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Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Children’s Reunion
Grace’s Point of View
When the adventurers, Takumi-san and his children, I know very well, came to visit, a natural smile spilled on my face.
When you are the Queen of a nation, there are many people who flatter you and try to take advantage of you more than is necessary. It’s really tiring to deal with such people.
However, Takumi-san and his children are different. They are very natural, and I feel at ease with them. Of course, it is not that Takumi-san and the children don’t respect us… or anything.
Takumi-san was very courteous in the beginning, too. In a good way. He was not used to it, but he was very polite. But then we encouraged him to be more open~
Normally, people wouldn’t change their attitude so easily even if we said so, but they sensed that we really wanted them to, and they became a little more easy-going.
Since their honest and straightforward nature can be clearly conveyed, their likability has only increased in my mind. My husband and sons also like Takumi-san and his family very much.
I have to say, though, that there are many things about Takumi-san that surprise me. That’s… well, his charm, I guess.

“Allen-kun, Elena-chan, come over here.”
“You two seem to be doing well. You haven’t gotten injured, right?”
“”We are alright!””

I called the children to this side of the room to leave Takumi-san have a complicated conversation with the men, and they came this way without hesitation. They are really obedient children.

“Ah, it’s the picture book Onii~chan and Onee~chan!”
“”Ju-chan, hello~””

This is the third time my grandson, Julius, has met with Allen-kun and Elena-chan. And yet, Julius seems to have remembered them well.
He had met the son of a nobleman, a potential aide and friend, several times, but he had a hazy recollection of him. I wonder if he remembers them because the time he spent with them was so much fun?

“Ju-chan, you are so big now~!”
“Ju-chan, were you doing well?”
“Yeah, doing well. How about you?”
“”We were doing well, too~””

I know this may sound like a boastful comment about my grandchild, but Julius is a quick talker and a smart kid. In addition, perhaps because of the environment in which he was raised… he is also a very cautious child. However, he’s completely comfortable with Allen-kun and Elena-chan, isn’t he?
… I wonder if he senses that his parents and grandparents also put their guards down around them?

“What is the matter?”
“”Wait a moment, okay~””

Allen-kun and Elena-chan shouted as if they had just remembered something, and then immediately ran toward Takumi-san.

“I wonder what it is?”
“They are getting something from Takumi-san, it seems.”

When the children received a basket from Takumi-san, they returned with smiles on their faces.


It seemed that they had prepared souvenirs for us. The children remembered that they had prepared them and went to get them from Takumi-san.

“Oh my! Thank you.”

Inside the basket they handed me were black skinned berries and bottles of liquid with light colors and polka dots.

“These black ones are fruits, aren’t they?”
“”Yeah, Leychii!””
“And this liquid are… in very pretty-looking colors, what is it?”
“”Erm, said it’s dyes!””
“Dyes!? The things you dye cloth with?”
“”That! For making clothes.””
“Oh my goodness!”

I couldn’t help but shout at the sight of a type of dye I had never seen before.

“”What is it?””

I suddenly shouted out, and the children called out to me in concern.


“Excuse me. I was taken aback a little, but don’t worry.”
“Yes, really.”

They all were so cute when they looked up at me with concern!

“Allen-kun, Elena-chan, where did you get something this unusual?”
“”Found in a dungeon!””
“… A dungeon, huh.”

Speaking of dungeons where dyes are found, there is the “Dungeon of Colors” in Serdik. But I have never heard of such a vivid-colored or patterned dyes being found there! I will have to talk to Takumi-san about it in detail later!

“Dungeon? What’s that~?”

Julius tilted his head at the word he had never heard before. The word “dungeon” never comes up in everyday conversation, after all. No wonder Julius had never heard of it.

“It’s a fun place!”
“It’s an amusing place!”
“I want to go there, too!”
“”Okay~ let’s go together!””

Wait a minute, please. Dungeons are not places you go to play around carefreely.

“Allen-kun, Elena-chan. Julius is not ready to enter a dungeon just yet.”
“”Is that so?””
“Yes, Julius hasn’t practiced martial arts yet, you see.”

It’s not a question of whether he can or cannot do martial arts, but we have to stop them anyway!

“Then, Allen will protect him!”
“Elena will do her best, too!”

A dungeon is not a place where a child can go while being protected by another child, but… these kids seem capable enough to do it…. I have a feeling they can do it. But—

“Still, it’s a little too soon.”
“You cannot go right now. When Julius gets older and wants to go, then you can take him with you.”
“””… Alright~”””

I’m glad all three of you are such obedient children~
After that, since Julius couldn’t go, he wanted to listen to stories about dungeons… and he listened to Allen-kun and Elena-chan’s story with sparkling eyes.

“Have you finished the difficult conversation?”

I thought it was about time to finish the complicated discussion, so I took Allen-kun and Elena-chan to the men’s table, where the children ran up to Takumi-san with joy. You could clearly see how much they love their brother.

“Give snacks.”

Allen-kun and Elena-chan were asking Takumi-san for snacks for Julius.
Takumi-san’s homemade food, both full-course meals and sweets, are wonderfully delicious. So, there is no doubt that Julius will like them. However, if Julius likes them and begs to eat them in the future, the problem is that it is not easy to replicate them for him.

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