Chapter 379

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Tea Party 2
“They are amusing children, right?”
“Yes, just as I heard~”

Richard-sama and Charlotte-sama were smiling at each other.
If it were just their appearance, they would be an enchanting and beautiful couple, but the content of what they are talking about was disturbing to me.

“… Richard-sama, just what have you spoken about us?”
“N? I was just going along with what I had heard from my brother and others, and what I experienced the last time we met.
“… Going along.”
“Everything from how great you are to how you act out of the ordinary. I don’t keep secrets from my wife, you see?”
“… Please hide a few things for me!”

I’m all for the ideal husband who doesn’t hide things from his wife, but… I wish you would have obscured a few details!

“”There, there.””

As I hung my head down in my hands, children patted my head from both sides.
Then everyone who saw it laughed again.

“Oy~ Takumi? Why don’t you raise your head already?”

I was slightly embarrassed and couldn’t look up, so Wald-san called out to me with a voice that contained a hint of laughter. He was totally amused.

“… N?”

Then, for some reason, something was placed on my back and my head.
It was Allen and Elena who were putting… something on me, right?

“Wait a minute. What are you putting there?”
“”I~ wonder~ what~?””

I could feel that the number of things put on me was gradually increasing.
And that something was warm. Could it be… Pastel Rabbits!?

“Pastel Rabbits? Hey, Allen, Elena, it’s dangerous, they will fall.”
“It’s fine~”
“They are holding tightly~”

I warned the children to stop, but they loaded me with more Pastel Rabbits.

“Seriously, wait a moment. Just how many have you put on me?”
“”Let’s see… six!””
“Six! Eh, did you add another one just now!?”
“With this.”
“It’s eight.”

It seems that I had a total of eight Pastel Rabbits on my head and back.

“I can’t get up, so can you put them down, please?”

The kids refused.
Moreover, everyone else just giggled and didn’t seem to want to help me.

“Can’t be helped.—Float.”

I used wind magic to float the Pastel Rabbits and raise my body to catch them.


The children who were holding a ninth and tenth Pastel Rabbit to put on me let out a disappointed cry.
Besides, upon closer inspection, four Pastel Rabbits were waiting at the feet of the children. They were not calling them over, but all the Pastel Rabbits were assembled, including Rosalie-san’s two Pastel Rabbits.

“Did you plan to put all of them on me!?”


They replied cheerfully.

“Gee~ just what were you trying to accomplish~—Now, now, you guys return to Rosalie-san.”

At any rate, I told Rosalie-san’s Pastel Rabbits to go back to their owner, and the two animals headed obediently towards her.

“Oh my, they listened to what Takumi-san’s said.”
“Indeed. They seemed to understand his words.”

Seeing the Pastel Rabbit listening to me, Celestia-san and Olga-san murmured in admiration.

“It might have been because of my Training skill, I guess? Well, anyway, and more importantly, everyone, have you found your favorite child?”

Conveniently, all the Pastel Rabbits have returned to me, so I will let each of them decide which Pastel Rabbit to take home with them.

“Then shall we start with Richard-sama and Charlotte-sama?”
“No, we’re fine with being last.—What do you think, Charlotte.”
“Yes, I like each and every one of them. They are all adorable. Let the children choose first.”

I wondered if the order of status would be for the better, so I approached Richard-sama and Charlotte-sama first, but they both gave up their turn.
So, Theodore-kun and Latis-kun chose first, then Celestia-san and Olga-san chose after some consultation, and finally, it was Charlotte-sama’s turn to choose. At any rate, each of them chose two rabbits, so now the destinations of the eight rabbits were decided.

“Yeah. One of them will go to Rebecca-san.”
“”Then, the other three~?””

There were three Pastel Rabbits remaining.

“Leonardo-san, you have a little sister, don’t you? How about taking one for her?”
“Is that alright?”
“Of course.”
“Thank you. I’m sure she will be delighted.”

Leonardo-san also chose one to give to Reginald-san’s daughter, so now there were two of them left.

“Takumi, Senior has two little sisters.”
“Eh, is that so!?”

I was surprised when Wald-san pointed out to me that Reginald-san had two daughters.

“Leonardo-san, you should have told me.”
“No, well. The Pastel Rabbits are usually very hard to come by. And yet, I have already been given three of them, so…”
“Please don’t hesitate to speak out. I will be happy as long as I can give them to someone who will love them.”

So, Leonardo-san chose another one, and there was only one Pastel Rabbit left.

“Hey, Takumi-san.”

I decided to choose a Pastel Rabbit for Rebecca-san first and let Elena hold it, while I held the remaining one and looked around at the tea party participants.
Then Olga-san called out to me in a reserved manner.

“Yes, what is it?”
“If you don’t mind, could you give that one to me for my little sister?”
“Of course.”

Good. Now all the Pastel Rabbits had owners.

“”Take a good care of them, okay~””

Allen and Elena concluded with a few words, to which everyone responded in the affirmative.
I’m sure the Pastel Rabbits will be cherished by their new families.

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