Chapter 221

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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After we finished sending the letters, we made our way to the temple.

(Takumi-san! I was waiting for you!)

When I told the children to wait for a moment and called out to Syl as usual, his eager voice reached me.

(You were waiting? Did something urgent happen? Ah, did Water God-sama return, perhaps?)
(No, Windell has not returned ye——ahh!!)

Syl seemed to be very cheerful, so when I asked him what has been on my mind for a while now, he got wonderfully caught off guard.
I mean, I found it very strange that there have been no news from Windell-sama since I met Allen and Elena. Well, his retainers took some action, though~
Even Fire God-sama and Earth God-sama whom I have little relationship with sent me contracted beasts and goods, you know?
Also, there’s the conversation about chocolate I had with Syl the last time. That time, my head was full of thoughts about Allen and Elena’s birthday, but recalling carefully, Syl told me that he shared it with the Goddess of Creation Marianora-sama, Fire God Salamanteel-sama, and Earth God Nomoodle-sama. I was thinking that Water God-sama didn’t like sweet things at first. But, that’s something Syl would tell me. That’s why I was thinking that Water God-sama might be missing.
And so, I tried poking the subject a bit, but… it does seem that Water God-sama is missing, and they don’t seem to know where he disappeared to.

(Ta, Takumi-san!? Yo, you knew!?)
(No, I was just guessing? However, I got my answer thanks to you~)
(Oh my God…)

I can imagine Syl hanging his head down~

(Ah, you told me that you “can’t tell” before, will you receive a punishment or something because of this? It’s me who played unfair saying this, but would it be better if I explained to someone?)
(No… it’s fine. Even though you haven’t asked about it before, you would surely find it strange that there has been no contact from Windell for almost a year.)
(Well, yes. And so, do you know where he is?)
(Err… that’s…)

Syl was hesitating to speak. Yep, he can’t talk about the place.

(H, he went on a j, journey… to broaden his horizons?)
(Why is that a question? It’s fine, you don’t have to force yourself.)
(… Sorry.)

Even though you can just say that you can’t tell me if you can’t. Well, speaking of acting like Syl, right!

(Well, let’s stop talking about Water God-sama then. So, returning back on the subject, what were you waiting for?)
(Ah, right! I have something to give you, Takumi-san!)
(Something to give me?)
(Yes, it’s a bit late, but it’s a present for the twins’ birthday. Although I say that, I couldn’t come up with anything that would make the children happy, so I prepared something that would be helpful to you guys!)

The sound I have barely heard in recent times resounded in my mind, so I opened the item list and checked the contents.

(Oh, aren’t these magic potions!)

What Syl sent me were mana potions, healing potions, and detoxifying potions. Moreover, several intermediate and advanced level ones each!

(Thanks, Syl. I was just about to look for these!)
(I am happy that you have received them positively. I don’t think you would let the children hurt themselves, but we can have peace of mind with them in your possession.)
(Indeed. They have not been seriously injured or ill up until now, but you never know what might happen.)

This certainly might seem a bit questionable as a present for the children’s birthday, but it’s certainly first-class in usefulness.

(Oh, speaking of presents… I received lots of Mou Milk and Treasure Eggs around Allen and Elena’s birthday.)
(T, that was…)
(That was?)
(From Marianora-sama.)

I was certain it was from Syl, but to think it was from Marianora-sama herself?

(Actually, as I was worried about what presents to sent, Marianora-sama told me she prepared something herself…)
(The milk and eggs?)

Milk and eggs… i, is it because she wanted to eat ice cream!? Going by the timing, was it about when I was asked for ice cream? No, was it after I sent the ice cream over?
I knew Marianora-sama liked sweets, but… to think she liked them this much?

(I believe she loves them very much. She seemed joyous the last time she ate ice cream. Err… was it cone? We unfortunately did not have that, but she apparently challenged three scoops at once.)

