Chapter 36

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I have accompanied Derrick-sama and Risner-sama to the Gold Wheat’s Shop.
Callan-sama stayed back to gather information. Nothing was said to Wald-sama. Riser-sama said “If he gets to know, he will definitely escape from work to tag along”…… Ah, right.

When we entered the shopping street, Allen and Elena added strength to the hands they were holding me with.
The two watched their surroundings with vigilance. It’s not often that the two who can detect presences unconsciously “look for something” with their own eyes.
There are no “fear” or “hate” emotions on their faces, but that thing from yesterday probably stirred things that are deeply rooted in the innermost depths of their hearts.
I must urgently think of something to divert them from thinking about this……


When we enter the Gold Wheat’s Shop the bread has just finished baking as Road-san was just taking it out of the oven.
Yep, smells nice~

“Road-san, excuse me for the intrusion.”
“Ou Takumi, you have co… me…… eeh!?”

Road-san notices the Knights who have entered behind me and he got so surprised he almost dropped the bread. Then “If you are about to bring big shots, inform me beforehand!” he said.
Ah, yes, I’m sorry. I also thought similarly just a while ago. However, they suddenly wanted to come to the store, so I didn’t have a choice~

“This is the Knight Commander Derrick-sama. He’s the son of the Lauren Household.”
“W, what!? La, Lauren house!! F, feudal lord’s son!!?”

First, I introduce Derrick-sama and Risner-sama to Road-san. Then, knowing Derrick-sama’s identity, Road-san was very nervous around the feudal lord’s son.
I see, this is the normal reaction……
Somehow, I’m ignorant of social status in Aetherdia. I was originally brought up on Earth where social positions are not so different, but the knowledge about this world implemented in me was with Syl’s specifications, so it makes me lump all “people” together.
Therefore, even when talking to a noble, I don’t feel much obligated.
Well, I think there won’t be any problems if I speak politely, but…… how it really is? There weren’t any problems until now so it’s all right I think?

“Road-san, is the Cream Bread baked yet?”
“O, ou. It’s done……”
“Hou. So this is the Cream Bread~”
“Derrick-sama, please have some.”
“Ou, sorry about that. Lemme see……―――”

When the finished Cream Bread is finished, Derrick-sama receives it and immediately bites in.
When I asked Risner-sama if he also wants to eat,『Of course, I will have some too』he answered.

“Ohh, delicious!!”

Derrick-sama seemed to like the Cream Bread very much and ate it all.

“By the way, what is that? I have not seen this in any store before.”
“This is something new Takumi told me to make……”
“What!? New product!”

Derrick-sama quickly finds a new product and stared at it fixedly.
The person who made it, Road-san, probably haven’t even sampled it yet. He seemed very interested but kept his attitude firm in front of Derrick-sama and Risner-sama.
Risner-sama wasn’t staring as Derricks-sama, but he also looked interested.

Actually, I found a red bean that is similar to the adzuki bean. After immersing that red bean in water overnight, I boiled it in a nectar liquid… gum syrup? No, I boiled it in an even thinner watery sap of trees with sugar and created a red bean paste.
The nectar liquid is even easier to obtain than sugar, I thought Road-san could use that instead, and it turned out well.
I handed the red bean paste to Raod-san and asked him to wrap it just like the Cream Bread and bake it.
It turned out delicious if I say myself. The sweetness is perfect.
After that, we also made bread containing Cyan fruit and bright yellow walnuts called Kuru nuts with millet bread as a base.

“This one is Anpan. Another one is millet bread with Cyan fruit and Kuru nuts mixed in.”

They have just eaten the Cream bread, but Derrick-sama and Risner-sama immediately ate the new products.
Yep. These also received a favorable review.
When I handed half of the Anpan each to Allen and Elena, they ate it deliciously.
There are relatively many people who don’t like red bean paste, but these members seem not to have that problem.
Incidentally, I like both Tsubuan[Tsubuan (粒餡), whole red beans boiled with sugar but otherwise untreated] and Koshian[Koshian (漉し餡), beans passed through a sieve to remove bean skins; the most common type]. I didn’t make it this time, but I should definitely try making it later.

