Chapter 348

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Surprised by the unexpected harshness of the seemingly calm Andy-san, the children suddenly raised their voices, pointing their fingers. When I looked in the direction they were pointing, I saw that Wald-sama was just entering the building.


I had not yet met Wald-sama since we returned to the Capital, so this was the first time we had met in a long time… Why did he come to the Adventurers’ Guild?

“Yo! How are you doing, Takumi?”
“I’m doing fine, thank you. I’m fine, but… what is the matter? Do you have business with the Guild?”

The Adventurers’ Guild was abuzz with the arrival of Wald-sama
I think the reason why there was a buzz was because Wald-sama was wearing the uniform of the royal knights.
When Wald-sama walked up to me, the people around us had left Andy-san and Keimi-san behind and moved slightly away.

“If you have to ask me, then it’s to find you.”
“Eh, me? Is it something urgent?”
“No, I’m just making a delivery.”
“A delivery?”
“Yep, delivering a letter to you.”

It appears that Wald-sama went out of his way to deliver me a letter.

“Why are you the one bringing it? From whom is it anyway?”
“Can’t you just imagine from looking at me?”
“……… I can.”

Wald-sama was dressed in the royal knights uniform. A Royal Knight is a knight who guards royalty, right?
This means that the letter is from a member of the royal family.

“By the way, which one is it from?”

No way, it was all of them. Tristan-sama the King, Grace-sama the Queen, the three princes Austin-sama, Felix-sama, Alfried-sama, Aurora-sama the Crown Princess, and Julius-sama the royal grandson. Well, Julius-sama is so small that he wouldn’t have been included in the number of people, though.

“Wald-sama, do you know the contents of the letter?”
“How would I know?”
“I thought so… huh, why are you taking off your mantle and coat, Wald-sama?”

Wald-sama put his mantle and coat away in his magic bag, then pulled out another coat and put it on.

“Don’t I stand out looking like that?”
“Yeah, that you do. Then why didn’t you just take off your uniform from the beginning?”
“I can’t take off my uniform when at work! By the way, my work ended the moment I handed you the letter.”

Right, as soon as he handed me the letter, his work was done, so he took off his mantle and coat.

“And so, what are you guys doing here?”
“”You see, you see!””
“Our rank!”
“Is getting raised!”
“Rank? Oh, you’re talking about the adventurer rank. Your guys’ is?”
“Allen will be!”
“Elena will be!”
“”C-rank now!””
“Oh, what, you are going to be C-rankers? Oh, I see. Were you in the part of the play where someone said that it was weird to raise kids to C-rank?”
“”Ohh, correct!””

It seems that Wald-sama understood our situation quickly after a short conversation with the children.

“You have figured it out quickly.”
“I get it. But, well, it can’t be helped. These little fellas look simply like frail kids by their looks~”
“Allen is not fra~il.”
“Elena is not frail either>mon.”
“Others wouldn’t know unless they see you fighting, ya know?”

Allen and Elena puffed up their cheeks, as if they didn’t want to be thought of as frail children.


“Don’t be sullen now. You are becoming increasingly like kids.”
“”We are kidsmon!””
“… Ah, yeah, that’s right, isn’t it?”
“”That’s right!””

Keimi-san and Andy-san who were watching the exchange between Wald-sama and the kids, smiled.

“My, oh my, how cute~”
“Yeah, truly.”

Wald-sama was stunned for a moment, but then laughed, amused.

“Haha. I’ve seen children who insist that they are not children, but I’ve never seen one who insists that they are children. Anyway, there it is. I know how strong you guys are. Or rather, our entire family knows. That’s enough. Just ignore the fussy ones.”
“”Ohh, that works!””
“In the first place, there is no way that the Adventurer’s Guild side would ever suggest raising the ranks of the weak ones, so they just need to realize it. Come on, let’s get the paperwork done and get out of here.”

The overbearing Wald-sama convinced the children while completely ignoring everyone else around him, and he even put the people around him in check.

“Go on, Takumi, procedures, procedures.”
“Ah, yes!—Andy-san, let’s get it done, please.”
“Understood. As expected of Ruven-dono. You are a master at what you do.”

The adventurers who had complained were quickly dispersing.

“Yes, and that’s all done.”

Thus, Allen and Elena’s rank was upgraded to C.
As expected, the party rank was kept at the status quo, no matter what Andy-san said.

“Next is the B rank. At that time, you should indeed take the exam. While completing requests, please prepare for the written exam and learn etiquette.”
“”Got it~””
“Guild Master, I think they will be fine in that respect. They have thick encyclopedias that I would fall asleep reading, and they seem to have been taught a lot about etiquette by our mother.”
“Oh, well, that’s good to hear. If that’s the case, please take on as many requests as you can so that you can move up the ranks in the shortest amount of time.”

He said it’s for the kids to improve their ranks, but I have a feeling that Andy-san simply wants us to complete numerous requests… I’m not going to step into that.

“”See you.””
“Yes. When you have more time, I hope you will take care of the Wyvern request for me.”

After the procedure was over, we handed over the souvenir Leychii fruits and were about to leave the Guild with Wald-sama when Andy-san immediately brought up the subject of wyverns.

“What? Wyverns?”
“”Next time we accept~””
“Hah!? Takumi!?”

Wald-sama, startled by the children’s words, looked at me in a panic.

“I have no plans on accepting that request! The kids are only saying that they want to.”
“”We are goingmon.””
“Well, Allen, Elena, Wald-sama, we are leaving.”

On the way home to the Ruven residence, the children and Wald-sama repeatedly exchanged “I’m going” and “You can’t” in offense and defense.

Oh, after returning home to the Ruven residence, I checked the letter that Wald-sama delivered to me… The content was a call for me to quickly come to the castle if I had come to the Capital… Well, to be precise, it was written in a more polite and yet indirect manner.

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