Chapter 99

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Regrettable Beauty, Once Again
“Ah, aren’t you Oniisan from that time!”

When I looked where Allen and Elena were pointing, a familiar red-haired woman was running over to us. She’s the vampire woman we have met before, Vivian.

“I’m not your older brother!”
“I’m indeed older than you, aren’t I~ What was your name again?”
“…… Oy.”
“That’s a lie~ I’m only joking! It was Takumi-san, wasn’t it? I properly remember you~”
“Rather than that, this must be fate. I’m extremely happy to meet you again! Well then, please give me food!”

Haa? I think I lost her a bit there……

“Yes, food. Anything’s fine, so please let me eat.”
“No, no, why! There are food stalls around here, so you should just buy food from them, right?”
“Don’t wanna~ I want to eat food made by you!”

That’s an enormous complaint.
As expected, I’m not such kind stranger that would go “Ah, is that so? Then, here you go” when told “I want to eat”.

“Of course, I won’t eat for free! I have properly prepared the compensation!”

Vivian said such while puffing out her chest and presenting small bottles, so I looked at the bottles with Appraisal first.

Drops of Blue Rose
A vampire specially made conception medicine. A medicine for a certain conception.
Immediate effect. The effect lasts approximately half a day.
Excellent product with no side effects. Women exclusive use.

Drops of Yellow Rose
A vampire specially made contraceptive. Absolute contraceptive.
Immediate effect. The effect lasts for three whole days.
Excellent product with no side effects. Women exclusive use.

Drops of Black Rose
A vampire specially made spermicide. A medicine which cancels the propagative power of sperm.
Immediate effect. The effect lasts for three whole days.
Excellent product with no side effects. Men exclusive use.

“Fufufu~ how about that!”

This woman…… why is this the medicine of her choice!?
Does she not have anything better for compensation!

“…… Why is it this medicine.”
“My? You are aware of the effect of these medicines, aren’t you? Takumi-san is knowledgeable~ The ingredients used for these medicines are special, so they are very precious medicines!”

They are rare medicines without a doubt. Although it’s a kind of medicine that is not particularly necessary…… but, I’m already tired of accompanying Vivian as her tsukkomi companion, I just have to let her eat and think that I have obtained a valuable medicine……

“We are in the middle of the town, so I can take out only what I have.”
“I don’t mind!”

When I took outa pre-made cooking from the Infinite Storage, Vivian immediately started eating on the spot.

“Ngu, mugu, ngu!”
“Speak after your mouth isn’t full!”

Vivian tried to talk with her mouth fully stuffed, so I stopped her with all my might.

“Allen, Elena. Talking with a mouth stuffed with food like that is bad, so be sure you two absolutely don’t do that, okay?”

I teach Allen and Elena while showing the bad sample.

“It’s delicious.”
“Is that so?”
“Yes, seconds please.”

Really shameless. But, if you compare the price of Vivian’s medicine and my cooking, I think the medicine would be far more expensive, so I decided to obediently take out the seconds.

“Ah, for takeout too please.”
“…… Oy.”

Vivian’s shamelessness exceeded boldness.

“Haah~ I’m full, I’m full~ I’m extremely satisfied~”
“…… That so?”
“Yes! Ah, I will give you this as well~”

A vampire specially made energy drink.
Five days worth of nourishment supplement.
Be careful not to overdose, okay♪


She took out something strange again……
Does that mean I won’t have to eat for five days if I drink this?

“If you take it now, I will present you a set of ten Enerunrun♪! Therefore, I request takeout food as well!”
“That’s right~ It’s something like fruit water after which you won’t have to eat for a while. This is also my favorite article!”

It appears that Allen and Elena were attracted by its name.

“”May drink~?””
“Oh my? Would you like to try?”
“Oy, wait a moment! Vivian, don’t let them drink it without permission! Allen, Elena, if you drink that, you won’t be able to eat meals for a while!”

I stopped the three who wanted to drink Enerunrun♪ in panic.
Hearing that they won’t be able to eat, Allen and Elena who were reaching for the bottles promptly withdrew their hands. But, Vivian was still pushing the bottles into the two’s hands, so I took the bottles from her hands.
I get annoyed just from thinking of getting on Vivian’s proposal, but honestly, this medicine, or rather, this nutrient seems like it could be useful, so I decided to take it and yield to her demands.

“How about this, is it enough?”

I retrieved Cream bread, Anpan, Curry bread, egg sandwich, and tuna sandwich from the《Infinite Storage》and showed it to Vivian. They are breads that have been sold only in Shirin and Bailey. The sandwiches most likely didn’t even appear on the market yet.

“Huh? Is this the jam bun that has been popular recently~?”
“No, it isn’t a jam bun. The filling is different. The shop that sells them has only two kinds at the moment, so it’s a pastry that the shops around here don’t sell yet.”
“Ohh~! That is wonderful. Thank you very much~”

It seems the negotiations were somehow arranged.

“Rather, the medicine you always take out, is it made by you?”
“Huh? Did I say what race I was from?”

…… Ah. If I know the medicine then I would know that it’s vampire-made, but I have not heard from Vivian that she’s a vampire yet.

“…… You said it when we met before, didn’t you~”
“Did I?”

Was that not enough to deceive her?

“That’s right.”
“N~ that may be true now that I think about it~? So, about this medicine, right? As Takumi-san said, this medicine was made by me~”

Ah, looks like she has been deceived.

“As I thought.”
“Yes~ well, I might be irresponsible, but the effects of the medicines are perfect, so please be at ease.”

No, that comment right now wasn’t needed~

“Well then, thank you very much for today. I look forward to seeing you again.”

…… Again, she said.
Leaving worrisome words behind, Vivan gallantly departed.

“…… Now then, Allen, Elena, thank you for waiting. What shall we eat?”
“”N, you see~ I want that~””

Pulling myself together, I decided to resume the stroll around town again.

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