Chapter 423

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Dungeon of Scorching Heat (4)
After taking a break, we arrived at the third floor the next day.

“It’s warm here~”
“”So warm~””

The third floor was once again a rocky area like the first floor. The temperature was also warm, similar to the first level.
This dungeon had a pattern of temperature shifts: warm, cool, warm. And the temperature differences were quite extreme~

“This… doesn’t seem good for our health… —n?”

Wait a moment. If we were normal adventurers, we would take several days to conquer one floor, then leave and return to the town. And then, on a different day, we would challenge the next floor, right? For advanced dungeons, there are teleportation devices for each floor. There should be few like us who continue to conquer multiple levels in succession.
… In that case, do temperature differences really matter?

“… Maybe it’s because of our conquering pace that our health might not agree~”
(Oniichan, what’s the matter?)

Joule asked with concern in response to my mutter.

“N? Ah, yeah, I was worried that the temperature differences might affect our health.”
(Indeed, this is a strange dungeon.—Oh dear, Allen-chan, Elena-chan, even though it’s sometimes warm and sometimes cold, are you both feeling alright?)
“‘We’re okay~””

I honestly conveyed my thoughts, and Feat hurriedly checked on the children’s condition. Well, it seems they’re fine.

“Both of you, if you feel even a little strange, make sure to tell us immediately.”

They seemed full of energy.
Although Allen and Elena seemed to have no problems with things like catching a cold, I couldn’t say for certain, so we needed to be cautious.

“Well then, let’s take it easy here… Which way should we go?”
“”That way~!””

Allen and Elena both pointed in the same direction, towards the right. As always, they were in perfect sync.
Moreover, after indicating the direction, the two of them immediately started running in that direction. Joule hastily followed after them.

“Radian, Vector, wait!”


I restrained Radian and Vector, who seemed about to run ahead. In response, the two animals tilted their heads as if to ask, “Why?”

“Radian, stick with me. Let’s train by facing some monsters around here.”
“It seems you’re very motivated! —Vector, Mile, if you come across any monsters that don’t seem too strong, could you lead them over here?”
(Ohh, I get it! Leave it to me!)
(Okay! I’ll assess the situation and have Vector drive them towards you!)
“Feat, provide support for Radian. Bolt, while Radian is in battle, please keep an eye from above to make sure nothing interferes.”
(Yes, you can leave it to me.)
(I won’t let anything interfere, I promise!)

Everyone began to act promptly according to my instructions.

(Aniue, there’s a Flame Rabbit coming from the front!)
“Oh, great. Looks like they have corralled a suitable monster.”

In an advanced dungeon like this, there wouldn’t be many E or F-ranked monsters. D-rank would be acceptable. It seemed like Vector had done a good job.

“Radian, even if you can’t defeat it right away, just try hitting it with a spell. So, when you’re in range for the spell, go ahead and cast it.”
(If it gets close, I’ll make sure to finish it off properly, so you can focus on your magic.)
(K, krr.)

Radian seemed a bit nervous, but not exactly scared.

“Is it time?”

As Radian unleashed “Wind Cutter,” the wind blades struck the ground slightly to the left of the Flame Rabbit.

“Close, but not quite. Aim more accurately and try again.”

The next Wind Cutter hit the Flame Rabbit squarely, but it didn’t seem to have enough power. The injured Flame Rabbit charged toward him in a fit of rage.

“It’s gotten a bit faster. Momentum-wise, I guess another shot is not possible.”
(Leave it to me. —Wind Cutter!)

Feat demonstrated by using the same spell as Radian to finish off the Flame Rabbit.

(Radian, this spell flies mostly straight ahead. Determine the direction carefully and aim before casting it.)

Feat taught Radian how to use the spell, and Radian nodded repeatedly.

(Aniue, the next one is also a Flame Rabbit. It’s coming from the front and slightly to the left.)
“Radian, next one’s coming. Are you ready?”
(Ah, a Flamebird is coming from behind! I’ll handle that one!)
“I will leave it to you, Bolt. —Radian, focus on the Flame Rabbit.”


Since monsters were coming from both the front and behind, we decided that Radian would deal with the front, while Bolt would handle the rear.


As the Flame Rabbit came within range of Radian’s magic, Radian cast the spell.

(Nice shot. One more time. Aim carefully.)

While he didn’t manage to finish it off, there was room for one more spell. Feat encouraged Radian to follow up.


When Radian’s second spell hit, the Flame Rabbit fell and turned into loot.

(Krr, krrr!)
“Well done. You did great, Radian.”
(Good job~ Now, let’s collect the loot.)

As Radian went to retrieve the loot for the first time, Bolt arrived with loot obtained by defeating the Flamebird.

(Radian, you have managed to defeat it? You did so well!)

Perhaps Radian was embarrassed by the praise, as he nuzzled against me.

“You did really well~ What do you think? Should we call it a day or keep going a little longer?”
(It seems like he wants to keep going. The next monster might come soon, so I’ll head back up.)
“Thank you, Bolt~”
(Yes, leave it to me.)
(Well then, Radian, let’s get ready too.)

As Radian was still willing to continue, we prepared to intercept the next wave of monsters.

“Eh? Huh?! Radian!?”

After defeating a few more monsters like that, Radian reached out through telepathy.

“You’ve learned telepathy already?! You are so amazing!”
(Learned it! Radian is amazing!)

Radian’s first-person pronoun seemed to be “Radian.” Perhaps influenced by Allen and Elena?

(Feat, Onee~chan! Bolt Onii~chan!)
(Fufufu~ what a cute voice you have~)
(You’ve learned telepathy already? That’s incredible!)

Radian seemed to recognize everyone as their siblings. In that case…

“Radian, when you call me, can you include my name?”
(Takumi Onii~chan?)
“Yeah, like that. Since you call everyone’s name with ‘Oniichan’ or ‘Oneechan,’ I’d be happy if you called me that too.”

Being the only one just called “Oniichan” felt lonely, so I was glad we were all matching like this.

(Allen Onii~chan, Elena Onee~chan! Joule Onii~chan! Vector Onii~chan, Mile Onee~chan!)
(Radian, that’s incredible!)

After a while, everyone who scattered had regrouped, and when they did, they surrounded Radian with surprised voices.
Radian, their little sibling, was showered with affection in a jumble of excitement.

“Well then, when we reach the transfer area between the third and fourth floors, we should celebrate, right?”
“”Ohhh~ we should, we should~””

With the idea of celebrating Radian’s growth after conquering the third floor, the children became excited and quickly found the staircase to the fourth floor.

“… Wasn’t this too easy?”

I was still amazed by Allen and Elena’s abilities.

“Since it’s a celebration, Radian, you can choose what you want for dinner.”

Radian’s request was for meat, so we celebrated with a barbecue party.

After that, we continued to conquer the fourth and fifth floors at a pace of one floor per day. We eventually decided to take a break from the dungeon and visit the town of Gista for some rest.

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