Chapter 161

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Royal Family Organized Party
We, who have finished eating have moved together with Matthias-san to the salon. There, we joined up with Rebecca-san and Wald-sama who returned from his work.

“Elder brother is having a child, huh~”
“Fufu, how exciting~”

After a doctor’s examination, Almeria-san’s pregnancy was confirmed.
Rebecca-san returned to report to us with light steps.

“If I remember correctly, they came to the Capital to participate in the evening party, right? Will they be fine?”

Soon, the castle will hold an evening party most of the nobility will attend. Velio-san and Almeria-san also came to the Capital to participate… Velio-san aside, I thought it might have been difficult for Almeria-san, but——

“Her condition will recover in two-three days, so she will be surely fine.”

Rebecca-san who has experienced childbirth said there won’t be a problem.

“If we finish the greetings quickly, she just has to watch her condition and act accordingly.”

Moreover, according to Matthias-san, there’s no problem to excuse yourself at any point in time after finishing the greetings if you have a good relationship with the royal family.
Indeed, if they can finish the greetings fast, they will be able to manage even if her condition isn’t at its best.

“That reminds me, are you attending without a partner, Wald-sama?”

I am not that knowledgeable when it comes to evening parties of the nobility, but if I am not mistaken… don’t women need a partner to escort them in order to attend? Are men able to attend without a partner then?

“I usually get a cousin or a distant relative to be my partner, but I am participating while working this time.”
“You are working, Wald-sama? What, I thought I could see you dressed up.”

I have never seen Wald-sama as “young master of a high status” so I thought I would be able to witness it this time, but… unfortunately, Wald-sama seems to be working.
Ah, but, won’t he be dressed in the uniform of the Royal Guards?

“I am quite used to wearing such clothes, so I have no concerns about that, you know? Rather than that, Takumi. You should be concerned about your own attire.”

What does the uniform of the Royal Guards look like, I wonder? While thinking such, Wald-sama told me to worry about my own attire.

“Eh? Me? I have no plans that require me to wear a formal dress, though?”
“Oh my, what are you saying, Takumi-san. You are participating at the evening party as well.”

My thoughts have suspended at the words Rebecca-san told me.

“… Eh? What did you say just now, Rebecca-san?”
“I am saying that a written invitation for the royal evening party has arrived for you as well.”
“R, really?”
“Of course. You cannot take Allen-chan and Elena-chan with you, but they have been invited to many salon and tea parties for children as well, you know? Well, you guys don’t have to attend all the parties you were invited to, but I will have you attend a few, all right?”

What a shocking thing.
Surely not, surely not. I never thought I would be exposed to the high society of nobles.

“Errr… do I have to attend…?”
“I understand that you are not fond of these things, but you have to attend, Takumi-kun. Especially when it comes to a royal family organized party, not attending is quite impossible.”
“The purpose of your attendance is to announce that you have my backing.”

If you told me that, I have to go even if I don’t want to.

“Also, that you know? We have to spread that you have gotten a personal invitation from the royal family.”
“Takumi, you really are~ Even people serving at the castle don’t have the chance to have a face-to-face meeting with the royalty, you know? And yet, you have visited them privately, no?”

I can’t deny Wald-sama’s words.
That’s because I have visited them several times already in the short period of time in the Capital.


“Eh, but I don’t have any appropriate clothes ready?”
“Don’t worry about that. I have asked at Mary’s store to prepare clothes for you.”

My attire was prepared without my knowledge.
If you are prepared this much, you should have told me earlier. I also wouldn’t refuse if there was a good reason to go.

“N? What is it, Allen, Elena?”
“Allen is not going?”
“Is Elena house sitting?”

Allen and Elena who heard the conversation were pulling on my clothes from both sides with sorrowful faces.

“Errm… that seems to be the case. Can you endure for a night?”

Allen and Elena pushed their heads against my sides with discontent expressions.

“Allen-chan and Elena-chan, you will be looked after by maids at the castle together with Julius-sama.”
“The Crown Prince’s, Austin-sama’s son. He’s one, nearly two years old now.”

So Austin-sama had a child… I didn’t know~
However, even if they are together with Austin-sama’s child, will Allen and Elena listen obediently to maids they meet for the first time? Although their shyness of strangers has gotten better recently, this is quite a different story…

“We plan on bringing Lizzy (Rebecca’s personal maid) along. Besides, the Risner’s… err?”
“Isaac. Isaac will be guarding Julius-sama.”

Without my knowing, the many problems of the evening party have been solved.

“… But, although he’s little, Julius-sama is an heir to the throne, no? To be looked after together with someone of his status… is this all right?”

I mean, he’s the royal grandson, you know? To be looked after with someone like him, I wonder about that? It’s fine to be interested in him from a distance, but if they monkey around with him… I have a feeling that it won’t end only painfully for me.
… Isn’t there numerous things I should be worried about?

“Fufu. You don’t have to worry that much, Takumi-san.”
“Truly. Regarding this matter, His Highness said ‘by all means’ after all.”
“Is… that so?”

If Austin-sama said “by all means” there’s no room for me to refuse, is there?

“Allen, Elena, it seems that you will be house sitting in the castle, but please wait for me there obediently, okay?”
“”Do we have to~?””
“You absolutely do.”

Allen and Elena voiced their displeasure again. As I thought, they are dissatisfied with house sitting.
I would be feeling more at peace if Feat could be with them, but… I can’t entrust the maids my contracted beasts as well, right? It would be better to request Isaac-san to look after Allen and Elena for me.

“Wald-sama, I would like to meet Isaac-san once before the party, could you arrange that for me?”
“N? Isaac? He should have evening hours just like me tomorrow, so I think he would happily come if you invite him for dinner? I have been boasting about how delicious the Armored Buffalo was before after all. I have no doubts he would come if you cook some Armored Buffalo dishes.”

The next day after eating Armored Buffalo steaks, Wald-sama who returned from the night shift ate steaks to his heart content in the morning. I knew he liked it quite a lot, but it seems he was boasting to Isaac-san again…

“In that case, I will cook Armored Buffalo steak and… other dishes, so please bring Isaac-san with you.”
“Ohh, I look forward to it. Got it, I will bring him without a fail.”
“I leave it to you.”

With this, Wald-sama will surely bring Isaac-san over.

The next day, I prepared the dishes for Isaac-san and requested him to take care of Allen and Elena on the day of the evening party.

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