Chapter 402

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Joint Request, Once again (3)
“Well, for now, we’re in a situation where we’re trying to do a good job of spotting and avoiding encounters with higher-ranked monsters and herds.”
“That’s important. It is also important to prepare various means to ensure a safe escape route in the event of an unexpected encounter.”
“We have prepared everything we could think of.”

This party seemed to be assuming that they will survive without overconfidence in their own strength.

“I wonder if the paralyzing poison will lose its effect if you harvest it from Kiltie? If it is safe, wouldn’t it be possible to coat your weapons in it? Like Madrika-san’s arrows, for example. Oh, are you already doing that?”

Since Madrika-san seemed to be using a bow and arrow in addition to light magic, I think that if she coated the arrowheads with paralytic poison, they could use it as an attack as well as a feint.

“We have not done that. First, we would need Kiltie to share her venom with us, and then we would need to examine its composition.—Arya, if Kiltie doesn’t dislike it, then please take care of it.”
“All good. Kiltie says she will cooperate.”

Kiltie seemed to have agreed willingly.

“Allen wants Kiltie’s venom, too!”
“Elena wants it too!”

Then, for some reason, the kids wanted the paralyzing venom as well. I thought it was a joke at first, but from the look on their faces, they seemed to be serious.

“Allen, Elena, what are you going to use it for!”
“It might come in handy!”
“That’s why we will keep it!”

It seems that they had no particular purpose for it.
Great~ I wondered what I would do if they were planning to use it~

“”Is that okay? Yay~!””
“… Can I take it that Kiltie just say ‘sure thing’?”

It seems that Kiltie has again graciously agreed to the children’s request.
The name “Hellsnake” portrays her species as a scary-looking monster, but she has a very gentle personality.

“”Oniichan, Oniichan.”
“Give us a—”
“Container please!”
“Right now? Err… is this fine?”

I took a bottle out of the Infinite Storage and handed it to them, and the children immediately went to Kiltie.

“Arya-san, can we?”
“Y, yeah, as long as Kiltie agrees, I’m fine with anything.”
“”Thank you!””

The children properly asked for Arya-san’s permission as well, and then pointed the mouth of the bottle in front of Kiltie’s mouth. Then, Kitlie opened her mouth and dripped liquid from her fangs.

“”Here, Oniichan, we got it~””
“Ah, yes, thanks.”


With very beaming smiles, they offered me the bottle containing the paralyzing venom.
I wonder… what I should do with this~

“Myra-san, do you want to use this for analysis?”
“This is something Kiltie gave to you guys, so it’s for you to use, Takumi-san.”
“Then, I will gratefully accept.—Thank you, Kiltie.”

Storing the paralyzing venom in the Infinite Storage will certainly not nullify its effects, so I can use it properly when the need arises.
Well, should I pour out a small amount separately and store it outside the Infinite Storage to check for how long it is effective?

“Well, let’s leave the ways of practical use of Kiltie’s venom for later, for now… what should we do? We have already collected enough to complete the request.”
“It’s still too early to return, so I would like to wander around for a little longer. If possible, I would like you to observe our fighting method again.”
“Is that not okay?”
“That’s not it, I’m not sure if I can give you any more actual advice since I’m not very familiar with combat myself~ Besides, I’m afraid of saying something bad and giving a bad influence…”

I’m really an amateur when it comes to combat. It would be terrible if Soleil’s balance crumbled because of my poor advice.

“For the advice, it would be enough being aware of our faults. I swear we will make proper judgement regarding your suggestions.”
“Well, if that’s the case…”

Arya-san explained pleadingly. I can’t say no if you say it like that.

“Is that okay with Allen and Elena?”
“Allen will observe too!”
“Elena will find faults!”

Allen and Elena also seemed eager to observe Soleil’s fighting style.
So after that, we observed Soleil’s battle several times, while diligently gathering herbs.

“How was it?”
“Let’s see~”
“”Mhm, you see~””

After each battle, we were asked for our opinions.

“There was no problem I could find.”
“”Yeah, yeah, no problem, no problem!””

I pointed out a few minor points and advised them to reduce their wasteful movements.
But on the other hand, we also learned a lot about “party combat”.

“Well, I guess we better finish soon?”
“Yes, we should get back soon.”

We had to get back to the city before nightfall, so our stroll was over.

“Allen, Elena, we are returning~”
“”Ehh~ I wanna play more~””
“Now, now, requests aren’t a game. We have to properly report on the progress of our job.”
“”Ugh~ alright~””

The kids looked very reluctant, but we returned to the Adventurers’ Guild to report on the request. Then, after enjoying a dinner with the Soleil members, which we called a celebration, we said our goodbyes.

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