Chapter 121

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Royal Chefs 2
After introducing me to the bread makers, we finally started making the bread.
The bread dough was properly prepared, so I decided to make custard cream and bean paste for it as soon as possible.

“Something like this…… what do you think?”

Today, it’s not only the Tsuban, but I made Koshian as well and when I had Carl-san and others behind me taste it and confirm whether they grasped the method of making it――

“…… I have learned very much.”

Carl-san said with a furrowed glabella.
It was an answer that didn’t have any problems when considering only the words, but…… it doesn’t match his facial expression. Is he worried about something?

“He, head chef! If you are admiring and won’t make an appropriate expression, Takumi-sama will misunderstand! ―― I’m sorry, Takumi-sama! Even though he might look like this, Head Chef is very impressed with this cream and the new recipe of the red beans!”
“Eh!? Is that so?”
“Wha!! You did misunderstand after all!?”

That’s right. As Wagner-san said, I didn’t see it at all~ I see, so that was an expression of admiration, huh……


At that time, Allen pointed at Carl-san and Elena squinted her eyes while looking at top of his head.
From the children’s cheerful attitude, there’s no doubt that Carl-san is a good person~ Rather, the two are unexpectedly aggressive when it comes to Carl-san. In the tsukkomi way of meaning…

“See, Head Chef! Even the children misunderstood!!”

At the children’s actions, Wagner-san approached Carl-san in panic.

“T, that’s……”

With his words choked, Carl-san looked at Wagner-san, me, and the children in turns.


The children whom Carl-san was watching lifted their cheeks with their index fingers and pressed Carl-san to smile.

“…… Ni~?”

The honest Carl-san then made a smiling face by raising the corners of his mouth.

“”―― Puh.””

Seeing Carl-san’s actions, Wagner-san and I unintentionally burst into laughter.
Turning their heads away to not look into his face, the bread makers started shaking in laughter as well.
Allen and Elena nodded in satisfaction while looking at Carl-san as his face turned bright red.

“F, first of all, why doesn’t everyone try making the custard cream and bean paste?”
“L, let’s do that.”

When I suggested continuing the bread-making in order to change the awkward atmosphere, Wagner-san promptly agreed and we resumed working.

“Takumi-sama, that is?”
“N? Ahh, this is Shiroan and sweet potato paste. Red bean paste’s associates, you could say?”

While trying Carl-san and others in making the custard cream and red bean paste, I made Shiroan from white beans and a paste from sweet potato-like vegetable, making something similar to Satsumaimo paste.
Then, Wagner-san noticed and asked curiously.

“White beans and sweet potatoes…… is it?”
“Yes. I thought of putting this in the bread also.”
“A new thing after another…… Takumi-sama, you really are amazing, aren’t you?”
“You think so? I thought they would match nicely, so I gave it a try. Wagner-san, you can come up with something too, right?”
“No, no, that’s not something that can be done so easily!”
“Is that so?”
“That is so!”

There was something like this on Earth in my case, so~ Experimenting with such memories certainly is advantageous. However, the people of Aetherdia should come up with something simple like this on their own.
Ah, how about making a pumpkin paste from the pumpkin-like veggie called “Ishiuri”, or mixing in sesame and making a sesame paste as well? Let’s make it the next time!

Carl-san and others finished making the custard cream and red bean paste, so we are going to fill it into the dough next.
Well, from here on out, Carl-san’s and other’s skills are above mine, so I have nothing to tell them. But, it would be boring to just wait without saying anything, so I and naturally Allen and Elena also participated.

“Good. Now we just let it ferment and bake.”

With this, all that’s left really is to wait. So, what are we going to do during the wait? While thinking such――

“Which reminds me, Takumi-sama. I heard that these bread are on sale in shops in Shirin and Bailey, is that the truth?”

The person in charge of bread makers, Sid-san, asked.

“Yes, that’s correct.”
“Then! My senior-apprentice brother has a store in the town, would it be possible to give us permission to sell the bread there? Of course, we will share the profits with Takumi-sama and protect the recipe rigorously!”

When I gave a positive answer because I wasn’t really trying to hide it or anything, Sid-san sought permission to sell it.
In fact, this matter about me teaching the recipe has been apparently strictly prohibited to talk about by both Tristan-sama and Prime Minister. Therefore, except the people here, there’s no one else in the castle who knows of this recipe.
When I heard about it, I unintentionally let out of my mouth “You are keeping it secret this strictly!?”, but I was told by Carl-san and others “That’s only given” in return.
Well, that order seems to be limited by my permission.

“N~ I don’t need a share of profits. Just the condition of accepting our orders when we want would be fine, how about it?”
“If just that, then I don’t think there would be a problem!”

As for me, I would find it helpful if there was a store selling cream bread in the capital.

“Also, it would be better to have a backing so the store wouldn’t get in trouble with the nobility…… n~ Should I ask the Ruven House? First of all, I will talk with the head of the Ruven House. Would it be all right to contact you again if the Head of the family gives his consent?”
“Yes! Thank you very much!”

I think it should be alright, but let’s ask Matthias-san immediately after returning to the Ruven mansion.

With the discussion settled――

“Excuse me.”

A maid-like person entered the kitchen and moved directly towards me.

“Might you be Takumi-sama?”
“Y, yes.”
“Have you perhaps finished with the work?”
“Yes, we are done.”
“In that case, please come with me. The Queen is inviting you over.”
“…… Yes?”

Eh? The Queen is calling for me!? Whyーーー!?

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