Chapter 143

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Battle Eagle
(Aniue~ there are nests over there!)

After climbing the mountain for a while, I had Bolt look for the Battle Eagle nests from the sky.
Then, Bolt immediately reported after he found the nests.

“Thank you, Bolt.”
(No, I am glad I could be of help.)

I showed appreciation to Bolt who landed on my shoulder by patting his head.

“Now then, we have found the location of the Battle Eagle’s nests thanks to Bolt. Shall we go there right away?”

The Battle Eagle’s nest we went towards to was at the rock face of a cliff.

“Oh, it’s here?”

We looked up at the cliff from the bottom.

“”Not here~?””

Just as the two said, what we saw from the bottom were branches of the trees with many nests, but there was no Battle Eagle present.

“Seems like it. But, there are many fallen feathers.”

There were no Battle Eagles around, but there were many Battle Eagle feathers on the ground.

“We can complete the request if we pick these up.”

The requested feathers will be used as quill pens. Therefore, even undamaged feathers that fell down are all right.
In that respect, there are many feathers in neat shapes mixed among the fallen feathers.
But, this is where Allen, Elena, Joule, and Vector were dissatisfied.

“Now, now, being able to finish without fighting is good.”
(That’s right. Joule and Vector too, you cannot be selfish and trouble Niisama.)

Feat and I tried to persuade the two animals.
Well, it’s not like I don’t understand the feelings of the children who want to move around, but there’s no need to fight because of that. It’s not like they are battle enthusiasts.
…… They are not battle enthusiasts, right? They are joyful when there are monsters to subjugate, but…… that’s different, right?
They just want to play an active role, right? It’s like that, right!?

“…… Ah~ right, there were herbs that I wanted. Will you help me search once we are done here?”
“”Will search~””
(Will do, will do~)
(Ehh~ I wanted to go wild~)

When I tried asking them to help me look for herbs, Allen, Elena, and Joule immediately acknowledged, but Vector leaked out a dissatisfied grumble…… well, Vector’s race is originally a battle-centric race, so it can’t be helped.
But, I can feel relieved with this. If they were battle enthusiasts, I would have to reconsider my method of raising them.

“Then, for now, shall we pick the feathers?”

With everyone working, we gathered the fallen feathers in no time. Of course, the number of requested feathers was only twelve though.

“Shall we end this soon, everyone?”
“Yeah, we picked many feathers already after all. Everyone, thank you――N?”

At that time, I heard a cry of a small bird.

“A chirp? It’s near.”
“…… Pii.”

…… I heard it again. Moreover, I heard two this time.

“”That way~””

It didn’t seem to be just my imagination, so when I looked towards the direction of the chirps, I could see a small eaglet pop up its head from a nest.

“Huh, so the eaglets were here.”
“Right, the children of the Battle Eagles.”
“”So cute~””

The eaglets were nestlings who could not fly just yet.

(There was no one on guard even though the eaglets are here, isn’t that strange?)

Joule tilted his head in puzzlement after looking around.
But, the situation is strange just as Joule said.

“True. Even if they went to catch prey, they should leave a few adults to stand on the watch.”

It would be a possible situation if there was only one nest, but there are many of them here.
What I am trying to say is that Battle Eagles seem to live in a convocation. If that’s the case, then they should be utilizing a shift system when going to hunt.

(Yeah. Oh my, there is an eaglet that is about to fall off at any moment.)
“Eh, where?”
(Look, Niisama, over there. On the left.)

When I turned towards where Feat was looking at, I saw an eaglet hanging out of the nest.

“That one, huh. You were right……――wha!! It fell out while talking!! Bolt, catch it!”

Seeing the eaglet fall off, I asked Bolt to catch it in panic. He splendidly caught the nestling mid-air.

“Thank you, Bolt.”

Receiving the eaglet in my palm, Bolt stopped on my shoulder.

(It was nothing. Rather than that, Aniue!)
“W, what’s the matter, Bolt?”

Bolt who was usually calm showed panicked appearances.

(It’s about the parents of these eaglets. They are apparently fighting with a huge monster that attacked the nests some time ago.)
“Eh? How do you know that, Bolt? Have you seen something while flying?”
(No, this child said so.)

Bolt stretched his beak towards the eaglet in the palm of my hand.
Their races were different, but whether it was because both were bird-type monsters, Bolt understood the eaglet’s chirps.

“Is that why all the parents are away?”
(Yes. It’s apparently…… a difficult fight, so this child came seeking help!)
“Ehh!? …… This little eaglet wants our help?”

When I tried to reaffirm with Bolt, the eaglet cried in affirmation.

“…… You want us to help?”

When I asked the little eaglet one more time to confirm, the little eaglet cried while gesturing a nod.
…… It seems to properly understand my words.

“”Will help~!””
(Oniichan, let’s help them!)
(…… Niisama~)
(Aniue, please.)
(Takumi Nii, let’s help them!)

Seeing my exchange with the eaglet, the children were fully willing.
While troubled over how to reply, I could feel jii~…… the children’s stares on me.
…… Even though they were so eager to fight the Battle Eagles just some time ago.

“…… Oh well.”

The other party is wild animals, but that does not mean that every wild animal is our enemy.
Besides, if one seeks help from me, then I shall help them…… showing a spirit like this is necessary for the children’s education.

“I do not hear the sounds of the battle, so they don’t seem to be fighting in the vicinity. We have to find their location first.”
“”Will work hard~””

We hurriedly decided to search for the eaglets’ parents.

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