Chapter 278

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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“Rebecca-san, could you introduce me to a carpenter?”

Rebecca-san opened her eyes wide as if she was surprised by my request.

“Carpenter? Eh, Takumi-san, are you building a house? Why? Are you uncomfortable here?”
“Nonono! Definitely not!?”
“Then, is it because I have been busy lately and haven’t been able to take care of you?”
“That’s definitely not it either!”

Rebecca-san has been a little busy with the dispatching of teachers to the orphanage, so she doesn’t get to spend much time with us. But that’s because I suggested it in the first place. I would never let that put me in a bad mood!

“You see, I can use Infinite Storage, right? That’s why I thought it would be easier to travel if I carried around a hut that we could use while traveling.”
“Oh my! You have come up with something outrageous out of the blue again, Takumi-san!”
“You think so?”
“I do. But, that’s interesting! You can leave it to me then. I will write you a letter of introduction right away.”

The idea of a mobile, transportable house was apparently outrageous.
I just thought it would be easier to rest under a roof in the forest or mountains if I had a house stored in the Infinite Storage~

“Right. This is the place.”

That being the case, I immediately took the kids to the store that was introduced to me.

“N? What is it.”

When I entered the store, I saw a muscular middle-aged man. He was short and indeed looked like a dwarf. He gave us a quizzical look when he saw our faces.

“Erm… I would like to build a house… are you the shopkeeper?”
“Yeah, I am this workshop’s chief… you are quite young. Building a house costs a lot of money, ya know?”

The age group that orders a house is much older. That’s why the shopkeeper, the workshop’s chief, was making that look when the younger me came into the store.

“That will be of no problem. Ah, I have a letter of introduction here.”
“Lemme see?——What!? A letter of introduction from the Ruven family!! You know them?”
“Yes, we are in their care.”

When he saw the letter of introduction, the workshop’s chief looked at me in astonishment.


There, Allen and Elena let out a careless remark.

“Not related by blood, though!”
“So you are not illegitimate children? Well, I know the people of that family aren’t like that, but that was a statement that might make some people think otherwise.”
“I thought so. We will be more careful from now on.”

The workshop’s chief did not seem to have any strange misconceptions, but we have to be more careful because it could spawn some strange rumors about the Ruven family!

“”Can’t call her Obaa~sama?””
“I think it would be for the best if you restrained yourselves when speaking to people you have just met and strangers.”
“You only have to hold back when it’s not only us or people we know. Otherwise, we may cause unnecessary problems for Rebecca-san.”
“… Got it~”
“… Will endure~”

Allen and Elena might want to go around saying things like that, but they’ll have to be patient.


“Mmh. Regardless of what relationship you have, the payment will be done by the Ruven family, yes?”
“No! I will be paying myself. I might look like this, but I earn quite a bit myself!”

They have introduced me to this store, but I will not make the Ruvens pay!

“Is that so? There’s no discount just because you were introduced by the Feudal Lord’s family, alright?”
“That’s fine with me. Erm, would you be more at peace if I told you that I was A-ranked adventurer?”
“Ohh, is that so! You don’t look like it at all! You really can fight?”

I’ve often been told that I don’t look strong, but this may be the first time I’ve been told so directly.

“I’m not very good with weapons, but I’m getting by with magic.”
“Hmm. Magic huh, and you can get by with it? Oh well. And so, what kind of house would you like to build?”
“I would like two houses, but the first one should be a small hut with one floor. Something that can be set up in a small space.”

I’m thinking of ordering two houses. The first one should be a smaller one, so that I can easily get it out in a forest with lots of trees. We could also use it when we need to take a short break or shelter from the rain in a hurry.

“That sounds more like a warehouse than a hut in terms of construction. Well sure, what’s next?”
“The second one should have a living room with a kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom, and a restroom. The front door can be directly connected to the living room, the house itself shouldn’t be too big.”

For the second house, I would like to include the bare necessities for daily life, with a larger space for relaxing, but since it will be used outside the towns, I would like it not to be too big so that it can be easily installed anywhere.

“That’s an unusual order, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be built. So, are you going to build them in the same place?”
“Ah~ about that… I’m planning to carry them around, so I’d like them not to be fixed to the ground.”
“Hah!? Carry them around? You mean the houses!?”
“Yes. I would like it if you could keep it a secret, but I can use Infinite Storage, so I would like to use the houses while doing requests.”

This reminded me that I forgot to tell him something very important, so when I told him the purpose of using the houses——


Suddenly, the workshop’s chief started laughing hysterically.

“This is the first time I received an order this amusing! That’s hilarious!”

… He seemed to like my order?

“A house that you can carry, huh. We can’t do with the normal blueprints then.”
“Yes, I would like to eliminate as many things as possible that I don’t think we will need.”
“Right. Alright, I want to draw a plan, so I will have you tell me more details!”
“Alright, I will be in your care then.”
“Ah, I haven’t introduced myself yet. I’m Ivano.”
“My name is Takumi.”
“Ou. You two shorties can let me know too if you come up with anything.”

We had a detailed discussion with Ivano-san, who suddenly became very excited.
We decided to build both houses in the style of log houses, using the logs to blend in with nature. The hut could be entered with shoes and was about six tatami mats big with a large table and chairs.
The other house was styled with a living room with a small entrance where you take off your shoes and immediately find yourself in a carpeted room. A sofa and a low table make it completely relaxing, and there was a proper place with water and a work table in the corner of the room to prepare light meals. There was a separate toilet and bathroom that we spared no magic tools on. Instead of a bed in the bedroom, we will have more than half of the room raised a bit so that we can use that for sleeping. I thought this would also allow Joule and the others to sleep together with us.
I also requested Ivano-san to order furniture and bedding in the right sizes.

“If you need a place to build, the Ruven family will lend you one of their vacant lands.”
“That would be great.”

Ivano-san said he currently had his hands free and would get right to work. I left the store after I handed him the advanced payment.

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