As I said… don’t read my mind so naturally.
Still… a cone? I have no doubt he means that, right? The cone-shaped… sugar cone, waffle cone, that kind of cone, right?
Rather, how does Marianora-sama know about cones? There aren’t any on Aetherdia, are there?


(Marianora-sama knows lots about Earth’s food for some reason~)
(… Really.)

As I said! Don’ be… oh well.

(I can’t really make a cone, unfortunately. I don’t have the ingredients and I don’t even know how.)
(I thought so. But, ice cream was really delicious even without that cone thingy! Ah, I liked the milk-flavored one the best!)

Wasn’t there a cookie cone too… maybe I can do that? But well, there’s no need to do it.

(I see. Then, shall I sent you the milk-flavored one the next time I make ice cream?)
(You will send more!? I really want to eat the milk-flavored one again, but the other flavors were yummy as well, and you had other flavors if I’m not mistaken, right? I want to try them too~)

Syl was earnestly troubled. Moreover, he knew precisely well what kind of ice cream flavors I had made.
Rather, what kind of ice creams have I made so far?
Err… milk, honey, ichi, kahee, black tea, milk tea, oren, adzuki, sesame, brandy, mint, chocolate, milk with chocolate chips, tea with chocolate chips, chocolate with chocolate chips with, milk with fruits, milk with maro nuts… is that all?
Whoah~ 17 kinds? I unexpectedly made so many~ Did I make too many? But, there are still many more flavors I would like to try~
Caramel, roasted beans, ice cream with cookies, ice cream with nuts paste, I would even like to try cheese-flavored ice cream.

(You can even make cheese into ice cream?)

… Again? Syl should be concentrating on his own thoughts, not reading mine.

(The taste will change a lot depending on the type and concentration of the cheese, and I don’t know whether it will suit your tastes, but I will try making it.)
(Heeh~ is that so~ Ah, speaking of cheese, I heard this thing called pizza is really yummy. Is that also a dish from your world, Takumi-san?)
(Correct. Rather, I thought you were only interested in sweets, but that doesn’t seem to be the case?)
(I have an interest in everything~ I mean, anything you make looks so delicious, after all.)

I thought Syl was occasionally checking on us, but… he might be unexpectedly observing a lot?
Well, it’s all good as he means no harm~

(If it’s pizza I can send you some right away. Are you interested?)
(You sure!?)
(It’s fine. There are only two, however.)

When I borrowed Dunst-san’s kitchen to bake the pizza, I made more and stored them in my Infinite Storage, so I sent that to Syl.

(Whoah, wow! Thank you so much, Takumi-san!)
(It’s better to eat the pizza while it’s hot. Then, I will be going now, you enjoy your meal.)

Pizza is half as good when it cools down. Therefore, I tried to leave to let Syl enjoy his food, but he stopped me.

(Takumi-san, wai, wait a moment!)
(N? What is it?)
(Umm… it will be almost a year since you have come to Aetherdia, right?)
(Ah, yes, that’s right.)
(I don’t know whether it’s a happy occasion, but… I would like to gift you something. And so… is there something you would like to receive?)

Syl seemed a bit guilty. Well, Syl’s failure is the reason I came to Aetherdia, so he must be feeling guilty because of that. Does he want to give me a one-year anniversary gift or something?——N?

(Oh, isn’t this in a way my birthday?)
(… It is.)

I see, he gave Allen and Elena a birthday gift, so he wants to give me something too?
Will Syl do it if I ask him honestly here? Let’s see~……

(Have you come up with something you want!?)
(Yes. Syl, can you get me magical paper?)

There was a thing I wouldn’t be able to obtain easily even if I wanted to! If there’s something I would really like, it’s this!

(Magical paper, is it! Yes, that’s fine! I will prepare lots and sent them your way!)
(Really!? I am happy to hear that!)

Now I could take as many pictures of the children as I please!
Being in a good mood, I sent extra milk ice cream to Syl and left the temple with the children.

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