search party that I let into the common room were giving off a somewhat impatient vibe.
They were probably told by their employers to hurry up and find Young Lady Gabrielle.
Even though you are the ones who kicked her out, I gave them a cold stare.

“We are looking for a certain young lady.”
“Young lady? Who might that be?”
“She’s a very beautiful young lady with long white hair and red eyes.”


They apparently won’t tell me her name.
However, there are not many young ladies with those characteristics even if you were to search the entire continent.
Anyone who knew Young Lady Gabrielle would immediately think of her.

“I don’t know anything.”

The members of the search party looked at each other with troubled faces at my immediate reply.
I opened my mouth to cut them some slack.

“Why are you looking for her?”

When I asked, the search party fell silent.

Of course. There was no way they could tell me that they were looking for a young lady from a Ducal family who had been falsely accused and exiled from the country.

“She, actually, she went missing, so…”

The excuses they gave were so terrible.
Don’t joke with me.
What do you mean, “she went missing”? You drove her out of the country, didn’t you?
I was so angry with them for damaging Young Lady Gabrielle’s name because they couldn’t tell the truth.

“I go around the village every day, but I have never seen a young lady with the features you have described. I don’t think she ever visited this village.”

In fact, the Young Lady Gabrielle I met had black hair, not white. She most likely had changed it with magic.
So I’m not lying.

“She hasn’t stopped by a village on the edge of the principality. Isn’t it doubtful that she is even in this country?”
“Yes, it could be…”

I choked them with my words, probably because they had information that she was in our country.
Of course, there was no way they could tell me that, so they quietly withdrew.

“We appreciate your cooperation.”

The search team left with a dejected look.
I hope this has bought her some time. I wondered if I had been able to help Young Lady Gabrielle even a little.

“Young Lady Gabrielle is our savior.”
“Yes, that’s right.”

We prayed to God that Young Lady Gabrielle would be able to escape as far as possible.

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