Chapter 232

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The next day, we immediately sent a letter to Matthias-san and were invited to the mines by Morgan-san, then we did some herb picking and enjoyed the hot spring with Joule and gang, and spent the entire day leisurely.

“”She was delighted~””
“True. It’s thanks to you both working so hard at finding the herbs.”

We went picking herbs in the mountains today as well, and returned to the inn after selling them at the Adventurer’s Guild.

“Ta, Takumi!”

When we entered the inn, Rudolph-san who noticed that we returned quickly rushed over in a panic.

“What’s the matter, Rudolph-san?”
“Did you do something!?”
“Takumi, I thought you were being obedient these few days, but did you do something behind my back!?”
“Eh? I didn’t do anything, though?”

I was falsely accused.
These are false accusations… right? I did not do anything bad these past few days, right? We just played normally and completed a few requests, no?

“There are Knights here! Moreover, not only a feudal lord’s knight but the country’s knight too! Moreover, it’s a set of a Royal Guard and Dragon Knight, ya know!”
“Royal Guard and Dragon Knight… is it?”
“That’s right! And so, what did you do!!”
“Nono, I’m telling you I didn’t do anything… probably.”

Still… what did the Royal Guard and Dragon Knight come here for?

“Takumi-dono, how have you been?”
“Long time no see, Takumi-dono.”
“Isn’t that Kevin-sama and Quigg-san (LN)!”

The Royal Guard was Kevin-sama with whom I went to the Huge Animals Dungeon and Quigg-san who was dispatched from the country of Argo.

“Addressing Quigg with -san while calling me -sama makes me feel so distanced~”
“Then, Kevin-san, no need to address me with honorifics either. Quigg-san too.”
“It’s fine to not address me with honorifics too, but… well, why don’t we compromise, Takumi.”
“I will call you Takumi-san then.”
“Well, please do that in the future. I can’t calm down when called stuff like -sama or -dono, so I’m glad you brought up the topic, Kevin-san.

If the way we call each other isn’t fixed soon, there’s a little chance to correct it afterward, after all. I will do it properly from now on during the first meetings.

“Nevertheless, why did you come to the town of Kelm?”

The two are wearing their uniforms too, is it for work?

“Why, you ask, isn’t it because you called?”
“Yes? I called?”
“Yeah, you asked the Feudal Lord’s mansion for instructions, didn’t you?”
“First of all, it’s the matter of the letter you sent to Count Ruven. You know what I am talking about?”
“Letter… is it about the soup?”
“There are all kinds of things that should be taken care of, but you can explain that at the Feudal Lord’s mansion.”
“Eh? Wait a moment, please. Who did come to the Feudal Lord’s mansion?”

I mean, there’s someone the Royal Guard and the Dragon Knight must have accompanied here, right?
I just have a hunch that a big shot is here!

“N? It will be only fun after you meet them.”
“Nono, I need to prepare my heart, so please tell me now!”
“We were ordered to bring you without telling you, so we can’t tell you~”

There are only a few candidates that come to mind. Rather, I can only think of royalty. It’s just I can’t say who did they chose to send.
Looking at Kevin-san’s amused expression, he appears to have been strictly ordered to not tell me.

“Allen-san, Elena-san, long time no see. Do you still remember me?”
“”Yea! Remember~!””
“Is that so? Thank you very much. Were you well?”
“”Yeah! Is Charo doing well~?””
“Yes, he’s doing well. He’s eager to see you again.”
“Allen wants to see him too!”
“Elena too~!”


While I was getting an explanation from Kevin-san, Allen and Elena were having fun talking with Quigg-san.

“Considering the number of days it took you to come here, and you are with Quigg-san, you must have come on a wyvern?”
“Yes, that’s correct.”
“It’s not only Charo then?”
“They are part of the guards after all, they don’t move alone.”
“… I can’t believe I didn’t notice wyverns flying over.”

I wonder if it was too peaceful lately as I wasn’t paying attention to the surroundings and missed several wyverns flying over the town.

“It’s understandable that you didn’t notice. We entered the town in the shade of the night, after all.”
“… Why do that?”
“Wasn’t that to surprise you?”
“Nonono, don’t do something so dangerous just because of that.”

Flying in the dark and landing in the town must be absolutely dangerous, right!?

“It was only us who entered the town in the shade of the night, the Dragon Knights, who can control the wyverns.”
“The person of your concern and the guards, including Kevin, entered carriages near the town, so you don’t have to worry.”
“You went out of your way to do something like that?”

Seriously, truly, why do you do something like this!?

“Anyhow, we were ordered to bring you to the Feudal Lord’s mansion, so pack up your bags and follow us.”
“We don’t have any things in the room, so we are ready to leave, but… you mean we won’t be returning here?”
“I’m sure there’s a room prepared for you guys.”
“… Got it. Anyhow, I will just explain.”

I don’t seem to have the option to refuse. Well, I also have no reason to refuse, so I decided to give a brief explanation to the doubting Rudolph-san first.

“… They were your acquaintances, it seems.”
“Yes. I was called to the Feudal Lord’s mansion, so we will be leaving now. There seem to be many things to talk about, but one of them is about the soup, so I will do my best to make it available for sale.”
“Yes, do your best.”
“Also, they apparently prepared a room for us over there, so we won’t be returning tonight. I don’t know what will happen after… Dunst-san, this is a bit sudden, but I’d like to cancel the room.”
“Got it.”

Because I don’t know how many days I will be staying there, I decided to cancel the room at the White Cat’s for now. That being said, the amount I paid in advance should be enough, so I just conveyed that we are leaving.

“Takumi, we will be leaving the town the day after tomorrow.”
“Eh!? Is that so?”
“Yeah. To be honest, I was worried about leaving you here alone. But, hearing that there are people to hold your reins, I can feel at ease.”

Rudolph-san said with a serious look.
I’m aware that we have been in his care, but for him to hesitate to leave because of us…


There, Kevin-san laughed out loud.
Quigg-san was also chuckling to himself.

“You seem like someone who would do something to be guilty of right away, Takumi.”
“I also have an idea.”
“Quigg too?”
“Yeah, the first time he met my wyvern, he was affectionate to him like his own child, which scared me out of my wits~
“… Takumi, you did something like that?”
“That’s not something to be guilty of, okay!”

For some reason, Kevin-san, Quigg-san, Rudolph-san, and Dunst-san were in agreement as they spoke about our encounters.

From my point of view, it felt like I was being exposed to my failures. However, they didn’t stop even after I tried to stop them, so I was quite a bit embarrassed.

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