Chapter 378

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Tea Party
That’s how the tea party began, but unfortunately, there was trouble.

“… No need to be this stiff.”

Richard-sama had a troubled expression on his face.
The other three families, who did not expect Richard-sama, the King’s younger brother, even though he was married away, to come to today’s tea party, were stiffening up.

“”What is it~?””

Allen and Elena tilted their heads curiously at the sight of everyone.

“It looks like we surprised them.”
“”Is that so?”
“Yeah. That is so~ Why don’t you guys bring the Pastel Rabbits over to ease everyone’s feelings?”

At any rate, I decided to have the children bring the Pastel Rabbits, who were waiting in the adjacent room.
At first I thought we would enjoy tea and deepen our friendship, then I would bring the Pastel Rabbits out… but I think it’s their time to shine already.

“”We brought them~””

Soon Allen and Elena brought the Pastel Rabbits.

“This way~”
“Come in~”

As expected, the two of them could not carry the twelve Pastel Rabbits, so they brought them behind them like a procession of ducks.

“Umm… so they all followed you?”
“”Yeah! They are all good kids.””

The Pastel Rabbits seemed to listen to the children. The two should not have had the Training skill, but… it’s mysterious.

“”Come and play~””

At Allen and Elena’s command, each of the Pastel Rabbits went to the person they were interested in.

“Oh my, how adorable.”

Charlotte-sama picked up the purple Pastel Rabbit that came to her feet.
That was the signal for the others who had been frozen to begin interacting with the Pastel Rabbits.
Rosalie-san’s beloved rabbits were also brought over by a maid, so Rosalie-san also had rabbits on her lap to pet.

“There’s so many of them.”
“Were they all found by Allen-kun and Elena-chan?”
“”Yeah, that’s right.””

Theodore-kun and Latis-kun, who had been released from the tension when the nervous adults started playing with the Pastel Rabbits, began to talk to Allen and Elena happily.

“Say, Rosalie. Why do these Pastel Rabbits approach us without caution, and why don’t they run away when we pick them up?”
“I wonder about that, too. Even if they are well tamed, they usually don’t approach anyone except their owners, right?”

Celestia-san and Olga-san were petting the Pastel Rabbits and looked at them as if they were “truly mystified”.

“You know, they have been like this since Takumi-san and the children brought them back. So I’m not quite sure.—Do you know why, Wald-sama?”
“It’s precisely because it was Takumi, Allen, and Elena who brought them back. I’m sure that the scent, magic power or something else emanating from the three of them have made them lose their guard. Oh, no, was it their charm?”

Rosalie-san, who couldn’t answer the questions from her friends, asked Wald-san for help. Then, Wald-san said something outrageous.
What do you mean by scent! What scent! I have no words for the charm either, though!

“Wald-san, what do you mean by that! Stop talking as if something weird was leaking out of our bodies!”
“No, something is definitely leaking out of you guys, Takumi! Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many things happening around you that I can’t explain!”
“It hasn’t happened that many times!”
“Stop lying! How many times have you brought home this many Pastel Rabbits already!? Come on, answer me!”
“… Um, four times?”
“Normally, it happening once would already be considered a miracle. Four times is just crazy!”

If this was just about the Pastel Rabbits, then I wouldn’t have anything to do with it, though~
Besides, if people didn’t approach Pastel Rabbits with the “I will get you!” mindset, I feel like they would seek protection from people much more often~ Well, that’s not something I have verified, so I guess that’s a weak argument from me.


“There are many other things, too! You really are causing all sorts of things to happen!”
“I heard a bit about Takumi-dono and kids, but it was quite shocking~”
“I know, right!—Hear that!?”

Wald-san insisted. And Richard-sama agreed with him for some reason!

“Still, I can’t agree with the word ‘causing’! We just get involved in stuff!”

I apparently have a constitution that gets me caught up in things!

“Stop getting caught up in things then!”
“It’s already too late by the time I notice!”
“Notice earlier then!”
“How do I go about that!?”
“Use your intuition!”
“Eh? Intuition!?”
“That’s right. Intuition! Avoid things using your instincts!”
“… That’s absurd.”

Everyone who saw the exchange between me and Wald-san chuckled.

“I apologize for making a scene.”

Wald-san, realizing that he was being laughed at, blushed and hurriedly apologized.

“Kuh… fu, you two really get along well.”
“… Senior.”

Leonardo-san wanted to laugh hysterically, but he muttered while desperately trying to hold it back.

“Rosalie, it’s good that your family is so close~”
“I’m so glad you married into such an excellent family~”
“What has been happening to you until now was abnormal. Happiness will follow from now on.”
“That’s right.”
“Thank you both. I am already happy now.”

For some reason, Celestia-san, Olga-san, and Rosalie-san were all acting warm and fluffy.
I wonder how bad the situation was for Rosalie-san. Makes me wonder what her life has been like! … Well, I can’t ask that easily.

“”Oniichan, Oniichan.””

Just as I was feeling relieved that Wald-san’s hounding(?) ended, Allen and Elena called for me while tugging on my clothes.

“What is it?”
“”Leave this~””
“To Allen.”
“And Elena.”

The children suddenly declared, brimming with confidence.

“Err… what do I leave to you?”

I asked the kids back, not knowing what they were talking about. Then the kids said something outrageous.


You have definitely got it wrong!
What Allen and Elena want me to entrust to them is asking them what direction to go, according to their intuition and instinct, right? The exact opposite of what Wald-san was talking about!

‘Well, I don’t know if you two understand properly, but what Wald-san was telling us~… was to avoid following the direction you guys felt like going in, you see?”
“”Not follow~?””
“Yeah, to don’t follow… that’s what we have been talking about.”

I knew it! The two wanted to push forward according to their intuition!


The children tilted their heads puzzled, and the laughter that had once settled down returned.

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