Chapter 120

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Royal Chefs
After leaving the treasury, we went with the Prime Minister to transfer the Gaya trees.
When that finished smoothly we arrived at the castle’s kitchen.
It was in order to teach the castle’s chefs the promised Cream bread and Anpan.

“I will be in your care today.”

When I said hello to the castle’s chef in the center of the kitchen that was introduced to me, he just lightly nodded with no other response. Is he perhaps discontent that the greatest chef――the royal castle’s chef like him suddenly has to follow instructions of an amateur like me?

“Head chef, this person came expressly on His Majesty’s request. Don’t show your shyness in front of a person like that!”

W, was he shy of strangers? Moreover, this person is the head chef!?
I opened my eyes wide in surprise at the words of another chef who stood next to the head chef.
Woah~ so he didn’t find me unpleasant or anything, he was just being shy, huh… he doesn’t hide behind others, but seeing a man in his fifties with similar attitude Allen and Elena had just a while ago is a little laughable.

“I’m really, really sorry about our Head chef! Even though he’s like this, I can guarantee his skills!”
“N, no, it’s all right. I don’t mind.”
“Thank you very much! Ah, I didn’t introduce myself. I serve as the sous-chef and my name is Wagner. Thank you very much for coming on this occasion! There, Head chef, please greet him properly!”

The other chef was a sous-chef, huh.
The sous-chef――Wagner-san greeted me with a very respectful attitude. Well, we have come under the name of the King of Guardia, Tristan-sama after all. It’s an inevitable attitude to have once knowing that, I guess?

“…… I am Carl. I will be in your care today.”

The head chef――Carl-san said in a feeble voice, however, he properly introduced himself.
To serve as the head chef in the castle with such personality, as Wagner-san said, he must have considerable skill in cooking. Ah, also because of Wagner-san’s follow-ups?

“My name is Takumi. Once again, please treat me kindly.”
“I am Allen.”
“I am Elena.”
“”Best regards~””

When I introduced myself once again, Allen and Elena said hello after me. Then, the two looked at me with expressions that said “How was it?”, so I heartily patted the two’s heads.

“U, umm……”
“Ah, excuse me. Err, I don’t know whether you heard or not, but today’s plan is to teach you how to make a bread……”

Pulling myself together, I confirmed whether the people in the kitchen grasped what we are doing today. I mean, I’m not teaching them any dishes today, but bread, you know? And yet, the head chef and sous-chef have come as well?
It would be more understandable if it were a bread maker rather than Carl-san or Wagner-san, but…

“Yes, we heard of it! That’s why in addition to the two of us, we have gathered several bread makers to receive your instructions! We were told that it would be better if the dough was prepared, so the bread makers are currently preparing it.”

Eh? Carl-san, Wagner-san. And, several bread makers? Isn’t that too many people?

“Not only the bread makers, but the head chef and sous-chef as well?”

I unintentionally let out my thoughts from my mouth.

“Well, of course! It’s unlikely, but we will be there so that they wouldn’t miss the recipe, they mustn’t mishear it by any chance after all!”
“…… I, is that so?”

What is it…… this enthusiasm…… ah~ but, he’s someone who cooks for the king, so it might not be good if he wasn’t like this, right~ Yeah, I can consent if it’s like that.

“Well then, shall we begin at once?”
“Yes! Then, please come this way!”

This is not only where the royalty’s food is made, but also where the food of the people working in the castle is made, so the kitchen is considerably large with a fitting amount of people working here.
When we arrived in the inner part of the kitchen where Wagner-san guided us, the gazes of the people inside gathered at me.

“…… Is that him?”
“Seems like it. But, doesn’t he seem younger than us?”
“Then, was those rumors false?”
“Might be so.”
“Oy, oy! Moreover, he even brought children with him. What does he think this place is!?”

I heard various voices coming from inside.

“I, I’m sorry. Youngsters are like that……”

It must have reached Wagner-san’s ears too as he apologized in panic.


“Well, I have brought children to this kitchen that you guys consider a holy place, so…… it can’t be helped~”

The owners of the voices were young men who didn’t seem much older than me. They must take pride in being able to work in the castle at their age. And here I am, a person from outside, standing next to the head chef and sous-chef, so no wonder they feel displeasure. And just as someone said, I have brought Allen and Elena with me.

“Oy! Do you guys have a spare time to chatter pointlessly! Are the preparations for the training finished!? Aan? What is this mountain of unpeeled vegetables!!”
“””I, I am sorry!”””
“Do it immediately!”

All of sudden, Carl-san approached the youngsters and started shouting at them.
A great difference from his attitude from until a while ago.

“Erm…… sorry, but is that how Carl-san usually is?”
“Ahh, let’s see. What was shown to Takumi-sama a while ago was something that happens extremely rarely. I’m truly sorry. A bit more…… if a bit more of time passes, he should be able to hold a normal conversation with you, I think……”

I see. That is how Carl-san normally is.
I was worried whether he was fit to work as the head chef, but it seems that it was unnecessary.

“It really is all right, so please don’t worry about it.”
“”Don’t worry~””

At that time, Allen and Elena repeated my words.

“Oh my, oh my?”
“”Oh my, oh my~♪””

It appears they are playing by mimicking me.

“Are you copying me?”
“Fufu, is it fun?”
“Is that so?”
“”That so~””

Someway or another, they continued imitating me for a while.


When Carl-san returned, he looked at me and the children with a puzzled expression.

“Ahh, I’m sorry that you had to raise your hand for our sake, Carl-san.”
“…… No, it was caused by my clumsiness. I apologize for not training my subordinates properly.”

When I apologized to Carl-san, he returned the apology with a feeble voice.
Not sure where his vigor went, Carl-san returned to being quiet. He apparently needs some time to get used to us.


Finding the difference in Carl-san’s attitude out of place, this time, it was Allen and Elena who made puzzled expressions.

“…… Eh? Ah…… I’m sorry…… showed you something embarrassing.”

Understanding the children’s words, Carl-san’s face dyed red as he hung his head.

“Err…… you really had a ‘head chef’ feeling going on there.”
“D, do you think so?”
“T, thank you very much.”

When I said such, Carl-san’s face turned red even more… is he embarrassed?


I decided to let go, but Allen and Elena pointed it out with a mercilessly swift attack.
…… Carl-san was extremely bashfully turned his face away.

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