Chapter 37

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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“With this, we can go on a journey without any worries.”
“What!?” “Haa!?” “N?” “Oh?”

In order, Derrick-sama, Wald-sama, Callan-sama, and Risner-sama.
All of them let out silly voices because of my announcement.
Are? Did I not tell them before?

“Takumi, are you leaving Shirin?”
“Yes. I actually wanted to leave earlier, but I was concerned about the matter with Baron Gilbert.”

At least, I wanted to resolve the matter with the Gold Wheat’s Shop before going on a journey.
I think that if the problem were only the slave trader, I would quickly leave the town. It would look like running away, but dealing with fellows like that is troublesome.
I think it was good that all the problems got settled as a result.

“Have you decided on your destination?”
“I thought about going south towards the sea.”
“I see… so you are staying in the country…”

When I said that I’m “Going south”, the four people made expressions of relief.
Is that it? Do they want to keep human resources in the country?
In a case of emergency, the magnitude of the damage will change depending on the available fighting power. It must be something that Knights must consider at all times.

“The south, is it? Which means, Bailey?”
“Yes, that’s right.”

The destination has been pretty much decided on the port Bailey on the Southwest of Guardia.
The season is already a complete summer. It’s all about the sea when it comes to summer, right?
I thought about showing the sea to Allen and Elena.
Ordinary people would travel from town to town, and it would take at least a month by carriage to arrive. If that would be the case, summer would already be at its final stage, so I intend to ride Joule and others, that way we can expect to arrive in a few days.
Because of that, there’s no need to hesitate.

“Takumi-san, here.”
“A letter? Risner-sama, this is?”

Risner-sama hands me a single letter.
Hearing our destination, Risner-sama borrowed tools from Callan-sama and wrote it on the spot.

“It’s a letter of introduction to the feudal lord of Bailey.”

To think it was for the feudal lord-sama!?
I inadvertently retracted the hand I was about to receive the letter with.

“Bailey’s feudal lord is my acquaintance. I will contact him so definitely visit him when you arrive in Bailey. I don’t mind if you force him to support bakery, etc.”

Not “rely on” but “I don’t mind if you force him”…… What are you saying! As expected, something like that is not possible.
Risner-sama continues to present me the letter while grinning.
Ah~ the well-prepared smile…… it’s not something I can go against~
I look around asking for help, but as expected no one wants to help me. If I had to say they have a “receive it” feeling.
I decided to accept it gratefully.
Even so, I have no intention of forcing my troubles on him. Let’s rely on him only when in a difficult situation.
I may ask him to support the bakery, though……

After finishing my business with the Knights, I visited the Adventurer’s Guild, Road-san, and the Inn to say goodbye.
When I said we are leaving, everyone was surprised. We were detained at the Adventurer’s Guild.
Luna-san particularly had a very sorrowful look on her face, she looked like she would start clinging to me at any moment.
It must be because I’m an important supplier of material from Gaya Forest. I feel slightly empty inside that there was no love element involved………


The next morning was an ideal day for the departure.
We departed from Shirin and soon walked off the highway. After confirming that there are no people around, I summoned my Contracted beasts.

“Waffu.” “Gau.” “Pii.”

The three immediately nestle close to me.

“Oh~ there, there.”


I could hardly summon the Contracted beasts before. They may be sulky that it took so long to call them.
First of all, I decided to pat them to their heart’s content.
After the three animals had been satisfied to a certain degree, I conveyed the calling matter.

“Joule and Feat will transport us.”
“Waffu.” “Gau.”
“Bolt will fly in the sky and keep track of human presences.”

As the three replied in acknowledgment, I promptly seated Allen and Elena on Joule and climbed on Feat’s back myself.
I told Joule and Feat to start running along Gaya Forest.
Just in case, I had Bolt to fly up and watch from above.
Like that, it’s less probable to meet people. I can’t help but think that meeting with people would be troublesome.
I imagine riding on S-Rank monsters would make a ruckus. Therefore, just in case.

Sometimes, a monster emerges from within Gaya Forest. Then, Joule and Feat would lower us down and go to defeat it.
My~ Our kids are strong. They defeat most of the opponents in a single blow. As expected of S-Rank monsters. How reliable.
Moreover, they return bringing the defeated monsters in their mouths, how considerable.

“”Good child~””

Allen and Elena praise Joule and Feat who returned from the hunt. Good child, good child, they pat their heads.
Even if Allen and Elena stand on their tiptoes, they are not able to reach Joule’s and Feat’s heads. Because of that, Joule and Feat lower their heads to make it easier.
It’s little clumsy, but a heartwarming scene.

“Waffu.” “Gau.”
“Hah~! Wait a moment!!”

After having their heads patted, this time Joule and Feat tried to lick Allen’s and Elena’s faces back, so I stop them in panic.

“Joule, Feat, don’t lick!! Haven’t you just bite on the Bloody Bear!? Your mouths are bloody!!”
“Waffu!?” “Gau!?”

Joule and Feat stiffen with a twitch.
What!? …… they look at me with such expression.
You are really easy to understand, but I can’t help but think you are not beasts……

“Look, I will make you neatly clean so don’t move. Washing.”
“Waffu!” “Gau!”

The moment Joule and Feat became clean they started licking Allen’s and Elena’s faces.
Ah, they pushed Allen and Elena down……
O~i. Be careful not to squash them~
Seeing such situation, Bolt cries “Pii” on top of my shoulder. For some reason, it felt like he was saying… good grief.
Because Allen and Elena are having fun I didn’t stop them, just moved closer in case Joule and Feat will start crushing them.

“Waffu~” “Gau~”

While playing with each other, the two children and two animals suddenly charged at me.
It’s okay if it’s just Allen and Elena, but as expected I won’t be able to catch two big animals. In short, I have been pushed down.
Ah, Bolt has evacuated……
The two children and two animals looked with a joyful expression of success.


First, I tickle Allen and Elena who fell on me with all my might.
After that, I got up and rubbed Joule’s and Feat’s cheeks.

“Waffuu~” “Gauu~”

Oh my? You are happy?
I intended to do that as punishment, but it looks like I was unsuccessful.
But oh~ well.
In the end, we played until all of us were satisfied.

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