Chapter 220

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“Good morning.”

When I opened my eyes in the morning, Allen and Elena were already awake, lying face down and flapping their legs while peeking at my face.

“You are early as usual~ Did you sleep well?”
“I see. Then, are your muscles in pain by any chance?”

They have used their muscles quite a lot in the mines, but they don’t seem to have any problems.

“I’m not going to sell the materials today, but let’s go to the Guild to send the letters, and also… let’s visit the temple today.”
“That’s right. We have to inform others that we have arrived in Kelm. Let’s see~… one to the castle, one to Matthias-san, and one to Rebecca-san. You have been practicing writing letters, do you want to write something too?”
“Then, let’s write the letters before having breakfast.”

We only have to write about our current status and not in detail, so the letters will be finished soon.


When I prepared papers and pens for Allen and Elena, the two thought about the sentences to write with the utmost effort, and carefully began writing.
It’s just that this world’s pens are quill pens, and you have to use ink quite often, so it’s a little difficult to write with.
Well, I am also not too used to it just yet. There might be no ballpoint pens or fountain pens, but I could maybe find a pencil if I look around, no?
Speaking of pencils, there are colored pencils too. Getting drawing materials and letting the children draw sounds good too. Let’s look for it.

“Oh, good morning.”
“Ou, Takumi, good morning.”

When we finished writing the letter and went down to the dining hall, Rudolph-san and the other three members of Dragon Breath were already having a meal.
We were beckoned over, so we sat at the same table and ordered breakfast.

“You are early~”
“We are accepting a request today.”
“Is that so? But, didn’t you put your weapons for maintenance?”
“We have plenty of requests we accept only with spare weapons. Rather than that, our bodies will grow dull if we don’t do anything.”

Indeed, I heard that it’s difficult to get your body back to top condition once it gets dull.

“You are early today too, Takumi. Are the kids not feeling tired?”
“Not at all, they seem to be just fine.”
“Hooh~ they are healthy, indeed. And so, what are you doing today?”
“We are going to the Adventurer’s Guild first.”
“To the Guild? Are you going to sell yesterday’s stuff? Have you sorted it out properly?”

Rudolph-san frowned upon hearing our schedule.

“”Wrote letters~””
“Yes, we are only going to mail letters today, I have no plans of selling the materials today.”
“That so? Don’t make me startled.”

When I elaborated in a hurry, Rudolph-san looked relieved.
Was he worried that I was going to make a fuss by selling something I shouldn’t? Does Rudolph-san take me as a “little brother that I shouldn’t take my eyes off”?
I can’t say that I am reliable, but I would like to be trusted a bit more.

“Oniichan, thank you for waiting.”
“Thank you, Iris-chan. You are admirable, helping since morning. Huh, pizza!?”
“”Yaay~ It’s pizza~!””

There are several meals at the inn that can be selected for dinner, but there’s only one option for breakfast. It’s usually a hearty soup with bread. However, today’s breakfast was a pizza with lots of garnish and clear soup.

“Err, you see, the customers wanted it for breakfast.”
“I see~”

The pizza that started being served at the dining hall the night before seems to be so popular that requests started piling up.

“N? What, isn’t this different from what we have?”
“Eh? Is that so?”
“The one we ate was garnished with onions, potatoes, and bacon.”

The pizza we were served had red onions, some dark vegetable, thick slices of bacon and… red fruit? There were two ingredients I was not familiar with.


“It’s clearly different.”
“That is the one we served at night. Otousan probably wanted Oniichan to eat one he made himself~”
“Ah, so it’s like that.”

Speaking of which, I did say that I am looking forward to the pizza Dunst-san came up with on his own. Well, we already had a meal at Morgan-san’s shop when we came back to the inn yesterday, so we couldn’t taste the pizza yesterday.

“Should I be paying extra for this then?”
“Nope, you don’t need to pay. Otousan, you see, he said, errr… manufacturer’s privilege? or something!”
“Manufacturer’s privilege? … I see. Then, could you thank Dunst-san for me please?”
“Got it.”

Once I knew the reason, Iris-chan was called over by another customer, so she went to listen to their order.

“”Can eat~?””
“Yeah. Let’s eat before it gets cold. But, before that——”

In front of us was a meal for three. In amounts that could satisfy three adults.
Therefore, I quartered the pizzas in front of Allen and Elena and took two slices from each pizza away. There was definitely way too much!

“Allen, Elena, dig in.”
“”Dig in~””

I then offered the remainder of their pizzas to Rudolph-san’s group. They were watching enviously since a while ago, after all.

“It was too much for the children, so have some if you’d like.”
“””You sure!?”””
“Are you certain!?”

The four raised their voices in joy and started eating, so I also began.

“Yep, it’s good.”

The pizza Dunst-san made was very delicious.
Although this was my first time seeing them on Aetherida, the black vegetable and red fruit were a good match for the pizza.

“This is my first time seeing these, so I don’t know what this black vegetable and red fruit might be called?”
“That’s Aspar and Olive fruit. This goes well with cheese too, doesn’t it~”

As I thought, the black veggie was asparagus and the red fruit was actually an olive.
I have to get my hands on them if I find them in a store! Although the number of things in my Infinite Storage will increase again, I want to have on me when I want to use them.

“How was it, Takumi?”
“It was very delicious. The combination of the ingredients was very good.”
“… Is that so? Is that so!”

When we finished eating, Dunst-san who came out of the kitchen asked for my impressions, so when I told him what I thought honestly, his expression relaxed a bit.

“Dunst-san looks so happy~”
“Yeah, he was desperately trying to hide it, but it was so obvious.”
“Shuddup! If you guys are done eating then get out already!”

Dunst-san yelled at Rudolph-san and Iris-san because of their ridiculing words and urged them out. I think he was trying to hide his embarrassment, but… we were urged out too, for some reason. Well, we were planning on going out, so it’s fine~
In the end, we parted with Rudolph-san’s group who had to leave out of the town to complete their request, and we made our way to the Adventurer’s Guild.

“”Send letters please~””
“Yes, letter delivery? We will take care of it. Erm, the destination is… ehh!?”

The guild staff member who received the letters from Allen and Elena opened their eyes wide and froze in place when they saw one of the letter’s address… such an incident happened, but we were able to arrange the delivery safely, so we left the Adventurer’s Guild.

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