Chapter 219

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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The Good Luck Continues
“Now then, shall we start digging again?”
“”Will start~””

As Morgan-san was praising the chicken sandwich he had with a cup of tea highly, we stood up thinking of resuming the mining. At that time——


A white object the size of a rugby ball passed in front of us.

“That’s a mouse, indeed. What a pretty-looking white mouse that was.”

If I am not mistaken, that was… a Devil Rat, wasn’t it? It’s not that big, but it’s quite a popular monster because of its silky white fur.

“Oh, isn’t that the black-bellied rat! The surroundings must be filled with nice fragrance at this time, so it was probably lured over by the scent.”
“Black… eh?”

Huh, did Rudolph-san call it black-bellied just now?
Moreover, lured over by the scent… the scent of chicken sandwich?

“Rudolph-san, the scent aside, that monster just now was a Devil Rat, wasn’t it? The name seems unbecoming of its appearances, though…”

I have not the slightest idea why it has the name of a devil despite having a fur this white.

“Takumi, don’t be deceived by its appearances. That fellow is an extremely devious and sly monster.”
“Eh? Is that so? That’s why ‘black-bellied’?”

I see. Then, it was named devil after its character?

“There’s that too, but… the insides of that fellow’s belly, or rather the inner parts of the fur, are black for some reason.”

The inner part of the fur is black… so it’s naturally reversible? That’s quite novel~

“”Wow, wow.””

This time, the Devil Rat passed between Allen and Elena.


Allen and Elena chased the Devil Rat. However, on top of being quick, it also continuously changed its direction, so Allen and Elena were unable to catch it.

“… It’s running away, but it’s not trying to leave this place, huh.”

It’s not like it’s locked up here, so it’s possible for it to escape where we can’t see. But, the Devil Rat was loitering around our place.

“Isn’t it looking for the origin of the scent?”
“Nono, that can’t be right.”
“You can’t tell with this fellow.”

I didn’t think so, but Rudolph-san seemed quite confident.

“”Wait, wait~””
“Allen, Elena, it means no real harm, you can leave it alone, you know?”
“”Just a lil’ bit more~””

The kids kept on chasing the Devil Rat.


“It’s supposed to be a hard to kill, swift monster that doesn’t show up often~ But, you sure you want to overlook it? That fellow’s fur is popular and quite expensive.”
“That seems to be the case, but… it doesn’t seem like the children will be able to catch it.”
“Ah~… they are usually caught with traps. Still, they are chasing with such a vigor yet they seem to be nowhere close to capturing it.”
“Yes. Well, the two seem to be having fun chasing it.”

Allen and Elena were all ““Kyaa, kyaa.”” with cheerful expressions on their faces.


However, that didn’t continue for long. For some reason, the Devil Rat that was running from place to place crashed into the wall and stopped moving.

“… Eh? D, did it kill itself?”

We were stunned by the unexpected turn of events.

“Err… did it perhaps just faint?”
“No, it is definitely dead.”
“What are we going to do about that Devil Rat?”
“Well, it was chased by the kids, so shouldn’t it be their loot?”
“… That doesn’t sound right for some reason.”
“I have no complaints, the Old man also won’t mind. Right?”

Morgan-san immediately agreed with Rudolph-san.
It is valuable, but… I can’t help but feel burdened by it.

“Takumi, the Guild will be very happy even if you bring them a single one.”
“I think so too, but…”
“That, or let’s see~ how about using it to for the kids’ clothes? For scarf or something like that?”
“… That’s way too conspicuous, isn’t it?”

If they were wearing scarves the nobles covet… they will be targeted in the worst-case scenario, no?
I think Allen and Elena would be really cute if they were to wear it, but I definitely think that it’s a bad idea!

“Haah… I will accept your suggestion and bring it to the Guild.”
“Ou, do that, do that.”

I thought of tossing it into the Infinite Storage, but were are not alone now, so I am going to handle it as a treasure.
I mean, I am scared were something to happen and I still had the fur on me.
See, Rudolph-san and Morgan-san could be talking about something with no malice, so if I still had the fur at that time, I would be completely involved!

“What’s the matter, Allen, Elena?”
“It came.”

When I looked where Allen and Elena were pointing at, wasn’t that another Devil Rat I saw?
Are they really lured over by the scent?

“Allen, Elena, I will say it just in case, but even though they may look cute, they are apparently very cunning, so they are not suitable to be pets, okay?”

First of all, I cautioned the children so something like with the Pastel Rabbits won’t happen again.

“It means dishonest, or malignant… you still don’t understand, do yo? Err… anyhow, their personalities are apparently really, really bad.”
“They are good at escaping, so leave them alone. You can’t use magic in here.”

Unlike Dungeons, the place would collapse if they missed with a spell, so I warned them.

“Now, now, we are losing precious time, why don’t we resume the digging~”
“Well then, I will get back to work too!”

The results in the afternoon were quite good.
Lots of iron ore, a little bit of Mithril and gems of various types. And above all, we dug up large amounts of rock salt.
And also, an extra Devil Rat that also collided with the wall for some reason. Or rather, it was forced by Rudolph-san.

“What a good harvest!”
“Truly~ Ah, that reminds me, we promised to sell you what we dig up, didn’t we? What would you like to buy, Morgan-san?”
“Oh~ I almost forgot. But, as you can see, I had this kind of harvest thanks to you guys~ I can’t hog it all for myself. Right, I won’t say to sell it all, but why don’t you take a bit to the Guild?”
“I understand. Then, I will hand it over with the Devil Rat.”
“Ou, do that.”

Morgan-san had quite the harvest too. There was no need for him to buy from us too.
In that case, I decided to sell off some… But, I will have to decide what to sell after I carefully examine what we dug out!

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