Chapter 259

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Cooking Instructions
The next morning I borrowed Oswald-san’s kitchen and cooked breakfast with Marshelly-san.
Allen and Elena were in high spirits all morning and went with Joule and the others to the forest to pick fruits.

“Erm, meat and fish are out of the question, but eggs and milk should be okay, right?”
(Yes, that’s correct. Butter and cheese are fine, too.)

I checked with Marshelly-san to see what Oswald-san can eat and decided what to make.

“Well, I suppose we’ll start with the vegetables cooked with the sukiyaki stock as requested by Oswald-san.”
(Right. Oz’s eyes were glued to it, saying it looked very tasty.)
“I, is that so? Then, should we make the same with green onions and whitebagge?”
(Yes, please let’s do that.)

When I asked whether I should make the same but without meat, since he was so interested in it, Marshelly-san nodded.

“Next would be stir-fry veggies with the Simple Salt Series, miso soup with plenty of vegetables in kombu stock, Ena grass boiled bonito-flavored soy sauce, grilled mushrooms with butter soy sauce, and tamagoyaki, which you can season as you’d like.”

Rice also seems better than bread here, so I decided to cook some White Wheat too.

“I think any of these salts could be used for stir-fry vegetables, but which one should I use today?”
(Let’s see~ let’s go with this green one today?)

None of the dishes take much effort, so I finished one after another, and finally, I made the vegetable stir-fry.
When I explained that there are different types of flavors of the salts depending on the colors of the lids, Marshelly-san chose the herb salt.

(Oh my, it smells very nice. It is very convenient if this is all you have to do to change the taste. Oz will be happy about this, too~)
“I’m glad to hear that.”

Just as we were finishing up the meal, the children came back with baskets full of all kinds of fruits.

“”We are back~””
(This forest really is amazing, isn’t it?)
(There are lots of seasonal and non-seasonal things~)
(We picked lots.)
(We ate lots!)
(You were the only one eating, Vector!)

“Look, look” the children showed off the baskets.

“You picked so much~ Should we eat it as it is?”

I thought it would be a good idea to eat the fruits raw as they were, since they were all ripe and sweet, but Allen and Elena sounded unhappy.

“What? No?”
“Ice cream~”
“Jam, too~”
(Niichan, I think fruit water would be good, too!)
(Fruit milk sounds nice as well.)
(Wouldn’t these taste incredible as dried fruit?)
(Anything is fine as long as it’s delish!)
(I think they would be yummy if frozen too!)

It was not just Allen and Elena, but Joule and the others told me about other ways to eat them as well.

“Ice cream and jam, fruit water and fruit milk, dried fruit and frozen fruit? Hahaha~ you came up with so many ways to eat them~”

Since Marshelly-san shouldn’t have heard Joule and the others, when I recited the examples, Marshelly-san’s eyes widened in surprise.

(Oh my, there’s so many ways to eat the fruits, I see~ Since there are so many ways, I wonder if you picked enough? You should pick more so you can make everything.)
“”Is okay?””
(It’s fine~)
“Is that really okay?”
(Yes, I mean, Oz hasn’t been eating them much recently~ I’ve never made fruit milk or frozen fruits before, so he might eat those if he tried them, but that aside, there’s still a lot more growing, right? So, feel free to pick more.)

Did he get tired of eating too much of that delicious fruit?
For lunch… or not, let’s serve some fruit milk and frozen fruits for snack time.

(All right, it seems we are all set. Let’s serve the meal right away. I’m sure Oz is waiting impatiently.)

We all gathered around the table, which is a bit grand for a dining table, and began to eat.


“… Delicious.”

After taking his first mouthful of the vegetables cooked with the sukiyaki stock, Oswald-san spilled his impressions.

“… This too… and this… they are all delicious.”

He tasted each dish in turn.
He was a bit teary-eyed.

“This is delish too.”
“Eat more~”

Seeing the teary-eyed Oswald-san, Allen and Elena recommended him dishes.

“Thank you. But there’s enough for everyone, so you both eat up as well.”

We finished breakfast on good terms and after a short break, we started cooking again. This time it was lunch and snacks.
First of all, I decided to make the udon noodles I had planned to make last night, and I asked the kids to help me with that.

“”Steppystep~♪ Steppystep~♪””

I put a small amount of flour, salt, and water together in a plastic bag-like leather bag and have the barefooted kids step on it.
Oh, Joule and the others have gone to pick fruits because they can’t help much here.

“Marshelly-san, it’s not necessary to step on it like this, you can do it with your hands too, but… it takes quite a lot of strength.”
(I see, but it should be okay if the amount is smaller.)
“That is true.”

We are making more now, so it takes some effort, but I’m not sure if Marshelly-san’s slender arms can even handle two servings~

“”Become deli~sh♪ become deli~sh♪””
“Looks good so far! If you try for a little longer, it will definitely turn out delicious!”
“”Will work hard!””

While Allen and Elena did their best, I made the after-meal desserts.
Flour, sugar, eggs, mix with milk, and bake thinly on a heated up pan.

“… Oh, there’s a hole in it.”

The first one unfortunately got a hole torn in the dough when I turned it over, but after a couple of times, I got used to it again.

“”What’s that~?””

Allen and Elena seemed to be watching me work while stepping on the udon noodles and asked me what I was making.

“These are crepe doughs.”
“”Crepe doughs?””
“Yep. You eat these by stuffing cream or jam and fruits inside of these. I’d love to give you a variety of things to choose from, but today I think we’ll have to go with plenty of cream, berries, and a chocolate sauce.”
“”Yeah! Looking forward to it~♪””

I continued to bake more and more doughs, and continued to wrap them as they cooled down… but before that, I cut the doughs with holes in them to form bite-sized crepes.
I gave one Marshelly-san to try, and put one each into the mouths of Allen and Elena who were waiting with their mouths wide open.

(Oh my, it’s so sweet and delicious.)
“Raw fruits, fruit sauce, jams… it would be fine with anything”
(It seems like a lot of fun~)

Allen and Elena, as well as Marshelly-san, seemed to like it.
Oh, come to think of it, I haven’t shared anything with Syl lately~ I’m just about to mass-produce the crepes anyway, so send some Syl’s way.

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