“My~ That was delicious.”

The satisfied Derrick-sama asked Road-san 2-3 questions.
And then, because Derrick-sama hasn’t fault any problem with Road-san’s personality, he talked about the backing of the Gold Wheat’s Shop.
Road-san who was bowing “Much grateful” suddenly looked at me and started complaining.
Eh, what, what? You didn’t hear anything about this?
Well, I mean~ this is something that was suddenly decided on. Look~ This thing is good at manipulating nobles.
It’s not my fault.

“Well then, we shall return and promptly move to smash that conceited fool~”

This person seriously came just to eat the Cream bread……
Derrick-sama went back satisfied, parting after saying he will send a messenger from Lauren House later to formally arrange things.
Just in case, I give Risner-sama presents to hand them to Callan-sama who looked so envious and Wald-sama who is doing his best at working in the branch.


“Oi, Takumi!!”
“It’s a course of events. I also didn’t think it would end up like this.”

Road-san approached me after Derrick-sama and Risner-sama left.
Ah~ I didn’t tell Road-san that Derrick-sama is backing us up because of the Cream bread. Is he perhaps worried about collateral?
I should explain that properly.


◇ ◇ ◇


I was fully concerned about Allen and Elena after throwing all the difficult things aside. I hug them close more than necessary and pat their heads. I’m affectionate to them to their heart’s content.
As a result, Allen’s and Elena’s condition almost returned back. Almost as they were before meeting the slave trader.

“Is that so? I’m glad~”

The thing the two are eating now is a fruit jelly.
Of course, I made it.

The ingredient is this.

Slime Jelly
Slime remains. Squishy object.
Not harmful to the human body, but has no benefits either.
Vulnerable to heat, melts when warmed up.

It’s a drop item from the slimes we defeated in the Dungeon of Earth.
There’s a lot, I should make something out of this~ I thought.
It’s called “jelly” and it’s not harmful to the human body so let’s make jelly. I tried making it with such simple thinking.

I heated fruit juice in the pot, melted the slime jelly inside, then I poured it into glasses where it splendidly solidified. The slime jelly played the role of gelatin wonderfully.
The ratio of two liters of liquid to 1 slime jelly, had a good feeling.
The texture is much more squishy than that of a traditional jelly, but that’s also good!

I tried making it only with fruit juice at first, but I tried making it with various fruit compotes after that. Starting with Ranka fruit’s juice, Riigo fruit’s juice, milk, black tea…… I made it with everything I could think of.
I was so absorbed in the making, that I unnoticeably amassed a mountain of jelly. Ah~… it’s not like it will go bad, there’s no problem since it will become Allen’s and Elena’s snack from now on, right?


After several days of doing that, all the problems in question were put in order.
Well~ it was quicker than I expected~
An investigation on the Gist Company under the Callan-sama has started, but well~ that slave trader was mistreating his slaves, and his business was suspended right after getting exposed. Then, the house search by the Knights was performed.

It came out, it came out! A Large amount of evidence on backroom deals has been found.

There was also an account book for transactions with Baron Gilbert.
Baron Gilbert apparently used Gist Company for human trafficking. There apparently were many people in the company’s underground cells that weren’t slaves.
That being the case, a shred of evidence against Baron Gilbert was found, and investigations on the House of Baron Gilbert have begun.
The baron seems to have done other backroom deals than human trafficking like camouflaging of branded goods, etc. It appears that documents about the products and contracts were kept carefully in a secret warehouse in the Baron’s basement.

Baron Gilbert seemingly hid his crimes well, but his connections to the Gist Company became apparent. Following on the Gist Company, they were able to pull Baron Gilbert skillfully in and I was invited to the Commander Derrick’s office where I received words of gratitude.

The Gist Company’s slave trader was sent to the mines and Baron Gilbert was sent together with the evidence to the Royal Capital.
Although I expected this, Baron Gilbert will certainly be punished by imprisonment and deprivation of his rank. He apparently may even receive capital punishment. Furthermore, it seems his family members supported him, so they will be made into crime slaves.
They really are getting what they deserve!

I felt refreshed, and the daily peaceful life returned.

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