Chapter 175

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Huge Animals Dungeon 1
With Allen and Elena in the lead, we stepped onto the first floor.

“”Meat~ meat~♪ —— Ah!””

While the children were walking happily, a frog monster immediately appeared in front of them.
Then, the children charged at it without any hesitation.

“Ah~ geez…”
“T, Takumi, the children are running towards the Big Frog, you know!?”

Al-sama panicked after seeing the children run towards the monster.

“… Sorry. We came here as your guards yet we are acting on our own.”
“Nono, that’s not what I meant, Takumi!”
“You don’t need to worry about the two, you know?”
“Even if you tell me that…”

While Al-sama was worried about the children, Allen and Elena who closed on the Big Frog used the momentum and fly kicked it.

“”Take this~””

The Big Frog who received the two’s kick got blown away, bounced and rolled several times and finally stopped moving. Then, it disappeared and turned into loot.


The spoils of war Allen and Elena returned with were two frog legs. Moreover, they were so large they the children could hide their faces behind them.
Furthermore, a leaf which disappeared after the children picked up the meat politely spread itself under the meat so it wouldn’t touch the floor. The mysteries of dungeons keep increasing, don’t they~

“What a big meat right from the start~ If you can get your hands on meat like this on the first floor, then I totally understand just how easily adventurers can make income from this dungeon.”
“Nonono, there’s no way that it works like that! Loot like this don’t normally appear on the first floor, you know!”
“That’s right. It’s weird for a Big Frog to appear here in the first place! Normally, it begins with small animal-like monsters!”

While admiring the fantastic meat, Kevin-sama and Claudio-sama jumped to interject.

“Rather, isn’t this weird! Big Frog is a D-ranked monster, you know! How come the kids defeated it easily in one strike!”
“I certainly heard that they can fight, but! I certainly heard that, but don’t you think that this is not normal!?”

They have been shocked by Allen and Elena, so their calmness disappeared since a while ago.

“Now, now, calm down you two. We are in a dungeon after all.”
“No, however!”
“I know. However! Not being shocked after seeing that is not possible!”
“… Well, to be frank, I also didn’t think it was to such extent.”
“Indeed. I have realized that Aunt and Elder brother Wald were really telling the truth.”

Al-sama and Najack-sama were shocked too, although not to such extent as Kevin-sama and Claudio-sama.


Allen and Elena were presenting their spoils of war to me. They are probably telling me to store it in my Infinite Storage.

“Excuse me. We have not talked about this before, but how do guards deal with the loot? Do we give it to Al-sama?”

It’s my first time doing the work of a guard, so I don’t know how the obtained loot is treated during the work. Leaving it behind is unthinkable, so would it be reasonable for the employer that is Al-sama to collect it? That’s what I thought, so I asked.

“”… Meaaat~””

Looking at Allen and Elena, their expressions got obviously clouded with gloominess.

“No, I won’t take it from you, okay! I won’t take it, so don’t make such expressions!”

Seeing the children’s expressions, Al-sama swiftly denied.
That moment, the children’s faces instantly lit up with “Paa~”

“I just have to obtain the Flamesaurus meat. Therefore, it’s not a problem if you keep that which you obtain from defeating monsters on the way. Therefore, that meat belongs to you two.”
“Of course. It’s just because of the unique nature of this dungeon, the food we brought is less than in any other regular dungeon, so it would really help if you used that which you obtain for our meals. Ah, of course, we will pay an appropriate fee for it.”
“”Yeah, got it~””


Allen and Elena were joyous from hearing Al-sama’s generous words.

“Thank you very much, Al-sama. But, I will be providing the meat for the meals. Rather, I would be happy if you let us prepare the meals for you.”
“Allen will make yummies!”
“Elena too, will work hard!”
“Ohh! Is that really fine? I’ve heard that your cooking is delicious, so I was actually anticipating it!”

I have no problems with cooking Al-sama’s group meals as well. Rather, if I don’t I won’t be able to feed the children either, so it would be better to leave it to me.
However, somehow… isn’t the hurdle too high?

“I will be troubled if you expect so much, you know? I can’t make things like they do in the castle.”
“It’s fine, Takumi! I have eaten your recipes from the bakery and all of them were delicious! You are famed for delicious cooking too!”

Whoa~ Al-sama has some excessive expectations from me~
Rather, who was it? Who was the one who leaked his impressions to His Highness!!
… Well, there are only a few people who could have said it. There are only a few people who ate my cooking after all.
It should be all right if I provide dishes that I found delicious myself, I think?

“N? What is it? What’s happened?”
“Ah~ it’s a monster. Two Wood Rabbits.”

Allen and Elena found Wood Rabbits and quickly dashed towards them.
At that time, Allen and Elena shouted all of sudden, so Al-sama was startled.


They kicked once again and defeated them in one hit.

“”… So sma~ll”

When the Wood Rabbits changed into loot, the two returned with meat smaller than their hands, feeling disappointed.

“This is only the first floor after all. Wouldn’t this be the normalcy here?”
“But, even this meat would be plenty for the two of you, no?”
“Not enough.”
“For everyone.”

Allen and Elena were seemingly dejected because there wasn’t enough meat for everyone.

“You will surely be able to get larger meat when we advance through the floors.”
“Probably? Why not ask?”

When I suggested asking the three who already experienced this dungeon, Allen and Elena jii~ stared at the three knights.

“… Err, correct. There is a tendency of the meat loot getting bigger as you descend lower.”
“Yes. The quality also gets better…”

When Kevin-sama and Claudio-sama who were overwhelmed by the gazes of Allen and Elena replied, the two let out voices of admiration.

“… Oy, Claudio. I am weak against honestly sparkling eyes like those…”
“Yes, you would be. However, I don’t hate it, you know?”
“I thought so! You might act all serious, but you are a guy who puts on clothes while walking after all!”

Kevin-sama and Claudio-sama were whispering to each other at first, but when Kevin-sama raised his voice, Allen and Elena looked at Kevin-sama wonderingly.

“N, no, it’s not like I was shouting at you guys or anything, okay!?”

Seeing the children’s state, Kevin-sama panicked.
I don’t think that Allen and Elena felt that they were being shouted at or anything, but it seems that Kevin-sama has misunderstood the two’s puzzled state.

“You guys.”
“It’s Allenmon!”
“It’s Elenamon!”
“… Ou, indeed. It was Allen and Elena.”

However, it seems that Allen and Elena didn’t mind Kevin-sama raising his voice, but calling them “You guys” instead.

“It’s unusual for Kevin who always treats with women of all ages cleverly to be played with instead.”
“Your Highness, please let me off. These children are too different from the people I am usually in contact with, it’s unlikely for me to be able to deal with them.”

Kevin-sama hung his head down in dejection.
Apparently, Allen and Elena have successfully entrapped Kevin-sama.

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