Chapter 119

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Reward Item
Today, we have come to the castle to see the treasury.

“Heeh~ there really are many things~”

As a reward for the Evil Viper subjugation, the discovery of the dungeon, etc., it has been decided that I can take an item from the treasury…… although I saw the list, I had no idea what’s what, so we have decided to take a look at the items in the treasury directly.

“This is the section for all kinds of arms. This sword is called “Frozen Cursed Sword” and praises are sung about its ability to freeze over plains with a single swing. This “Thunder” is a spear that produces lightning. And this is……――”

The Prime Minister guided us through the treasury.
Why is the Prime Minister expressly guiding us-!? is what I thought, but when I take the place into consideration, then it’s only given that an ordinary person wouldn’t be guiding us.
Still…… this treasury has everything.
There were the weapons with incredible power Prime Minister just explained about, a display of fascinating necklaces, and fist-sized gems with terrific purity among other things.
However, there were also cursed items among them. Instincts told me to not ever touch those things. Of course, Allen and Elena were also extremely vigilant.
While looking at such articles that were introduced to me one by one――

“This is called magic motion device.”

Magic…… motion device, he said? Eh? This…… isn’t that a camera!?
The moment we approached the magic tool section, something I was interested in appeared.

“Seems like Takumi-dono is interested in this.”
“Y, yes. Umm, could you tell me about its functions in detail please?”
“Sure. You look at the scenery through the light of this magic stone and it will make a copy on this special paper――’Magical power paper’.”

It’s slightly too large as it seems that it has to be held with both hands, but I can see a place for a lens and it records the scenery on a paper…… hey, it really is a camera, isn’t it?

“The specialty craftsmen are able to reproduce the magic tool itself, but because the method of creating the magical power paper has been lost, only several pieces are stored here. Therefore, if I’m pushed to say, then this magical power paper is the genuine treasure.”

N~ so that means this magical power paper is something like a photographic paper for the magic tool’s exclusive use.

“t cannot copy onto other types of paper at all? Like, it will change the color or it will get crooked for example?”
“Yes, it won’t copy over to the paper no matter what.”
“I see……”

Even though it could fade, it still can’t be applied on an ordinary paper, huh.
I thought of making a treasured album full of scenes with Allen and Elena~ It seems it won’t go that smoothly.
It seems that the magic tool itself can be produced, but I should choose this as the reward and obtain the few remaining magical power papers~

“It feels like you have already decided on this.”
“Yes, it appears so. Ah, if I choose these magical power papers, how will you deal with the magic motion device? If I can’t receive it as well, then I would like to get introduced to a craftsman who could make it if possible……”
“Please don’t worry. I will hand it over to you as well. However, are you really fine with this? There are only several pieces of magical power paper left?”
“Yes, I will go with this.”
“Is that so?”

I have selected the magic motion device and magical power paper as my items of reward.
I would be completely lost when choosing from as many things as this, so it’s best to go with the first impression!

“Yes, I decided to take this. Is that fine with you?”
“”Yea, is fine~!””

I have decided all by myself without listening to Allen’s and Elena’s opinions, but the two gave me their consent.

“That’s right, Prime Minister. Haven’t you heard stories of the magical power paper being found in dungeons or something?”

Right, right, I have to ask about this! This unable to produce, miraculous thing should be obtainable in dungeons, I think.

“It were only a few, but they were found indeed.”

Ohh! Then, it doesn’t mean that I won’t be able to get more magical power papers in the future.
Magical power paper…… magical power paper, huh~…… one would think it’s just paper loaded with magical power from its name, but making a paper loaded with magical power…… doesn’t seem possible, as expected.


“Do you mind if I touch it?”
“No, it’s already Takumi-dono’s, go ahead.”
“Thank you very much.”

Getting permission from Prime Minister, I took the magical power paper in my hands.
Indeed, the magical power paper is carrying magical power. But, it’s maintaining the magical power differently from humans or the source of magical power that are magic stones.

“Magical power papers were produced in the past, right?”
“Yes, it has been already several hundred years, but paper craftsmen of that time were able to produce them.”

N~…… if I had to guess by this feeling, then I would say that the traces of magical power were kneaded into it? Ah~ let’s see~……――

“…… Is it possible to knead the magical power of magical power carrying objects into other materials?”
“Ta, Takumi-dono!? W, what have you just said!?”

It appears that I said my thoughts out loud.

“Did you say: knead the magical power of magical power carrying objects into other materials?”
“…… Umm, that I did~”
“For example, what object do you have in mind??”
“W, what object?”

The Prime Minister is looking at me with extremely expectant eyes, but……
This, would it be bad if I don’t answer? …… Err, let’s see~

“As expected, a magic stone would be my first choice?”
“Magic stone!”
“Y, yes, grinding the magic stone to powder and add it to the mixture, for example? Or perhaps…… the material for paper are trees, right? Then, how about using wood that contains the magic element? Or to some extent, the trees from Gaya Forest……”
“Gaya wood!”

The Prime Minister had an exaggerated reaction when I replied with things that could be used as a material for the magical power paper. But――

“Well, the specialized craftsmen had already tried that, didn’t they?”

If the method has been lost, then the researchers and craftsmen must have tried a considerable amount of ways to reproduce it. What I came up with, those people surely tried before.

“No! I have never heard of people trying such methods!”
“Up until now, we have been trying to find a way of loading objects with magical power, so we have never thought of using objects carrying magical power themselves! It’s worth giving such method a try! I have to contact the research institute and the workshop immediately! The lost technology might be resurrected!”

…… Have I done something that will become a serious matter again?

“We will manage with the magic stones, but the problem is the Gaya wood. Those don’t flow on the market as much as we’d like after all…… n? Takumi-dono, do you perhaps…… possess some?”
“That face says that you do.”

The Prime Minister was asking a question, but his expression tells me that he’s convinced.
How did he know~? Is my face that readable?

“Could you hand us over a few?”
“…… Yes. I understand.”
“Thank you very much!”

Well, it will be favorable for me if the magical power paper comes out of it and I could get my hands on more. Why don’t I just sponsor them with a Gaya tree or two…… or even ten!

Although we have derailed a little, we who have come to select our reward were given the magic motion device and magical power papers on the spot.

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