Chapter 233

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Visitors (2)
Thinking that we couldn’t see him off, we said goodbye to Rudolph-san and were brought by Kevin-san and Quigg-san to the Feudal Lord’s mansion.
When we were directed to the lounge, I saw a middle-aged man, who I think might be the Feudal Lord, talking to Austin-sama.

“Takumi-dono, long time no see!”
“… So it was Austin-sama. It’s been a while. Oh, it would be helpful if you called me without honorifics.”

When Austin-sama saw us, he shook my hand with a refreshing smile.

“Well then, Takumi. I’m glad you seem to be in good health. Allen, Elena, were you doing well?”
“”Yeah, doing well~””
“Is that so?”

Austin-sama patted the heads of Allen and Elena who stood on my sides.

“Marquis Stanval, this is Takumi. They are his younger siblings Allen and Elena.——Takumi, this is Kelm’s Feudal Lord, Marquis Marcus Stanval.”
“Marquis Stanval? Eh? Umm, Lilika-sama’s?”

The Feudal Lord smiled gently in confirmation.
It appears that the Feudal Lord of Kelm is Lilika-sama’s father.

“N? Marquis Stanval, are you already acquintanced with Takumi?”
“No, this is my first time meeting with Takumi-dono. We have been given a Pastel Rabbit by Takumi-dono before, though.”
“Oh, a Pastel Rabbit! My Mother and Wife also got one each, they both love them to death.”
“My daughter also loves it so much she brings it everywhere.”

It looks like the Pastel Rabbits are being loved as they should.

“”Is Fleur well~?””
“Yes, Fleur is doing well. Once again, Takumi-dono, it’s my honor to meet you. I’m truly grateful that you fulfilled my daughter’s wish.”
“Nono, I was searching for potential owners, so I was really helped.”
“But, later on, my daughter asked of you something selfish, right? Sorry about that.”
“Erm, is it about her cousin wanting a Pastel Rabbit too? If that’s the case then you don’t have to worry as it was an official request.”

I had a condition that we would search the forest only once and she would not ask for it anymore if we didn’t find any, plus we were properly rewarded for finding the Pastel Rabbit.

“Moreover, you have provided her with dessert recipes at a tea party, right?”
“Ah, yes, I handed them to everyone who participated at the tea party.”
“Oh my? Was that so? Our chefs recreated the recipes and I had some too, all of them were phenomenal.”
“I’m glad to hear that.”

If I’m not mistaken, that time… I handed out recipes for the pound cakes, cookies, and ice cream.

“It’s unfortunate I wasn’t able to participate at the luncheon that day. I couldn’t help but feel frustrated~ Those who participated were praising something called curry and rice very highly, so I found it regrettable~”
“Huh? The Fiji Company is already selling curry powder and I also taught everyone how to cook curry… was it not conveyed to you, Marquis Stanval?”
“What!? Is that the truth?”

It seems he wasn’t informed.

“Come to think of it, I have never eaten this thing called curry too~ Takumi, could it be made in time for dinner?”
“Yes, I think it will be fine. Err, the recipe… oh, here it is.”

I prepared a lot of papers with recipes on them for the tea party and luncheon, so I still have a few sheets left. I took it out from my Infinite Storage and placed it on the table.

“This is the recipe for curry. Err, do you need curry powder?”
“Oh my, you won’t be making it yourself, Takumi?”
“Eh!? Nonono! There’s no way I can simply enter the kitchen of the house I have visited for the first time, right!?”
“There’s no problem to do that here.”

Nono, there’s a big problem, right!?

“T, that reminds me, you have not told me the reason you have came to Kelm yet, Austin-sama! What’s the matter?”

I forcibly changed the subject.

“Takumi went out and he was brought here right after returning. It can’t be helped, so let’s leave it at that today. However, I will be asking you tomorrow.”
“Eh, tomorrow!?”
“Yes, please!”

Austin-sama smiled wholeheartedly. His expression told me that he won’t back down more.
Should I prepare myself for the worst then?

“Well then, let’s get down the business.”
“I will be excusing myself then.”
“Yes, sorry about that.”


When I sighed, Austin-sama acknowledged my doubts and will speak to me about the matter now. And, when it was time for us to talk, Marquis Stanval promptly left the room.

“Now then, I think you know the reason I came here, but it’s about the soup you have informed Count Ruven of. That is something incredible. Enough to change the way of life. You knew that though, that’s why you contacted Count Ruven, right?”

There seem to be several topics to talk about, but the soup comes first.

“Err… rather than me, it was an advice of a senior adventurer. As for me, I wanted to keep it away.”
“Is that so? Then, that adventurer made the right judgment. It would be too wasteful to keep something like that hidden.”

It seems that Rudolph-san’s judgment wasn’t wrong.

“Then, the reason you came here is because the country will handle the soup, not a company?”
“Exactly! Of course, that goes only if you agree.”
“I don’t mind. The adventurers, travelers and of course the knights would find it very helpful, so I approve of its popularization.”
“I thought you would say that. Then, let’s get negotiating first!”

Eh? What does “negotiating first” mean?

“What are you making that expression for? Are you just going to say: ‘Here you go’ while handing over something so incredible? That’s not possible, alright?”

Reading my expression, Austin-sama was dumbfounded.

“Well… are we not deciding just the payment for the manufacturing method?”

The letter I sent to Matthias-san only included the way the soup is prepared and how it can be handled easily. Therefore, Austin-sama doesn’t know how freeze-drying works yet.
I thought we would be discussing the price of this manufacturing method. Or so I thought, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

“The manufacturing method too, but there’s also the royalties from the sales. There’s no way the country can pocket all the profits, we also need to discuss how to deal with this and foreign countries… there are many things we have to go through, Takumi.”
“You can’t make such an unpleasant expression now.”
“Can’t I just push it all on you? I will sell the manufacturing method for cheaper.”
“Instead of raising the price, you are lowering its value? You are the same as always, Takumi~”

Same as always? Ahh~ There was the matter with the pearl ornaments.

“Allen, Elena, could you please ask Austin-sama to handle the rest?”
“”Handle the rest?””
“Yes, handle the rest. Please tell him, we leave the rest to you.”
“”Got it~””

With the pearls, Austin-sama started hesitating when the children requested him, so thinking of using the same tactics, I had Allen and Elena cooperate.

“Takumi, this won’t work on me no matter what this time!”
“By the way, after staying here for a few days, I’m thinking of having you accompany me to the Creta Kingdom.”
“Eh! To the Creta Kingdom?”

After Austin-sama declared strongly so, he spoke of something unexpected next.

“For the production of the soup, I plan on going to Argo and Creta first.”
“You have acquaintances in Argo, after all. I think the talks would go easier if I bring up your name.”
“Huh, bringing up my name?”

I have met the Argo royalty once before during a request… they may still remember me. (LN stuff)

“We are going to make a contract that part of the sales goes to you. This has to happen. Oh, please don’t say that you don’t need any profits… alright? It’s obvious that this will yield considerable profit. We don’t want to make it seem as if the country took it away from you.”

I see, even though I am fine with it, it’s quite likely the people would have their speculations.
In that case, Austin-sama would never give up on this condition. I have no choice but to agree here.
I have to do my best with the freeze-dried soup for Rudolph-san who took care of us too~

“Handle the rest.”
“Not needed?”
“Yep, it looks like it’s not needed this time. Thank you, both.”

I decided to stop avoiding the mess and made up my mind to discuss.

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