Chapter 66

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A Dish of Desires
By becoming acquaintanced with the Fiji Company, I was able to find spices I have not yet obtained. This being a harbor trade town, they have everything which couldn’t be found in Shirin.
In Shirin, I have obtained red chili pepper, black pepper, garlic, ginger, and cumin. And in Bailey, I purchased turmeric, cardamon, coriander, and clove.
I recognize them as ingredients for cooking, but they are used as materials for medicines and are not sold in food stores, but pharmacies instead.
They were used in Oriental medicine on Earth as well. I’m much obligated to turmeric hangover drink.

Since I have gathered so many spices, I want to make a curry. Curry and rice!
It’s a Japanese staple home cooking said to rarely have people who dislike it! I want to eat curry and rice soon!

Long ago, I have been curious about spices used in the curry and looked them up on the internet, so I somehow remember the used spices. Therefore, let’s collected the ingredients!
…… It’s just, as expected, I don’t remember the spice blend.
If I recall correctly, turmeric was somewhat larger in quantity, and the other spices should be completely different depending on the curry you make.
You can use many things to suppress the bad smell in a meat curry or use many things to complement the vegetable curry. The spiciness is naturally adjusted with the red chili pepper.
In short, it changes significantly depending on preferences.
Therefore, if I add the spices little by little, even I should be able to make it.

That being the case, let’s challenge making curry right away!


◇ ◇ ◇


I have borrowed a place to prepare the food in the Risner mansion’s garden.
At first, I thought of borrowing a section in the kitchen, but what I’m making is a curry, so…… I would feel really sorry if the scent of curry stained the mansion.
I even intended to go outside the town.

Now then, I’m making a curry, but what Curry will I make today?
Seafood curry is good too, but it’s my first time today, so I think that orthodoxly basic curry would be better.
Onions, carrots, potatoes. Because there’s no ordinary pork meat, Orc meat should be fine.
I stir-fry the meat and vegetables cut into bite sizes, and put it in the soup stock I made beforehand. I cook until the fire hits the vegetables.
Meanwhile, I prepare another frying pan, I cook oil and wheat while paying attention not to burn them, and add a suitable combination of spices. I pour in the broth made in a pot from boiling vegetables little by little, so it wouldn’t make any lumps, and then put it back in the pot.

“Yeah. Then, I will leave it to you.”

Allen and Elena have volunteered to help out, so I leave the stirring of the pot to them.
Next, I have to put in a subtle seasoning to bring out the flavor. The classic stuff when making a curry is ketchup and Worcester sauce, but…… I don’t have either of them, huhh~ Ah, maybe I can use Turi fruit paste?
I also often heard of chocolate and coffee powder?
I have not found chocolate yet, and it’s not like I can just crush the Kahee beans into powder…… let’s take the simple approach here and use Rigo fruit and honey.
I’m suppressing the spiciness as much as possible, so Allen and Elena could eat it too, but it will become rather sweet if I put Rigo and honey in.

“All right! This should be fine. Allen, Elena, thank you. That’s enough~”

Well, all that’s left is to slowly let it simmer, so shall we get a little bit unfair?


Space-time magic I have learned just recently,《Aging》. This is a magic which makes the time of the target pass. By the way, this magic works only on non-creatures.
Using this magic, the curry matured instantly. And that’s it.
I scoop the finished curry and sample it at once.

“Oh, feels nice.”

It’s not spicy enough for me, but the taste is quite delicious.
Like this, even Allen and Elena will be able to eat it.

“Here, Allen, Elena. Say ahh~”
“How is it? Is it spicy?”

It seems the spiciness was suppressed to the extent that the two can eat it without any problems.
Then, let’s write the blend of spices down before I forget. And, it would be better to use it as a base to improve the taste little by little.

“N, what’s wrong? Was it spicy after all?”

Allen and Elena pull on my clothes as if to complain about something.

“What is it?”

When I looked where Allen and Elena were pointing, I saw people peeking from shadows at us.
Risner parents and children, the servants working at the Risner mansion, even Knights are there. I have not noticed a large number of people who have gathered until now because I was absorbed in making the curry.
It’s my carelessness that I have not noticed them even though so many people gathered, but…… they were hiding so well I thought they have Concealment or Seclusion skills.

“………… What are you doing in a place like that?”
“But, Takumi-san! I smell such a delicious fragrance!”

Cedric-san said as the representative of the crowd.
It appears they were lured by the scent of curry.
As expected of curry! To lure people to this extent……

“Takumi-san, what is that?”
“It’s a dish called Curry from my hometown.”
“Curry, is it?”
“Yes, that’s right.”

Before we noticed, Cedric-san was peeking at the contents of the pot.

“It smells nice, but an incredible color it has.”
“Both the fragrance and color turned out like this because several herbs were used.”
“Herbs?! Even though it smells so appetizing?”
“That’s right.”

Following after Cedric-san, Theodore-kun, Latis-kun, and naturally, the other people gathered around us.


How do I control this situation?
N~ Should I let them eat right away? But, there’s not that much of it. Would they leave if I let them have a lick of taste, I wonder……
This, I will have to prepare a large amount……?
Fortunately, the taste is satisfactory, and I have a large number of spices and ingredients in the stock.

“I will make everyone’s portion in time for the din――”

The people curiously staring at the pot instantly reacted to my words and raised their voices.
I beg you, let me speak until the end!

Ah, right, right. These people would eat bread instead of rice, and as expected, I will have to prepare other dishes with the curry. There are chefs among the people as well, so shall I tell them?

“Excuse me. This is more or less supposed to be a soup, so bread, salad, and necessary main di――”
“””Leave it to us!”””

Therefore, let me talk until the end!!

When it got decided that they will be able to have dinner, the gathered people returned to their posts.
Thus, because the curry will be for dinner, I have stored our lunch curry without eating it into the Infinite Storage, and decided to have a lunch of a simple Cream bread and Anpan.
Well, they are Allen and Elena’s favorite, so they had no problem with the change of menu.

After finishing the lunch, I wanted to start making curry again, but…… let’s make seafood curry next? The people here are familiar with marine products, after all.

For the second time of making curry, I kept in mind to use wind magic to fire the fragrance of curry high to the skies.
Thanks to that, there has been no terror caused by the smell.

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