Chapter 234

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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While discussing the sales with Austin-sama, I first asked him to pay me less, so that the price could be lower and anyone could buy it.
Austin-sama acknowledged that, we signed the contract and I taught him the freeze-drying method. Though I say that, it was only freezing the soup and drying it afterward…
Austin-sama stared in wonder at the surprisingly easy method.

“It’s something so simple?”
“Correct. Everything will be all right as long as you carefully eliminate the air around the soup while drying.”
“First of all, we have to try it with someone who can use life magic immediately. If successful, it’s going to be easier and more popular than I thought.”

There is a considerable number of people with “Fire Magic”, but “Ice Magic” users are scarce. In comparison, many people are able to use “Life Magic”. Therefore, rather than gathering people who can use fire and ice magic, gathering those who can use life magic would be much easier.

“I’m going to give it a try tomorrow with the people I brought with me and those working at Stanval’s residence.”

Tomorrow, the Stanval household’s chefs will cook the soup and the knights who are able of using life magic will attempt to freeze-dry it.
For now, Austin-sama doesn’t intend on spreading the freeze-drying method, so he’s going to ask the obliging knights to keep quiet.

“Which reminds me, Austin-sama you said you wanted to go to Creta? Is there a need for me to go as well?”
“I won’t say that it’s necessary for you to go, but it would definitely help. After all, even though countries have products they monopolize and sell them as specialty products, this would be the first time multiple countries would attempt to put a product on the market together.”

Oh, so there are products sold exclusively in certain countries.

“But, showing up on a big stage is a little bit too much for me…”
“I know that. That’s why I intend on speaking about you only to a select few.”
“Thank you for understanding.”

Well, my name will definitely come up during the signing of a contract, so getting to know my name is important, even though it wouldn’t be officially announced to the public. That’s something I can do nothing about.

“However, it would be very helpful if you were nearby to give advice were something unexpected to happen. Additionally, I’m thinking of having you accompany me as a Knight Guard to Creta.”
“Huh? As a knight? I am no knight, though?”
“It’s fine. I’m not saying you will have to swear your loyalty to me or anything. You will just have to wear a knight uniform to blend with the other guards.”

Heeh~… is doing something like that alright?

“Your uniform is already prepared.”

With a smile on his face, Austin-sama pointed at a box on a table close to the wall.
He instructed one of his guards to bring it and he showed me the contents.


Inside the box was the uniform of Guardia’s Knights, moreover, the white uniform worn by the Royal Guards.

“Not the dark blue one?”
“You will be my guard, after all. It has to be the white one.”
“That might be true, but… wouldn’t that set a bad example for the knights who aim to become the Royal Guards?”

It is certainly the job of the Royal Guards to escort the royal family, but I don’t think that wearing this uniform is something I should do, as I’m not even a knight in the first place.

“You have the trust of our royal family and there’s no problem in the ability department, so isn’t it just fine? Besides, I’m allowing you to wear it, so there won’t be a problem no matter who says what. Father has approved of this too.”

Well, there won’t be many people complaining if the King and the Crown Prince allowed it.


“I don’t think there would be a problem with the size, but why don’t you try it on just in case?”
“Eh? Right now? Rather, I didn’t say I was going to Creta with you just yet, no?”
“You won’t go with me? Are you certain?”
“… It’s not like I say I wouldn’t go.”
“Really? Thank you very much, Takumi.”

I feel like I was pulled by the nose, though… I don’t dislike the idea of visiting Creta, so why not just go~

“Allen, Elena, it seems that we have a change of plans and we will be going to a country called Creta in a few days.”
“That’s right.”
“”What about Obaasama~?””
“Sorry, it seems that we will get there a bit later.”

When I explained to the children, they looked more disappointed than I thought.
Well, the kids did look forward to the town of Rubia, after all~

“I am aware that I did you wrong, Allen, Elena. Could you forgive me for delaying your plans by a little? As an apology, I had prepared uniforms for you two as well.”
“Outfits that match with Takumi’s.”

To curry favor with the kids, Austin-sama showed them the contents of another box. There were white tiny uniforms inside.
I was thinking what was in the other boxes, but to think there would be children-sized uniforms in one of them~
But, the effect was superb as the children’s interest swayed.

“Why don’t you try it on?”
“I don’t think it would be that difficult to wear it, but…——Kevin, help them put it on.”

While staring in blank amazement, we put on the knight uniform——

“This… suits me strangely well…”

I felt a bit weird since the uniform was perfect for my size.

“I inquired about your size, after all. You guys had clothes made in the capital, so it was quite easy.”

Oh… they checked through the Ruven family.

“”Suits me~?””
“Both of you look very good in it.”

Allen and Elena’s uniforms also suited them perfectly and the two looked like adorable knights.
Moreover, the uniform had a cloak included, and they were playing amusingly with it by turning around.

“By the way, we have prepared only one piece for the children, but there’s also dark blue and black one for you, Takumi.”

Austin-sama pointed at another box that had yet to be opened.
It seems that he prepared the uniform of the general knights and Dragon Knights for me as well. There won’t be a need for me to wear any other uniform than the white one, no?

“I won’t have the opportunity to wear those, right?”
“I believe you could have use for them, so it would be good having them at hand.”
“Nonono, use for what, exactly!? Rather, you cannot encourage something like that, Austin-sama!”
“At times you think a knight at the place could solve the problem, for example? It’s fine, I trust you won’t use them for evil!”
“You don’t have to trust me that much, okay!?”

Normally, I wouldn’t dare object so foolishly when talking with the Crown Prince, but I couldn’t help it this time.

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