Chapter 377

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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A Pleasant Discovery
“Richard-sama, Madam, we welco—”
“Eh, what is it!?”

Before we had even finished greeting each other, Allen and Elena suddenly pointed their fingers at Richard-sama’s wife.

“Hey! Allen, Elena, you can’t point your fingers at people.”

I immediately cautioned the children and made them put their hands down.

“Madam, I beg your pardon.”
“”…… Sorry.””
“It’s okay. You must be Takumi, and this must be Allen and Elena. Nice to meet you, I am Charlotte Ford, Richard’s wife.”
“Thank you for your politeness, Mrs. Ford.”
“Oh my, you can call me Charlotte.”
“Is that okay?”
“Of course.”

Charlotte-sama greeted us with a gentle smile, despite the children’s rudeness. I had heard that she had light brown hair and pale green eyes, but she seemed like a very gentle person.

“Richard-sama, welcome to our home. I’m sorry to bother you so quickly, but… may I have a bit of your time?”
“N? What is it?”

It would be rude if it were true, but I beckoned to Richard-sama and called him to a little distance away from others Then, in a small voice, I whispered in his ear.

“Um… your wife seems to be pregnant, are you perhaps not aware?”

Allen and Elena pointed to Charlotte-sama, and it was around Charlotte-sama’s abdomen. I immediately realized that there was another kind of magic power coming from her.
After all, the children had pointed out before when Almeria-san was pregnant.

“Eh? Really?”
“It’s in the very early stages of pregnancy, but I can feel another the magic power, so I’m sure of it.”

Richard-sama sounded stunned when I pointed this out.
When we had met before, I had given Richard-sama a “Blue Rose Drops”, a pregnancy medicine, so it was no surprise that Charlotte-sama was pregnant. However, because Richard-sama and his wife seemed to be having trouble conceiving a child, I whispered a confirmation to him. It was a delicate matter, after all.
Having said that, Charlotte-sama still appears to be quite young, so in my opinion, there was no need to panic so much, but… the nobility get married and have children pretty early. Maybe it has something to do with that.

“Erm… Excuse me, I know it’s not something to get into too deeply, but I dare to ask. Did you use the medicine?”
“No, well… I’m adjusting to my work right now…”
“Then, you haven’t used it yet?”
“Y, yeah.”

It seems to be a natural pregnancy.

“Are you sure about this, Takumi-dono?”
“Yes, I have no doubt. The magic power seems to be stable as well.”
“What is the matter, Husband? Have you finished your private talk?”

Richard-sama called out to Charlotte-sama in a hurry.
Charlotte-sama was waiting for us while Richard-sama and I were talking secretly, smiling at us without interrupting anything. She didn’t show the slightest sign of discomfort.

“Are you feeling sick, dizzy, or otherwise unwell?”
“I’m perfectly healthy. What’s wrong all of a sudden?”
“”There’s a baby!””

Before Richard-sama could tell her, Allen and Elena revealed it.
Well, I think it would be more correct to say that they read the air and kept quiet up to this point. In a manner of speaking, while Richard-sama and I were talking, they were holding back without saying anything.


“Husband, is that the truth?”
“Takumi-dono said that he has no doubts.”
“I can already feel the child’s magic power.”

Charlotte-sama started to cry.

“Allen, Elena, you are wrong there. I’m sure she’s overjoyed.”
“”I see~””

Allen and Elena were worried because Charlotte-sama started to cry, but when I told them that she was crying with happiness, they looked relieved.
Charlotte-sama cried for a while, and then she expressed her apologies in an embarrassed manner.

“I am sorry. I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable.”
“No, it’s all right. Your eyes have become swollen. Would it be better if I asked them to prepare something to cool down your eyes rather… than using magic to heal it?”

Is it okay to perform healing magic on someone who is pregnant?

“Yeah. It might be better to avoid magic, just to be safe.”
“Here, please use this.”

I wanted to hurry to get something to cool her down, but as soon as I uttered the word, “Then,” a wet towel was held out in front of me.
It was arranged by Rebecca-san, who had come out to greet them together with us. As expected of her.

“Charlotte, it might appear rude, but would you like to go take a rest for today?”
“No, I am fine. We were invited over with great consideration, so let’s stay.”

Richard-sama asked Charlotte-sama if she wanted to go home, but she shook her head.
Normally, she would probably want to go home immediately and see a doctor. But even if I said here that she doesn’t have to restrain herself and go home, Charlotte-sama probably wouldn’t nod her head. Well, it will be only a few hours difference at most, and in that case, it would be better to start the tea party quickly.

“Well then, if you feel any change in your condition, please don’t hesitate to voice out your thought.”
“Yes, I will do that. Thank you.”

So, I finally led Richard-sama and Charlotte-sama to the lounge.

“You took your time, Takumi.”

As soon as Richard-sama and Charlotte-sama settled into their seats, Wald-sama, who was dealing with the guests who had arrived earlier, quietly approached me and quietly asked me if something happened. It had been some time since we had left to receive them, after all.

“Sorry about that. We got a little too absorbed in chatting.”
“That’s fine, but… I can’t help but worry something happened, because it’s you we are talking about.”

Wald-san? Because it’s me? What do you mean by that?
When I stared back at Wald-san, he averted his gaze.

“W, well, Takumi, you are the host of this tea party, so entertain the guests, yes, entertain the guests.”
“I will remember this.”

I should be definitely entertaining the guests, so I will question Wald-san later.

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