Chapter 218

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After seeing the children off, I immediately got to work.

“Now then, let’s do this.”

The ingredients… meat, let’s see~ maybe I should use bird meat and make a chicken sandwich?
A simple grilled one seasoned with salt, sandwiched between lettuce and mayonnaise. Ah~… but wouldn’t the taste of salt be difficult to discern if I use mayonnaise? But, I would prefer using mayonnaise~
All right, let’s think about this later!

“A type of bird meat, let’s see…”

Oh! We got plenty of Cockatrice meat in a dungeon!

“Oh, what a nice smell.”

Rudolph-san approached as I started grilling the meat.

“Takumi, what kind of meat is that?”
“Err… It’s a Cockatrice.”

For a moment, I was worried about what to say, but when I told Rudolph-san what kind of meat it was, he sunk into silence. Wasn’t Cockatrice a B-ranked monster? Is this too much?
I have usually talked with the Ruven family about what kind of meat I was going to use, but I remember hearing that the nobility often eat the meat of B-ranked monsters.

“You seemed to be hesitating to speak up, so you are aware that it’s not meat you would usually use, right?”
“Do A-ranked adventurers not eat the meat of B-ranked monsters often?”
“Only sometimes when I splurge, but I rarely get to eat it.”
“… Is that so?”

Unlike the nobility, adventurers bring down the monsters themselves, so I thought that it wouldn’t be so unusual for the top class adventurers to eat B-ranked monster’s meat often… it seems that I was wrong.

“Ah, yeah, there’s no problem for you guys to eat good quality meat. Just be aware that it’s not the usual thing to do.”
“… Roger that.”

It means that it would be better to use C-ranked meat the next time we eat in front of other people!

“Isn’t it good already?”
“Indeed, it’s grilled.”

The meat was grilled, so I finished my work.
I cut a long white bread, placed lettuce, the grilled meat, and mayonnaise in-between.

“Rudolph-san, could you call Morgan-san over?”
“Yeah, got it.”
“Allen, Elena, come here. The food is done, so let’s take a break.”

First, I applied Washing on the children who ran over immediately after I called them.

“Take off your gloves for a little bit. Are your palms hurting?”
“”It’s fine?””

They kept on swinging their pickaxes for a while, so I had the children take off their gloves to check whether they got any blisters or if their skin got peeled.

“Seems there really are no problems.”
“”Yea, no problems!””
“Oi, oi, their soft hands didn’t even turn red?”
“Indeed. Surprisingly, there seems to be no change.”

It’s no wonder Rudolph-san was surprised. Despite working so hard, the two’s hands were soft as ever. The feeling their hands give off when touched is superb.

“Well, their bodies are strong from the start, after all. Rather than that, why don’t we eat before it gets cold? Huh? Rudolph-san, where is Morgan-san?”


Just when I thought to start eating, Rudolph-san returned, but Morgan-san was nowhere to be seen.

“Old man is over there. I called him, but it seems that my voice didn’t reach him.”
“Your voice didn’t reach him, you say… is he so focused? Is he always like that when he works? Wouldn’t it be dangerous if some kind of emergency situation occurred?”
“This should be the first time it happened in the mines? Well… he’s on fire today, so it can’t be helped.”

Morgan-san looked very happy when he dug out Mithril, after all~ He might be trying to mine as much as he can.

“… N? Rudolph-san, did you say ‘in the mines’ just now?”
“He apparently immerses himself in the workshop so much he forgets to eat and sleep.”
“… Is that so?”

Time passes quickly when you immerse yourself in work, after all~ That would surely be the case for craftsmen too.
Well, I believe there’s going to be a chance for him to stop working for a little, so I will hand him the food then.

“Then, shall we eat first? Here, Allen, Elena. Rudolph-san too, eat up.”
“”Yay. looks delish~””
“Uoh, this looks great. Then, I won’t be holding back…”

When I handed the chicken sandwiches to the three, they immediately bit down.

“Allen, Elena, stop with the ‘Umee’. You don’t have to repeat that.”

The three let out impressed voices, but Allen and Elena corrected themselves and used the words Rudolph-san used for some reason. But, as expected, I would like them to refrain from saying that.

“… Imitating animal squeals is cute, so that one is fine.”

Imitating sheep and goats… that one is fine.

“No, this really is ‘umee~’ ya know!”
“Rudolph-san, Rudolph-san, the kids are going to copy you, so please refrain from saying ‘umee’ in front of them.”
“Ohh, sorry. It was so delicious (umai) that my words got broken. I will be careful.”
“Thank you very much. Well… I am glad you found it palatable.”
“No, this really is delicious! But, Takumi, did you not choose the dish wrongly? The meat of Cockatrice is naturally tasty, so when you put in bread like this, I can’t tell whether the salt is tasty or not!”

… Indeed, as Rudolph-san said, salt is tasty when it comes to it, but I can’t really tell if it enhanced the taste of this dish or not.

“Onii~chan’s food is.”
“Always delish.”
“I know that any food Takumi makes is delicious. We are talking about whether the salt you guys dug out is tasty or not.”
“Right, the salt. Could you tell the salt was different from what he usually uses?”
“”… It’s delish?””

Inquired by Rudolph-san, Allen and Elena replied while tilting their heads.

“Allen, Elena, you can say that you couldn’t tell if you couldn’t tell, okay?”
“”Couldn’t tell!””
“Yep, honesty is good!”

Allen and Elena couldn’t discern the salt whatsoever.
Well, I would be surprised if salt alone had so much discerning taste, so not being able to tell the difference may be only a matter of course.

“I wonder if you could tell the difference if I made the same two dishes using different kinds of salt?”
“That sounds amusing. Make sure to call me over when you are going to do it!”
“”Sounds amusing!””
“I say it just in case, but I won’t be doing that anytime soon.”
“Then, would you like to stop the digging and go back to cook?”

Allen and Elena showed stunned expressions after hearing my words.

“”No way~””
“Right? That’s why we should leave the cooking for another time. Let’s rest for a little longer and return to digging, alright?”

Once it was decided to leave the salt-tasting for another time, Morgan-san who finally noticed that we were taking a break and eating ran over saying “You guys are unfair.”

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