Chapter 359

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Convenient Tools 2
As I was spending my time making preserves and other things that suddenly came to my mind, I received a call from Grandpa Sol.
It seemed that he had made prototype magic tools, and although he had told me that it would take about five days, it was three days later that I received the call.
Moreover, Stefan-san also contacted me to ask me to taste the ice cream he had made.

“Where do we.”
“Go first~?”
“Let’s go to Grandpa Sol’s place first.”

The next day, I decided to go to the magic tool shop first. I had informed both that I would visit Grandpa Sol’s in the morning and Stefan-san’s in the afternoon.

“Oh, you came.”
“Thank you for contacting me. You have finished it quite quickly.”
“I was quite fired up, you see~ Come, take a look at them.”
“Is it okay if I actually try using them?”
“Of course.”

I took out a cooked Red Wheat, egg mixture, and others ingredients that I had prepared beforehand, so that I could try out the magic tools right away.

“Allen will do this one~”
“Then, Elena will do this~”

Allen put the steaming Red Wheat into the mochi pounder, and Elena put the egg mixture into the ice cream maker.

“”Preparations finished!””
“Thank you. Then, the switch is…”
“Here and here.”

When Grandpa Sol pointed out the switches, Allen and Elena pressed them with great enthusiasm, and the magic tools began to operate.


As for the mochi pounder, the bowl itself was vibrating as it turned, and the Red Wheat was being crushed well and evenly as it was slammed with a hammer from above.
And the ice cream maker, the entire bowl cooled down, and the blades of the spatula attached to the bottom turned in a circular motion along the bowl, stirring and freezing the egg mixture.

“How is it?”
“It feels good so far!”
“”Ojiichan is amazing~!””

The mochi and ice cream were ready in no time.

“”It’s done!””
“Incredible! It’s perfect!”
“I see, I see. I’m glad to hear that. Stefan had been urging me to hurry up and get the ice cream maker done. I’m glad it’s acceptable to you.”

Since he’s trying to sell ice cream, Stefan-san probably needs the ice cream maker more than I do. But I forgot to tell Stefan-san that I had asked Grandpa Sol for the ice cream maker, so I’m sure he came to him for advice on magic tool with a great vigor~

“”Oniichan, Oniichan.””
“”Let’s eat the.””
“And ice.”

As I was imagining Stefan-san urging Grandpa Sol, I was being urged myself to eat the mochi and ice cream.

“Can I have some of that, too?”
“Of course you can. It’s a bit early, but let’s have lunch, shall we? Ah, but, let’s see, I would like to do some work, could I borrow your place?”
“Then you can use this place.”

With Grandpa Sol’s permission, I started making lunch at the workbench.
I made mochi with grated shoyu, zouni (soup containing rice cakes), mochi bacon, and other mochi dishes that came to mind, and for ice cream, I decorated it on pancakes with fruit.


“Grandpa, it’s done~”
“Come over here, please.”

When the dishes were finished, I called out to Grandpa Sol and heard him calling from the back of the store, so I headed that way.

“Ah, it’s kotatsu! So you were able to finish this as well!”

It was probably a private place, but a kotatsu had been set up in one of the areas with a rug.

“Test this one out, too. I think it came out quite well. I have tried it myself, and I don’t think I would want to give this up during the cold months.”
“Right? Then, please excuse me.”
“Allen, too~”
“Elena as well~”

The three of us took off our shoes and got into the kotatsu.

“How nice~”
“”Ohh~ so warm~””
“But I think the temperature could be a little cooler. I think that way you can relax for a longer time.”
“I thought you would say so, so I have made the temperature adjustable in three levels. Here, here it is. I wanted to heat it up right away, so I set it to the highest setting.”
“That’s really great!”

Grandpa Sol came into the kotatsu and showed us where we could adjust the temperature.
I set it to the lowest setting because our bodies will warm up as we eat the meal.

“I was a little reluctant to take off my shoes and sit on the ground, but when I tried it, I found it comfortable. I made one for myself right away. By the way, this one is mine.”
“You like it, don’t you? It’s good, isn’t it? Oh, if you don’t feel comfortable on the ground, how about a horigotatsu?
“Horigotatsu… what?”
“You set the kotatsu up on a platform of some height, and make a hole in the center where you put your feet.”
“I see~ So you can be creative with how you set it up.”

I will order a horigotatsu, too. Then I will set the kotatsu on top of the stand and put it in the Infinite Storage. That way, it will be ready to use anywhere.

“”Oniichan, mochi and ice~””
“Yesyes. Let’s start with the mochi then.”
“Oh, that looks yummy~”

The mochi were presented on the table, to which the participants shouted in admiration.

“I hope you won’t be too full from the mochi since I prepared pancakes for the ice cream. Oh, and just little bit to taste for Allen and Elena, hotcakes and fruit.”
“If you guys don’t want to eat when we go to the Fiji Company, then you can have it now, but… what do you want to do?”

The reason we have been invited to the Fiji Company this afternoon is to taste the ice cream, so it would indeed be too much cold to eat it both times. I would like to make them hold out for one or the other.

“”Will endure for now~””
“You two are very admirable. Now, have the mochi.”
“”Yeah, let’s eat~””

We spent the rest of the time relaxing under the kotatsu, enjoying the mochi, followed by the pancakes.

“I’m sorry for interrupting you for such a long time.”
“Don’t mind it. I had a good time, too. Even if you don’t order any magic tools, you can come back anytime.”
“”Yes, will come again~””

There were more new magic tools that I wanted, so we talked about it, and the kids told Grandpa Sol about their memories from the trip, and before I knew it, quite a bit of time had passed.
After hurriedly receiving the new magic tools and paying for them, we left the magic tool shop.

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