Chapter 38

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To the Sea
Because we are not traveling in a hurry, I have decided to go in the Gaya Forest to exercise.
Unlike the last time hunting where Joule and Feat used their claws and fangs, they use magic to kill monsters.
Joule covers the dead bodies around with ice magic Freeze into one large lump of ice. Feat uses the wind magic Float to make the lump of ice fly and brings it to my side.
Skillful. And clever…… they are learning properly.
When they were fighting at close range, I had no choice but to clean them with my Washing.
Well, it’s alright, though. It’s not magic that consumes much of magical power.
…… It’s just, those fellows won’t get satisfied unless they can lick after each battle…… Well, it makes Allen and Elena happy so…… oh well?

We loiter around the forest and hunt.
Then, before I notice, the children and the Contracted beasts compete at monster hunting.
When a monster is found, all members charge, defeat the monster, bring it to me, get patted by me.
That is the course of events.
Once in a while, Bolt would Thunderbolt a monster from the sky the moment he finds it. When that happens, the two children and the other two animals look really vexed.


When they are feeling down because they couldn’t get praised, I pat them with the intention of consoling, and they jump into action again.
You guys, calm down a bit~


As the area became dark, I have decided to leave Gaya Forest for the camp.
Riding on Joule and Feat, we can get out quickly, and the outside of Gaya Forest is safe.
When the camping site is decided, we have dinner next.

“Allen, Elena. What would you like to eat?”
“”N……… Cream!””

Because both Allen and Elena love Cream bread, it frequently ends up as their snack of choice.
But, making Cream bread as a dinner menu is a bit…… I would like them to choose something more nutritious.

“N~ Allen, Elena. Cream bread is not good for dinner…… How about having it tomorrow as breakfast snack?”
“Let’s see…… How about Oyakodon? The one with an egg on rice.”
“”Will eat~””
“It’s decided then.”

Although it felt like I have incited them, because the two obediently accepted the compromise plan, Oyakodon has been chosen for the dinner.

“Joule, Feat, and Bolt want meat, right? Raw?”
“N? No? Grilled is better?”
“I see. Joule wants it grilled. Does Feat also prefer it grilled?”
“What about Bolt?”

The Contracted beast fundamentally don’t require feeding. Apparently, when Contracted beasts are supplemented with magical power while in their master’s shadow which restores their energy.
However, because they can eat, they are having a meal together with us like this.
Because of that, I have asked them what they want to eat, but it seems my Contracted beasts like grilled meat better than raw……
Raw meat? They shook their heads when I asked.
Grilled meat tastes better. Looks like they have the same opinion as people.
These children seem to enjoy “food” with a strong taste more.
Grilled meat or Oyakodon, which is better? When asked, all three choose the latter. It seems the same menu as ours is better.
Even if I were going to make just one serving, it wouldn’t be much trouble to make more. Therefore, I have decided to make Oyakodon for six.
Aren’t spring onions bad for felines? Is what I thought, but since there seems to be no problem, I cook the onions and guineafowl with soy sauce and finish it up with half boiled egg.

“Well then, itadakimasu.”
“”Itadakima~shu.”” “Waffu.” “Gau.” “Pii.”

Yep, delicious!
I must say that finishing Oyakodon with a half boiled egg dripping on top of it is delicious.
Allen and Elena also eat while stuffing their mouths with spoons with utmost effort.
I have served the food for Joule and others on a plate to make it easier for them to eat, but Bolt is dexterously using his beak while Joule and Feat stuff their mouths around the plate in their small forms.
Apparently, they can enjoy the taste more while in their small forms.
Well, if they eat in their adult forms, they would eat it in two or three bites after all.



When it was time to sleep, Joule’s stomach became a substitute for the cushion for the three of us. Joule’s fur is soft and comfy……
Today is Joule’s turn, but because it has been decided that the cushioning role will alternate, it’s Feat’s turn tomorrow.
I thought it was bad to treat them as cushions at first, but rather it was the other way around.
Joule’s tail was intensively hitting the ground as if saying quickly over here.
Because it doesn’t look like I have to hold back, I lean against Joule while asking Feat and Bolt to stand guard.
That being said, Feat and Bolt are in resting postures next to us. Every single of my children is sensitive to presences after all. There won’t be any problems.

Ah, the moons…
Aetherdia has three moons. Yellow, blue, and red. Three colored moons rise into the sky.
Which reminds me, this is my first time camping in a place where the sky is clearly visible. Sky can’t be seen from within Gaya Forest, then there was the dungeon.
A night sky after a long time.
Gazing at several moons, I realize again that this is a different world.
Has it been a little over a month since I came to Aetherdia?
So many things happened so fast… I fall asleep while thinking such.


◇ ◇ ◇


I have decided to go to Gaya Forest the next day too.
Allen, Elena, Joule, and others apparently haven’t played sufficiently yet.
We are gathering medicinal plants today.

“There really are many……”

Ah~ Demon Spirit Grass.
Maryoku Grass is relatively common, but Demon Spirit Grass should have been a valuable medicinal plant……
Because Gaya Forest itself is a place full of magic, does it grow densely here?
And to find a place where they grow en masse at that……


This time, Joule seems to have found something.
It’s a Soul Grass…… quite a rare medicinal plant again…… I’m sure it’s used as nostrum.


The next one is Feat, huh. This is Touka Grass.
Because it’s leaves are transparent, it’s quite difficult to find plant……
Nose? Did Feat find it by smell?


Ah, Bolt has found Minsu fruit.
Minsu, in fact, is a plum-like fruit. It’s bigger than typical plum, it’s very sour, but it’s nutritional value is high, it’s used for medicinal tonics as it has nourishing properties.
There seem to be quite a lot on the tree. Bolt drops it with his beak, and I catch it when it falls.
Nevertheless, aren’t we finding quite a lot of rare things in high demands?


Allen and Elena seem to have found something again as they run towards a tree.
Now then, what did they find this time?


Moving while sufficiently playing along the way, we finally saw a sea a week later after leaving Shirin.
It can be said we moved at quite a high pace to arrive in just a week.

“Allen, Elena, that is the sea.”
“”Sea~ Big~””

Allen and Elena gaze at the sea with sparkling eyes.

“”Water, a lot~””
“That’s right. All of that is salty water.”
“It’s not tasty? You shouldn’t drink it.”

I had to say it because they would drink the water as soon as arriving at the beach. Like this, they won’t probably drink it.

We immediately stepped onto the beach.
The beach without any man-made objects is quiet with the only roaring of the waves resounding.
While Allen and Elena are playing at the water’s edge―――

“That… may I ask if you are Takumi-sama?”
“…… You are?”

Suddenly, I was spoken to by a woman who emerged from the sea.
Umm… why do you know my name?

“I’m Mirena of the mermaid tribe.”

Haa!? Say what!?

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