Chapter 22

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The Young Lady who Was Falsely Accused (Viscount Dahl’s son’s Point of View)
My name is Just Dahl.
I’m the son of a Viscount who governs the village of Portu on the edge of the Principality of Agreable.
It was two months ago that I came to study in the Ansanse Kingdom.
However, the Ansanse Kingdom was strange from the time I arrived.
To be more specific, the nobles were acting strangely.
One of the things that bothered me the most was the treatment of the Crown Prince’s fiancée, the daughter of a Duke, Gabrielle de Olivier.
She was talked about as if she was a bad woman, but until a while ago she had a reputation as the perfect lady.

“What happened here?”

I was curious about what had happened to the young lady who was adored by many nobles, so I looked into it, but I couldn’t understand it at all.
But there was one thing I did know.
It seems that a certain viscount’s daughter is very much cherished by the royal family and the high-ranking nobles.
I have never met her myself. But when I talked to people who had seen her, they all gave me the same answer.

A wonderful woman with an adorable face.

That was their impression of the young lady.
I felt uncomfortable with their answer.
No matter how adorable her face was, it would be strange for a viscount’s daughter to be cherished by royalty and high-ranking nobles so much.

I spent the next two months feeling hazy.

One day, a big problem arose at a ball held at the royal castle in Réve, the royal capital of the Ansanse Kingdom.
I was not invited as I was not a family member of a Viscount with much power, but I heard later that Young Lady Olivier was convicted and exiled.
That alone was incomprehensible to me, but when I was told that the reason for her exile was because she bullied the viscount’s daughter, my head started to hurt.

“Isn’t it stupid to exile a duke’s daughter for something minor as bullying a viscount’s daughter…?”

It happened about three days later.
Everyone who was involved in convicting Young Lady Olivier began to regret it, as if released from a bad spell.
I asked them why, but they wouldn’t tell me.
They all simply told me that they had done something irreparable.
Apparently, the Young Lady Olivier was given a heavy sentence of exile for a crime she didn’t commit.

“Exiled for a crime she didn’t commit… that’s ridiculous.”

This was the worst thing that had happened to me in a country I had visited to broaden my horizons.
I immediately wanted to go back to my country.

It was about a week after Young Lady Olivier’s banishment.
I received a letter from my father asking, “Did something wrong happen to Young Lady Gabrielle?”
I didn’t know why my father was so concerned about Young Lady Olivier, but I wrote everything I knew in the letter and sent it to him.

A few weeks later, I returned to the village in the Dahl territory and was told that the exiled Young Lady Olivier had saved the village without asking for anything in return.

I felt like I was going to explode with rage when I heard that.


I swore that I would never forgive the country for kicking out Young Lady Olivier who had protected our precious home.

Author’s note: Just was not charmed because he had no involvement with the viscount’s daughter.

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