Chapter 20

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Farewell (3)
“Elle, you have come.”

Lord Gwenael came to meet me himself when I rang the bell of the Dahl residence.

“I apologize for the unannounced visit, Lord Gwenael.”
“No, you are always welcome here, Elle.”

The smiling Gwenael escorted me into the house.
The mansion, which had been filled with filthy air the last time I had been here, was now completely bright.

“What did you come for today?”

Lord Gwenael inquired after we entered the lounge and sat down on the sofa.

“I came to say goodbye to you and your wife.”
“I decided to leave the village today.”
“Is that so… I will go get my wife, so wait here for a moment please.”

Lord Gwenael stood up and left the room.
He then returned with Lady Beatrice, so I stood up and greeted her.

“You are leaving?”

When I replied “Yes.” to Lady Beatrice, she made a tearful expression.

“If it’s okay with you, you could stay with us forever, you know?”
“That’s, unfortunately, not possible.”

I can’t afford to stay at one place for long.
I have to get as far away as possible.

“Stop it. Elle had made a decision.”

Lord Gwenael stopped the unwilling Lady Beatrice.
He was also making a complicated expression.

“I am very glad you feel this way, Lady Beatrice. However, I had already made the decision.”
“Young Lady Elle…”

Lord Gwenael turned to me while patting the back of his saddened wife.

“You are departing already?”
“… Let me give you one of our horses then. Use it to travel by all means.”
“We are still not satisfied with our repayment for your help.”

All I asked from Lord Gwenael was that he doesn’t tell anyone about what I had done.
I guess that was not enough to convince him.
And having a horse would be very helpful, so I will just accept it.


“I will gratefully accept your kind intentions then.”
“There’s no need to thank us. We are really indebted to you regarding our stupid son’s incident. Thank you very much.”
“Thank you very much, Young Lady Elle.”

The two nobles lowered their heads with bitter smiles.
That reminds me, there’s one worrisome thing that concerns me.

“Lord Gwenael. What are your plans regarding your successor?”

I was worried that since Baptiste was turned in as a criminal, there would be no one left to take over the Dahl fief, so I was worried.
In response to my question, Lord Gwenael raised his voice, “Ahh.”

“Actually, we have another son, so I’m going to entrust it to him.”
“Another son?”
“Yeah. In fact… umm, he is studying abroad in the Ansanse Kingdom.”

The moment I heard about the Ansanse Kingdom, my heart stopped.
Even though it’s a country that doesn’t have anything to do with me.
Immediately, I turned to them with a smile that I had cultivated during my education as a lady to disguise my agitation.

“I see. I’m relieved to hear that.”
“Please don’t worry, I won’t let my people suffer again.”

Apparently, their other son was a decent man.
I was told that they had originally planned to let him take over.
However, I had no idea that someone from Viscount Dahl’s family was studying there. I wonder if he was also a victim of charm magic.
Even if he was, the spell was already broken. The Portu village should be safe now that his thoughts are clear again.

“So you are ready to depart then?”
“Young Lady Elle, you can’t ride a horse in that outfit, no?”

I was currently wearing a one-piece dress.
I certainly can’t ride a horse with a skirt.
While I was wondering what to do about it, Lady Beatrice stood up and beckoned me to follow her.
After we moved to another room, she handed me black culotte pants for horseback riding.

“I also wanted to give you to convey my gratitude, so I had these prepared.”
“That’s… thank you for taking the trouble to prepare it for me.”
“Don’t mind it. It’s nothing that big of a deal.”

The two of us walked to the main gate of the mansion, where a well-built black horse had already been prepared for me.
Lord Gwenael stood beside it.

“Please come visit us again at any time.”
“I’m looking forward to seeing you again.”
“Thank you very much, both of you.”

I mounted the horse and ran out of the gate of the mansion.

“Please run somewhere far away, Young Lady Gabrielle.”

Lord Gwenael’s last words didn’t reach my ears.

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